Mud rivers: flash floods wreak havoc on Italy’s western coast- 6 dead

November 4, 2011 ITALYTorrential rains lashed Genoa and Italy’s western coastline again Friday, triggering flash floods that killed at least six people as raging water uprooted trees and swept cars and furniture through the streets. Luca Cari, spokesman for Genoa’s fire department, told Italy’s Sky TG24 that six people were confirmed dead and one person was missing. Two of the dead were reported to be children. As two rivers broke their banks, authorities urged residents to move to the upper floors of their buildings. At least 10 people died in floods that swept the sea coast near Genoa on Oct. 28. Much of northern Italy was hit by heavy rains Friday, and flooding also was reported in Venice. –The Star
contribution Greendreamerleo – Luisport
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4 Responses to Mud rivers: flash floods wreak havoc on Italy’s western coast- 6 dead

  1. luisport says:

    There is concern in Emilia Romagna, where the heavy rainfall forecast for the entire northwest will affect the Po basin and could result in “significant increases in hydrometric sections Emilia”, starting on Sunday: the regional Civil Protection advises mayors of the municipalities bordering the Piacenza and Parma, in anticipation of a flood of the river, “all necessary measures to enable the safety of people and things.” Nel Lazio sotto osservazione i livelli di laghi, fiumi, come il Tevere, e corsi d’acqua secondari. venerdì, 04 novembre 2011 Aggiornato: venerdì, 04 novembre 2011, 13:37 Levels are monitored in the Lazio region of lakes, rivers like the Tiber, and secondary streams.

    and all this hard rain will soon come over east Europe hmmm


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