NASA detects X 2-class flare eruption on the Sun

November 4, 2011X-FLARE: Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected an X2-class solar flare. The source is huge sunspot AR1339. If a CME occurred, chances are it is not earth-directed given the far eastern  eruption site on the solar disk NOAA said. This turbulent region of the Sun will be facing Earth directly in about 5 days. A solar flare is a sudden brightening observed over the Sun surface or the solar limb, which is interpreted as a large energy release of up to 6 × 1025 joules of energy (about a sixth of the total energy output of the Sun each second). The flare ejects clouds of electrons, ions, and atoms through the corona into space. These clouds typically reach Earth a day or two after the event. The term is also used to refer to similar phenomena in other stars, where the term stellar flare applies. –Wikipedia
contribution by Susan – Patti – Cammac
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14 Responses to NASA detects X 2-class flare eruption on the Sun

  1. JerseyCynic says:

    perfect timing Alvin — 5 days = 11/9


  2. Riirii says:

    hmm maybe we get hit on 11/11/11


  3. Elizabeth says:

    I read just this morning your post, Alvin, on this sunspot, and now it’s belching out more flares. I have a bad feeling about this spot, since it’s turning it’s face toward our little planet; I think we will see a serious flare in the next year or so. Goodbye, power grid, you were a great invention while you lasted. The really screwed up thing is we do have the ability to reinforce the grid to withstand just about anything outside of an EMP, and possibly even one of those. We have technology that could save our society, and we do have the money to use it…if we spent it intelligently. However, it seems our ‘leaders’ (and I use that word ironically) would rather see our country, and possibly world, get washed down the drain so they can remake it in their insane image. They want a New World Order, one with much less of us ‘resource eaters’ to take up their space; they just need enough people to till their fields, so to speak. Well, I guess I can only hope the next world is better this one was; perhaps it’s just a way to seperate the more spiritually evolved from the spiritually regressed, as I am sure even God does not want these corporate hoodlums to take over his realm, and put a Starbucks and McDonalds on every corner of Heaven, like on earth. I’m jesting, of course, but sometimes I really do wonder what all this suffering is for…then I realize, suffering brings us closer to the Divine.


    • Good post Elizabeth, but I wouldn’t mine at least one Starbucks. (jk)

      But I do agree about you thoughts about our “leaders”. Sometimes appears they are more concerned about their own powers (and egos) than they are about the people they are suppose to serve.

      Now, wouldn’t it be funny if the solar flare knocked out power long enough for the Emergency Broadcast test not to take place?



    • Jamie says:

      Well said, Elizabeth. Suffering brings us to our knees. It humbles us and begs us to ask profound questions of our reality. It absolutely brings us closer to our divine nature and the source of all creation.
      From website;
      The reason that we experience suffering comes ultimately from our mind. According to Buddhism, our main mental problems or root delusions are: attachment, anger and ignorance. Because of these delusions, we engage in actions that cause problems to ourselves and others. With every negative action (karma) we do, we create a potential for negative experiences. (See also the page on karma.)

      How can attachment bring us suffering?
      We just have to think of chocolate and there is the temptation of eating more than is good for us. Or as example, my favourite story: the way people used to catch monkeys in South India:

      One takes a coconut and makes a hole in it, just large enough that a monkey can squeeze its hand in. Next, tie the coconut down, and put a sweet inside. What happens next is pure attachment. The monkey smells the sweet, puts his hand into the coconut, grabs the sweet and … the hole is too small to let a fist out of the coconut. The last thing a monkey would consider is to let go of the sweet, so it is literally tied down by its own attachment. Often they only let go when they fall asleep or become unconscious because of exhaustion.

      Ultimately, the Buddha explains that our attachment to life keeps us in cyclic existence or samsara, which does not bring us continuous happiness.

      How can anger bring us suffering?
      As will be explained in the page on karma, all of our actions have consequences. Doing harm to others will return to us as being harmed. Anger is one of the main reasons we create harm to others, so logically it is often the cause of suffering to ourselves.

      How can ignorance bring us suffering?
      This is explained in two ways:

      – The conventional explanation is that because we are not omniscient, we regularly get ourselves into trouble. We do not realise all the consequences of our actions, we do not understand other beings and we do not understand why the world is exactly the way it is. So we often end up in situations where we do not take the best actions. Just reflect for a moment how often we think: “If only I had known this earlier…”

      – The more complicated explanation refers to the most profound aspect of Buddhist philosophy: ultimate truth or emptiness. This is a vast subject, and also after reading the page on wisdom it is still unlikely that it will be completely clear; it takes years of study and meditation to realise the insight into the wisdom of emptiness. To put it very simple: reality is not what it seems to us. As reality is different from our opinions about it, we get ourselves into trouble. As long as we fail to realise the ultimate truth, we will be stuck in cyclic existence. While being in cyclic existence, we will always experience some aspect of suffering (which is at least having the potential for future suffering).

      Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


    • nickk0 says:

      I agree with Elizabeth, 100%.

      – Nick


  4. JerseyCynic says:

    I guess we’re just in stand by mode now, Elizabeth. Hopefully the rest of the people will be waking up shortly. I have faith. I think I will be replenishing my 30-day supply just in case it takes longer. I really feel a sense that people everywhere around the globe are quickly awakening and will soon be shouting in unison “Stop this train wreck — I want to get off — ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”


  5. watching from NZ says:

    alvin can you add / correct me where i go wrong

    in the next week (1) earth enters the debris tail of comet elenin, (2)a meteor passes between us and the moon, (3) full moon, (4) very active sunspot is directed earthwards, (5) the US government is ‘testing’ systems in the middle of the day.

    personally i am getting the feeling its time to fill up the water containers and fill the gas cylinder!


  6. Tim says:

    “Extreme Solar Flares,” a good brief video explaining about solar flares for layman like me.

    Alvin, in addition to your blog, what would be a good website to keep updated on solar flares?

    God Blessing’s be with you.


  7. Barry says:

    I hope you guys are wrong, my iPhone 4S is due for delivery on the 14th of Nov. it would be a shame to die before being able to try Siri out 😦


  8. aman malhotra says:

    hi i am amanpreet singh from new delhi india reading and writing about end of the world 2012 and i am sure that our end time is very near so pray to god human being shoud suffer less


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