Sea boils near El Hierro: submarine volcanic activity continues off El Hierro Island

November 4, 2011CANARY ISLANDSA 3.8 magnitude earthquake occurred at 13.41 hours, in latitude 27.7886, longitude -18.0469 with an estimated depth of 21 kilometers, in line with those that occurred during late Thursday night and Friday morning. In this way, and during the day Friday, El Hierro has produced a total of 24 earthquakes- the 3.8 that has been the strongest. Fear of new and powerful earthquakes continues to spread in El Hierro. This morning, the island has recorded twelve new earthquakes, which have ranged from 2 to 3 degrees of intensity, as reported Canarias 7 citing National Geographic Institute. Meanwhile, on Thursday, the direction of Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic Risk said Border seismic events correspond to the stage of La Restinga underwater eruption, which began on 10 October. Specifically, there have been twelve new earthquakes that have had an intensity of 2 to 3 degrees as reported by sources of IGN Canarias 7 newspaper. On Thursday, officials of the Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic Risk assured the public that the latest seismic events, which have intensified in recent days, corresponds to the scene of the submarine eruption of La Restinga, which began on 10 October. Also, the direction of PEVOLCA recalled that no risk to the population, but that all resources are on Civil Protection. –Telecinos translated
Link to seismic station: Link
contribution Luisport
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37 Responses to Sea boils near El Hierro: submarine volcanic activity continues off El Hierro Island

  1. c/o Luisport

    Short update on El Hierro volcano eruption
    Posted on November 4, 2011 by Jón Frímann
    This is a short update on El Hierro volcano eruption. As the situation is changing fast this past few hours.

    It seems that the eruption in El Hierro volcano is gaining strength and power. The harmonic tremor on the seismomter that is on the El Hierro Island it self has started to get saturated again. It also have been unconfirmed reports of the south fissure growing in size. But so far nothing has happened in the north part of El Hierro volcano. Even if there have been many earthquakes in that area. But this area fell suspicious silent this morning. So something might be up in that area. Update 1: A string of earthquakes happened around 12:00 UTC in this area. Suggesting that something is still up there.

    What happens next is anyone guess. But people need to be aware that fissure eruptions are sometimes long in terms of the length of the fissure. But that phase normally does not last long, as soon the eruption is going to isolate it self into few craters on the fissure. I also recommend that people read Erik Klemetti blog post about El Hierro from yesterday. If you haven’t already done so.


  2. Thank you for keeping us updated on El Hierro and thank you for the link to the other blog. It appears that there are some opinions that this fissure could split the island. That would not be a good thing to say the least.

    On a side note: Is this where we get the word “jacuzzi”?



  3. Wondering says:

    If El Hierro splits could both halves rush into the ocean causing havoc? Is there any reasonable time frame + or – days-weeks for an eruption to begin? It seems the media won’t talk because they all say we are fear mongering. The new world order needs less than 7 billion people to control I’ve seen estimates around 500 million. Now that is 6.5 billion gone. How do you think they will accomplish this? Earth changes to new little ice-age in 2014. 33 year Volcanism cycle. Overdue faults, Katla active, Big island Hawaii splitting in two; oh my! Am I wrong or is Mother Nature on the “WAR,” path? I can’t explain it but my senses are going nuts. It’s exciting yet soo very scary this time we are in. I’ve never in my 60 years been so worried for innocent deaths. My childhood had the usual calamity of possible Nuclear War. Geology class seemed so minor and now we are seeing the worst Nature can provide. I pray our scientists learn and get Politicians on board to a better world when “all is quiet on the western front,” to borrow a quote!


  4. luisport says:

    2011-11-04 20:36:28.115min ago 27.76 N 18.04 W 21 4.4 CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION


  5. Suanne says:

    Just had a 4.4 in Canaries…looks like it was off-shore, near El Hierro.


  6. luisport says:

    en la fuga de Gorreta ha habido un desprendimiento importante, se oían caer piedras grandes
    There was a landslide in ‘La Fuga de Gorreta’, they could hear great rocks falling somoen in AVCAN-FB says

    They also speak of damage in the Tunnel of Rosquillos


  7. JerseyCynic says:

    I saw there was recently a 4.4 in the area

    Alvin – did we talk about CME’s and whether there is any relationship to earthquake activity?


    • It has been brought up before…everything is coming to a convergence point as we move forward: volcanism, increased seismicity, extreme weather events, social unrest, crisis in the Middle East, solar maximum, global debt crisis, ect. I don’t find any relation to what’s going on. I forecasted all this would begin happening 2 years ago when I was writing the book and that’s why I included all of these events in The Extinction Protocol. 2012 is going to be a year when some dramatic things start colliding including debt problems, the likes of which we haven’t seen yet…everything is sweeping towards a grand climax —- which will result in several earth-shattering crisis type scenarios.

      What I said before, so say I again: Buckle your seat-belts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


      • RaiMan says:

        In respect to my age group, how lucky have we been. Missed the Great Depression, WW1 WW2, the Viet Nam War, just to name a few, huge, man made catastrophies. We were bought up with life changing and saving medical discoveries, Polio vaccines, antibiotics, heart and organ transplants, the internet etc, mostly good, some that turned out not so good, but all in all, our lives were lengthened and the quality improved (although to a majority, that could be disputed on reflexion)
        And yes, social status has a lot to do with the availability of these advancements, unfortunately to many it was out of reach.
        Jobs were a dime a dozen, pick and choose, credit cards were mailed out to people without them much would you like, welfare boardering on ludicrous. They were the glutonous decades.
        My thoughts…. how will the younger generation view their future, the world we have left them to navigate. A bumpy ride for sure, we had it good, but it seems they will be left to pay.


  8. luisport says:

    At least in La Gomera, La Palma and Tenerife islands felt it!


  9. luisport says:

    Border Earthquake, iron of 4.4 has been felt in La Gomera and the municipalities of Santiago del Teide and Arafo in Tenerife.
    Many residents of coastal border and stay on the streets with real fear of returning to their homes, fear is heightened to see the swing of Security Forces members to the area and there have been several detachment.

    The neighbors feel anger and helplessness that no one says anything!/2011/11/el-terremoto-de-el-hierro-se-siente-en.html


  10. Ian says:

    There is a chance of new land being formed …. may have to re-think the name of this blog … do ‘extinction’ and ‘new’ fit together???

    On a more serious note, I think we are priviledged to be living in a time when the glory of mother nature can be observed, and learnt about first hand, rather from clues left behind from previous episodes… if only we could do more to protect the life of nearby people so there were fewer lives lost… especially from the results of earthquakes


  11. luisport says:

    VERY IMPORTANT Update 05/11 – 18:36 UTC:
    We do not like to call it “Breaking News” in the title, But we just Receive a confirmation from Raymond Matabosch Sees That I at least at This Moment 5 Jacuzzi’s getting stronger.
    Some Jacuzzi’s are Taking the effect of low geyser activity.
    Raymond Can See this at This Moment from historical location somewhere on the coast.


  12. luisport says:

    Volcanologists INSTITUTE OF CANARIES
    EVACUATION IN RESTINGA: The Security and Emergency Councillor of the City of El Pinar has confirmed that evacuated La Restinga, like come on Security and Emergency from the Canary Islands Government


  13. luisport says:

    Evacuation of La Restinga. Jets up to 30 meters a. Reported We’re Collecting IR right now.


  14. luisport says:

    Comments on AVCAN Facebook: Izzat Sabbagh Rodríguez I just said by phone from the Gurugú q (El Pinar), red lights are under water


  15. luisport says:

    IGN and CSIC scientists have noticed ash particles in the steam coming out of the jacuzzi’s. We have the impression that the Ramon Margaleff may have informed Pevolca, as the oceanographic ship was seen on the grey stain close to the vents.

    Update 05/11 – 20:46 UTC :
    Joke friend, the La Restinga Human webcam , just arrived from the village. She said that a car with loudspeakers is driving through the village calling for the evacuation. UME (military emergency unit) is helping with the evacuation. People are calm and are overpowered with what happens.
    At first people of La Restinga thought that the big black bubble was a boat. They were really surprised that it was the volcano getting more active.


  16. luisport says:

    El Hierro volcano enters Surtsey eruption phase
    Posted on November 6, 2011 by Jón Frímann
    This is a short blog post about latest events.

    Earlier tonight a Surtey eruption started in El Hierro volcano. Before this phase did start there has been increased harmonic tremor on seismometers that are located on El Hierro Island. Volcano ash is to be expected while water can still get into the crater. When the water does no longer get into the crater it is going to stop making volcano ash. The ash plume can go up to 3 to 10 km high, depending on the strength of the eruption. New vents have also been opening up south of town of La Restinga. That means the fissure is still growing, at least that was the case yesterday and earlier today from what I can gather. I am unsure of that has continued or stopped.

    Earthquake activity still high north west of the town of Frontera. This suggests that fissure might open up there. But so far that has not happened. I do not think this are earthquakes due to tectonic stress changes due to the eruptions in south El Hierro volcano. But this stress changes are because of the magma injections at depth in El Hierro volcano.

    If new vents open up closer to the shore there is going to be instant Surtsey eruption activity. But that might only last for a short while the water gets into the crater. There the lava stage is reached much sooner then on the vents that are erupting on more depth at the moment.


    • I must admit that I had to look up the term Surtsey eruption. If I understand this correctly, that is an eruption that creates an island, named after Surturs island off the coast of Iceland.

      Amazing, the things I learn just by reading this blog. This is better than any college course. (My last geology instructor was dry and boring.) Thank you.



  17. luisport says:

    Update 06/11 – 12:21 UTC:
    Joke Volta just reported that the bubbling on the event-spot stopped, giving a small break.
    Another important information is about the evacuation which can last for days from now on.

    Data Update 06/11 – 10:12 UTC :
    Raymond has to leave his viewing point (on the Las Calmas sea) because of the bad and toxic air close to the coastline. He is currently withdrawing to another place on the island. This means that more and more gases are escaping from the jacuzzi vents.

    Data Update 06/11 – 09:11 UTC :
    Message just in from Raymond Matabosch :
    Les geysers sont de plus en plus haut de même que les colonnes de vapeur et les éjections de cendres… je vais essayer de les mesurer par triangulation
    translated by ER
    The geysers are getting higher and higher as well as the stacks of vapor and ejected ash … i will try to measure the height by triangulation.
    Maybe, we have to stipulate that the bursts / geyser-like phenomena only occur at this point when the harmonic tremor graph is showing the strong vertical lines, and that is every 30 to 60 minutes.

    Data Update 06/11 – 08:44 UTC :
    – “The beast decided to came out of the water” as the newspaper La Provincia did describe at least 2 geyser-like blurbs poetically! The blurbs are containing ash, magmatic material and gases and are jumping 20 meter out of the water. Raymond Matabosch reports from his viewing point that during every burst which can be well seen on the harmonic tremor graph, a geyser-like swell jumps out of the sea. (see below). We expect that this will be continuing for a while.


  18. luisport says:

    Todays fotos
    Imágenes del proceso eruptivo en El Hierro tomadas durante el vuelo del helicóptero del GES


  19. luisport says:

    Magnitude ML 3.4
    Date time 2011-11-06 16:30:31.3 UTC
    Location 27.77 N ; 18.04 W
    Depth 19 km
    Distances 186 km SW San cristóbal de la laguna (pop 139,928 ; local time 16:30:31.3 2011-11-06)
    99 km S Los llanos de aridane (pop 19,635 ; local time 16:30:31.3 2011-11-06)
    80 km SW Valle gran rey (pop 4,983 ; local time 16:30:31.3 2011-11-06)


  20. luisport says:

    UPDATE 06/11 – 16:18 UTC:
    That’s probably the reason why Bob was not seen today:

    UPDATE 06/11 – 16:18 UTC:
    Conversation between Armand (ER) and Raymond Matabosch

    “And now almost all action stopped in the jacuzzi. I think that a partial collapse of the top eruptive vent has occurred. A few hours of subsiding activity and it will be followed by a more beautiful eruption after the eruptive vent will build up the collapsed height again.”


  21. luisport says:

    Magnitude ML 3.9
    Date time 2011-11-06 18:25:39.1 UTC
    Location 27.78 N ; 18.05 W
    Depth 20 km
    Distances 187 km SW San cristóbal de la laguna (pop 139,928 ; local time 18:25:39.1 2011-11-06)
    98 km S Los llanos de aridane (pop 19,635 ; local time 18:25:39.1 2011-11-06)
    80 km SW Valle gran rey (pop 4,983 ; local time 18:25:39.1 2011-11-06)


  22. luisport says:

    Update 06/11 – 20:06 UTC :

    Understanding the current and next phase of the eruption. received a note from Patrick Allard, Directeur de recherche CNRS, Paris, on the current and expected El Hierro events, and is happy to share it with our readers.

    According to today’s last observations, I agree with Raymomd that the eruption is in a transition phase between purely submarine and Surtseyan-type subaerial, and that the relative calm in the afternoon could have simply resulted from partial removal (collapse?) of the upper part of the new volcanic cone.
    From my experience, a clear change towards subaerial activity will be associated with a change in gas composition, that will be manifested in the gas smell: instead of ‘rotten egg’ (i.e. H2S emission), Raymond and local people will start smelling SO2 emission (i.e. sulfur from striking matchstick).
    Sulfur dioxide is charactersitic of high temperature magmatic gases, whereas H2S is more typical of lower temperature hydrothermal gases or residual magmatic gases that have previously reacted with liquid water.
    The main gas precursor released during such a deep seismogenic phase of a basaltic eruption is carbon dioxide, the earliest exsolving magmatic volatile. Huge amounts of magma-derived CO2 shoud currently being released from the eruptive vents and through sea water, generating the jacuzzi and the billions of gas bubbles bursting at the sea surface. Therefore, measuring/monitoring both the chemical composition and the mass output of emitted volcanic gases should become an important priority during next days and weeks.


  23. luisport says:

    Current Volcanic Islands (AVCAN)
    The tremor has changed, has since shortly before 11:00 am much more volatile, with sharp rises and falls like a few days ago, and explosions that saturate the especrograma, you may be doing it again pulses, which can raise the water several feet as the other day … (Enrique)


  24. luisport says:

    canariesnews Canaries News
    ‘Huge rock or stone’ spewed from El Hierro volcano causes urgent evacuation of La Restinga #elhierroquakes…


  25. Anne says:

    Most people who live on the East Coast of the USA do not know of this, or if they have been told, they don’t believe anything like this can ever happen to the USA. Believe it. It will happen soon.
    Glad I don’t live in my native NYC anymore!!!


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