7 Responses to Aid Agency warns rising food prices are forcing some children to eat hay

  1. Jake says:

    Hyperinflation coming to a country, state, city near you. God be with the children of the coming storms…..and He will be!…..Amen

    Lord Jesus, the hope of your coming Kingdom soothes our trevails on earth, and we thank you for the hope Eternal that only Christ can offer…..No joke.



  2. MacCoinneach says:

    Mankind had survived by being self-reliant for thousands of years. As man allowed themselves to be governed, self-reliance became a dissipating trait. Now here we are. People going hungry because of a faltering economy/global market lead by elite individuals who have very little to lose is unfortunate for the populace. There are now 7 billion people in the world. Those with the power make up a very small percentage of that number, yet they control a majority of the resources. Our children will surely go hungry and die before they endure any suffering.


  3. CBS says:

    A very sad story. Sad also that there is no mention of the speculation that forces prices up – as happened a few years back and is happening again. It should be a crime to profit from the starvation of others, instead it’s practically a crime to speak out. God is Good and hopefully this wanton evil of causing unnecessary suffering will cease. I can see why earth changes are necessary, it will shift the balance of priorities from where (as a society) we’d rather fund bonuses and banks than feed and shelter our fellow humans. It is so sad, but I always have hope. I believe in the goodness inside all of us which comes from the light within.

    I read the Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55) last night and this part resonated with me in light of the voices awakening across the globe:

    “Casting down the mighty from their thrones and lifting up the lowly.
    He has filled the hungry with good things and sent the rich away empty.”

    Money does not bring happiness and consuming is like an addiction where you need a bigger and bigger fix. Compassion is everything, consumption is not. The poor may hunger but their souls are filled and will be filled by the Lord. The rich may not hunger but their souls will always hunger and yearn.

    Love & Peace


  4. callyrox says:

    Disgusting, send them to Australia.. Or get out Bitch PM to help atleast… She is Hopeless, We difinatly will not survive this with here in charge… excuze language (But it’s tru)


  5. Kate says:

    It is a well known F-A-C-T that Save the children org. Only saves the CEO and not only is a scam organization, but has been the center of greed and corruption. If you are an individual who wishes to give food to the hungry, don’t donate to this agency or any so called “church”, but deliver it yourself in person in your local community. This way you are able to witness for yourself that the hungry get fed and the greedy wolves get
    N-O-N-E of your hard earned money to profit only themselves.


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