Anxiety surfaces across nation over upcoming test of US emergency system

November 4, 2011WASHINGTONIt’s only a test, but nerves are somewhat frayed over the first nationwide exercise of the system designed to alert Americans of national emergencies. The test occurs at 1900 GMT Wednesday, November 9, and may last over three minutes — longer than the typical 30 seconds or one minute for most broadcast test messages. According to a message being circulated by local school and government officials, there is “great concern in local police and emergency management circles about undue public anxiety over this test.” “The test message on TV might not indicate that it is just a test,” according to one email being circulated by a Washington area school district. “Fear is that the lack of an explanation message might create panic. Please share this information with your family and friends so they are aware of the test.” The test is being conducted jointly by the US Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Communications Commission and the National Weather Service. “We’re asking everyone to join us by spreading the word to your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family… please remember: don’t stress; it’s only a test,” FEMA said in a blog post. The test is part of the Emergency Alert System designed to transmit, via TV and radio, emergency alerts and warnings regarding weather threats, child abductions and other types of emergencies, according to officials. –Yahoo News
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54 Responses to Anxiety surfaces across nation over upcoming test of US emergency system

  1. SamanthaH says:

    If this isnt happening in australia, i dont think is part of nwo? or i could be wrong, US might just be the test subject…

    Thoughts anyone?


    • SamanthaH – All I can say is hmmm. I didn’t think about that. It’s a possibility. Let’s let the U.S. test this and see how it works. I would also love to hear other thoughts.

      As for me, I’m going to have my TV on during that time, and maybe even my radio, just to see what happens. Other than that, I’m still sleeping well at night. 🙂



    • marcelle says:

      Hi there fellow Aussie ??, I don’t think it is part of the NWO. If it is then I guess we miss out lol. I think the media and the internet make it easier for fearmongers to target the vulnerable. I think on a positive note that it is great for a country to be educated in an emergency situation. Shame that Australia isn’t getting the same. Imagine if there was a major emergency here. People would be running around like chooks with their heads cut off. I am not even sure if our double brick houses would withstand an earthquake let alone a tsunami and I live on the coast ‘0-0’. It is always great for people to have a plan. My family does anyway. Unfortunately I think that the majority of Australians live with their heads in the sand. Turkey had major earthquake and the news heading was the Queen was here. WT ??


    • Dennis E. says:

      Samathah: Dennis E. Here: It is possible that this is a preparation for a potential terrorist strike in the USA using a WMD. If a major WMD strike occurred, I don’t think this system would be any value. What seems to be more troubling, is the amount of distrust growing between the goverment and the people of the USA. Now, that is troubling.

      Just a thought………………..


  2. Suanne says:

    Of course, they just HAD to do it on the same day asteroid 2005 YU55 is passing between the Earth and Moon, AND they are conducting a massive tsunami drill in the Pacific. Obviously they were trying to keep people from panicking…nothing to see here, move along…


  3. Marie says:

    Hmmm they do this a lot where I live. Almost every week.


  4. JerseyCynic says:

    I bet that with all the shtf across the globe, if the talking heads in the MSM were to spread the word “don’t stress, it’s only a test” here in reality teevee land we call the USA, there would be a run on banks or something similar.

    On the other hand, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be trying to spread the “don’t stress, it’s only a test” via the msm. There are too many people in lalaland that are going to hear about this test for this first time when it is happening (3 minutes is a pretty long time in today’s short lived attention span) and when they do, it’s going to create a bit of anxiety — I would think.


  5. JerseyCynic says:

    I wish they could have picked any other day but 11/9 (at 1900 hours no less)

    just sayin’….


  6. JerseyCynic says:

    any dots to connect here Alvin —

    I really need to turn off my imagination…


  7. JerseyCynic says:

    oh Alvin — I need another sleep cycle to get out of this sci-fi like novel that I feel I am living today…


  8. desilk says:

    Just playing with dates:

    nine/eleven (11/9) – big FEMA test to simulate a terrorist attack – we all know what happened
    eleven/nine (9/11) big FEMA test to simulate a massive tsunami…

    Stay safe everyone!!!


  9. adam says:

    It’s a test, but they’re testing for a reason. I think the government is worried about unrest and they want to make sure everything Is working properly if it comes.


  10. David says:

    Off topic but a must read on your site,When the iceberg breaks free, it will cover about 340 square miles (880 square kilometers) of surface area. Radar measurements suggested the ice shelf in the region of the rift is about 1,640 feet (500 meters) feet thick, with only about 160 feet of the shelf floating above water and the rest submerged.


  11. nickk0 says:

    I have often wondered about this, too.
    What is with all the anxiety ??

    I think part of the issue, is that people have lost so much faith in their Governments & the Media, to be honest with them & provide even the most rudimentary forms of early warning and protection.
    They don’t know what to believe anymore.

    My own observation & experience in dealing with people, is that:
    In the absence of Facts, folks just seem to make up… a lot of ‘stuff’. 🙂 That is how many rumors get started.

    – Nick


    • Susan says:

      Honestly defense of everyday people trying to raise families and not focused or making descisions based on “power”…I dont think one individual can make stuff up that is remotely worse than what the things government actually has done and kept behind closed doors. In the face of the public..The fact that the the President has the “power” to pardon people from wrong doings is only the tip of the iceberg…we have a judicial system. One thought comes to mind …how does 2.3 Trillion dollars just disappear the day before 9/11 and still no one is held accountable. Events like these always have a secondary agenda.


  12. nanoduck says:

    It isn’t really anything new. I remember in the 70’s they had those emergency broadcast tests…at certain time they would pop up on TV. I don’t think they have been doing that for at least a few decades.

    P.S. I don’t know why I am being moderated, none of my comments have been offensive. Thanks.


  13. Tcrale says:

    I just find it interesting that my state(Ut) had a state test just a couple of weeks ago for emergencies that I saw on the tv. Then this happens soon after; a possible connection in which I’m unsure of. Btw Does Anyone know much on the wasatch earthquake that’s supposed to happen soon in the area? Just heard it might be more destructive then i initially thought.


  14. Fernalea says:

    Those of us who grew up in the 50’s remember those frightening images on the television screen. I can only imagine how scary it will be considering today’s environment. Then again, I had regular tv in the ’50’s. Now I don’t. We get our general program from streaming the internet and our news online, too. We had to give up satellite tv and cable, and I seldom ever listen to the radio. So it will be interesting to see if they interrupt streaming video (which I doubt) or set off city-wide audio alerts (currently used for tornado warnings and such). We do have a weather alert radio, so it will be interesting if they use this media for the test. However, I just can’t imagine our Federal Government being focused enough to consider the wide range of media required to reach even 75% of the population.

    I am very interested to see if this is just a U.S. event, or if it is going world-wide. Thanks for the updates, Alvin. Your site and your email alerts keep me more up to date than anything else. 🙂


  15. sandelane says:

    what is 1900 GMT in layman’s terms? thanks


  16. Lucy B, says:

    Why dont we all who believe….take this warning, this test, as a “call to prayer” and use the three minutes to do a nationwide pleading to God for His mercy, and forgivness upon this once great nation. As for my part, instead of fretting or worry, thats what Ill be doing…wont you join me and pass the word? Imagine the great force of power in this great united prayer.


  17. Susan says:

    Let’s just throw a few out of the box thoughts on this…this sounds more like a government opportunity. “Three minutes or more” and “The whole United States” is what worries me. Just seems like a great time for some sort of computer implant or transaction for banks, home computers, phones, and any other viable electronics worth taping into. Weird how the government and our towns have not sent out any info or pamphlets on what our part is in these future catastrophes. Something as important as this…yet they send out pamphlets on eating well to us. In fact…maybe it’s a great time to transfer some of Gaddafi’s money to a government account…which would go unnoticed afterwards. The fact that the government has a access to your info or a kill switch to the internet is disconcerting and should show us all the amount of control we are already under…satellites viewing our homes. Not to mention the technologies the “Secret Government” probably has that we never even heard of. I’m thinking the NWO is not something we can even fathom. I find it more unnerving of what we don’t know or who is manipulating it. At least the Truth is sobering but sane. Another government anomaly to ride out… Trust should be in God and not government…seriously.


  18. Mukesh Kumar says:

    what kind of emergency is usa fearing for which effect whole country at a time ???????


    • radiogirl says:

      Any strike of any kind at one or more locations would put the whole country on alert.The Department of Homeland Security and associated experts have been for years discussing publicly on television and radio that it is not a matter of IF but WHEN another attack on our soil will happen.IT is amazing to me that this has NOT been done sooner.

      If there were a dirty bomb in Dallas from were I am located I would have some exposure but likely survive Any information at that point I am going to need at the same time knowing it will be my responsibility to implement our family emergency plans.911 is a perfect example of being taken by surprize by the first plane and not having a clear picture of what was happening until the second plane plus the pentagon.

      If there were a strike against us I’m going to need an alert with information provided in order to make the best choices I can for my family.Thats why everyone should have a good quality emergency radio.Even seasoned intelligence personell who are in the preparedness field will tell you …have a radio for your news.It might save your life.My husband is a safety expert…we have a radio in our home and car.

      Now if we want to debate if those in charge use the alert to tell us to go jump off a cliff…I guess the answer would be….if you see folks jumping turn around and go the other way.Lets hope in this case the alert system is what it is …..because if we did not have one we would all be saying after 911 how irresposible not to.And quite frankly it would be.


  19. Suanne says:

    The biggest question, to me, is why in the world did they announce this “test” 5 months in advance? If I recall correctly, they announced it on June 9th. The next day, the NASA family warning video came out. On the same day as the “test” is the flyby of asteroid 2005 YU55 and the massive tsunami drill in the Pacific. As others have said, too many “coincidences”…I don’t believe in coincidences…it’s all planned, for some as-of-yet unknown reason.


    • radiogirl says:

      I have to admit… takes notice.


    • mark says:

      Again, many people, (especially on this site), overestimate the competency of our
      government. Do you really think they can get their sh*t together to plan or accomplish
      a major happening? Very, very doubtful. Lets be real here.


  20. callyrox says:

    Alvin it is 4.30 AM here in QLD Australia and the SUN IS NEVER, I repeat NEVER up this early, i dont think it’s a terrorist attack we need to be worried about people, it’s our Star.. It is screwing around with our solar system quite a bit sending MASSIVE Amounts of Radiation and Mega UV rays into space, Hitting us and all of our Orbiting planets.. When you think about it, It’s kind of like the sun Is feeding the planets, Nurturing it sort of After all we don’t fully Understand the FULL effects of what 1million Degree Ultra violet rays would have on Humans, let alone the rest of earth.. I saw in an earlier post that A massive Heat spot on the sun was slowly spinning around in our Direction hmm? People don’t feed in to the Conspiracy’s That go around like rumors.. The fact is our Sun is having a Major “Fit” if you will.. And we are about to be in it’s line of Fire. (Atleast it’s what i thinks happening, I’m sure there would be Data that agrees some where on the net..)


    • Julie says:

      I think this would be the most probable thing to be worried about also. On Tuesday the sun will be coming into alignment with the massive solar flares that have been happening on a specific part of the sun. There is very little warning to NASA when such a flare happens, I’ve read 20 hours on some accounts but it seems 45 minutes is the likly time frame. They would need those vital hour/s to use the alert system as solar flares will disrupt or disarm global communications.

      If anyone is up for the governments very technical and long paper/study on solar flares and (in their own words) how unprepared they are, it can be found here-


      • Wow Julie, thank you for that link. I started reading it until I realized how long it is, so I downloaded it to I can read it later. Lots of information in there, but nothing that I didn’t already figure out. If it comes to a real emergency, very few people are really ready, and that includes our government. They had problems dealing with Katrina, and now the major power outages in the North East due the the Halloween snow storm. Can you imagine how unprepared they are if the New Madrid fault would go? That is why it’s so important for individuals to be prepared to be self sufficient, but unfortunately, that idea is also considered a conspiracy. “The government will be there to help us.” Lord help us all.



  21. Pam Grant says:

    um, hope terrorists don’t consider this an opportune time to pull something


  22. BJ Hegg says:

    I also read that NOAA was in on this test or somehow involved. I actually found that quite interesting.


  23. radiogirl says:

    I hope I have enough time to say… God forgive me. If need be I’m ready.


  24. Tim says:

    This is the FCC announcement regarding the broadcast today. Peculiar thing, they do not mention the DHS.


  25. Patti says:

    When I heard about the test, I immediately thought of my dream that I posted in your dream portal on 9/14. In my dream President Obama came on TV and warned everyone of a disaster that was going to occur shortly. If this were to happen in real life, this warning system is how the announcement would be made.

    If you go to the dream portal here and search for “Patti”, you can read the details if you like:


  26. Tim says:

    The above embedded FEMA link to their video explaining the “test” doesn’t appear to be working. You can click this link and click the video to the tight on their page.

    Interesting and important thing about their video regarding the test is at the end of the video, “If you don’t have a plan, this is a good reminder to go to and get your disaster plan now.”


  27. Fernalea says:

    I visited the FEMA link that Tim posted, and read the .pdf file where they state the test is approximately 30 seconds, not 3 minutes as I’ve been reading on other posts. I don’t know why the test, but its story does appear to be getting blown out of proportion.


  28. Fillade says:

    Hope fully in a week this hysteria will be a bump in the road, currently it’s anything but, is seems to be collaborated to generate confussion, fear, and build on the underlying un trust worthyness the public correctly holds for the keepers.

    A friends wife who in tuned up looked at all the info I gave her, her thoughtfull response, it is all designed to scare the public, overt mind control thru dysinformation, to gauge public raction.
    Google is CIA controled, why would they post an impact zone on their earth map without volumes of supporting data. These goons are sitting in their dens laughing themselves to tears.
    I pray she’s right.



  29. Richard says:

    Anyone that has been in broadcasting, knows that the test have always been done by the station operators since the emergency broadcast system has been implemented. Since the government forced every broadcast station in America, radio and television to convert to digital transmission, it makes it possible to seize control and effectively shut down all communication in the country. This includes cell towers and possibly the internet through Internet service providers. I am of the opinion that the lessor part of the test is to inform the public of disasters and the larger part is to control all communication…not if, but when a national crisis arises, or when a corrupt government would feel the need to suppress its actions that could stir a popular resistance. China and Iran have been very good about keeping the truth hidden by controlling communications and is in part why the people of those countries have not been able to gain the support to overthrow them. One question that everyone should be asking, “If it is not broke, then why fix it”? The EBS works good and everyone already knows what it is. There is a reason government does everything it does and it is not always in the best interest of its citizens. This may be one of them.


  30. Julie says:

    Just curious if anyone has considered that this “test” might be the governments way of creating a small window to FIX something in the global communication system? I wish I had the capabilities to work this out in my brain on a more scientific level, but it’s just not happening. It almost reminds me of a website that goes offline for a peirod of time to perform maintenance…they need to shut down for a time to fix things. Just a thought that’s been buzzing around in my head, especially since I have been following the solar flares/global communication effects.


  31. Rachel says:

    The fact that the government has deemed it necessary to “practice” alerting ALL states and provinces simultaneously should be a HUGE red flag. This time it might have been a test, but next time it wont be. What do they know that we dont?? Something big is happening and we’re all standing in the dark. If it really is just a harmless test then why are they so concerned about the population freaking out……”dont stress, its just a test”. Do you really think that the government would tell 7 billion people that theyre all going to die? hell no they wouldnt! None of this is a coincidence……


  32. Okay, I had my TV on just to see what would happen. It was nothing. BUT, my internet messed up (I had to reboot) and the local weather radar setting on my phone was messed up and I had to reset it. Coincidence?



  33. Rudy says:

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