Another comet swallowed by the Sun

October 31, 2011DISINTEGRATING COMET: A small comet dove into the Sun during the late hours of Oct. 30th. Blasted by intense solar heat, the ‘dirty snowball’ disintegrated in plain view of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). The movie above shows how the comet shrinks to a pinprick just before it vanishes. Solar wind density also increased as the comet interacted with the Sun.Space Weather
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12 Responses to Another comet swallowed by the Sun

  1. dannrivera says:

    How about the one that’s coming November 8, 2011. It will be real close to the moon, 76, 800 kilometer. They’ve upgraded the date from November 9 to November 8. See link : I just noticed the change.


  2. Susan says:

    What are the statistics for comets hitting the sun? We had 2 this month. Is it common? Also, the sun seems to respond to these small comets hititng it. After the first one the sun had a brilliant cme explosion on the far end and now this comet, as frail as it looked approaching the sun, still caused an increase in solar wind. Sun is fragile? More comets to come? Appreciate your insight on this.


    • It is quite common. The Sun is massive and its immense gravity pulls in a lot of the excess debris from the solar system…and keeps it out of our path. It protects the Earth more than we know. It’s a massive star and the incoming debris is vaporized before ever reaching the Sun. The temperatures of the solar corona are in excess of 1,000,000 K.


  3. nanoduck says:

    Could there be a correleation of sun’s activity and the number of comets striking the sun? I can’t remember a day when we had so many comets hitting the sun.


    • The number of comets in the solar system is actually astounding. I’m surprised quite frankly we don’t see more considered the Sun’s immense mass. European Space Agency puts the number of comets hoovering along this solar system at 1 trillion.


  4. Susan says:

    Interesting…this comet comes close to the sun and two M class flares happen today…the sun does not like to be messed with apparently. Wonder if more will occur…


  5. RainMan says:

    Meteriod maybe, Meteor is the visable path seen as it enters the Earths atmosphere (shooting star), Meteiorite is when it survives after hitting Earth. To ‘throw another spanner in the works’ I thought it was an Asteriod, but not going there 🙂


  6. Yamkin says:


    The above is my opinion through private research


  7. Susan says:

    3 M-Class flares from a new sunspot rotating into view on the northeast limb and it is a DOOZY of a spot! Lets pray this one fades in the coming weeks.!/photo.php?fbid=153161708115465&set=a.139563502808619.26301.139562326142070&type=1&theater


  8. Fillade says:

    There is a theory by certain astroligists that the YU55 object to fly by on 11-9/11-10 has had a trajectory change and will in fact hit the moon. They also cite the warning in June by the director of NASA to his employees for them and their families to be prepared in the event of a emergency. He referred to recently revealed information.To have supplies to carry them thru the un specified emergency. To have a communication plan so as to be able to contact their family members if they are seperated. To have a plan to protect their pets. This is on youtube for viewing.

    The astrogoligsts futher warn the asteroid impact on the mood will hit the northern area and the debris plume and mass ejected off the moon surface into space will intersect with earth some 2 days later 11/11/2011. This debris will fall to earth as meteors, size unknown. They have been tracking and accumulating data for 6 months from unnamed intellegence sources.

    If in fact something near to this happens, it is obvisous the government scientific communitty discovered it some time ago. With all of this merging on the satanic high holy day of 11-11-2011 the possibilites are endless. There are far worse secerios proclaimed by some watchers, it would be informative to visit youtube and view them.



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