Seismic awakening? Earthquakes are increasing in Oklahoma and no one knows why

October 29, 2011OKLAHOMATwo small earthquakes were reported in Oklahoma County early Friday, authorities report. (See seismic hazard map above) A 3.5magnitude earthquake has been reported Friday by the U.S. Geological Survey. The quake was at 3:18 a.m. Friday 2 miles north of Spencer and 4 miles northwest of Nicoma Park. No reports of property damage or injuries were made. Also, a 3.3 magnitude earthquake was reported at 12:24 a.m. a mile northeast of Spencer. No damages were reported from that earthquake either. –Newsok
Earthquakes are increasing in Oklahoma. There are many faults in Oklahoma. Far more than anyone could count, Austin Holland, seismologist for the Oklahoma Geological Survey has said on several occasions. Oklahoma is home to the Meers Fault which is located in the southwestern part of the state. State geologists feel Meers is just one part of Oklahoma’s complex geology that makes the state capable of producing an earthquake up to a potential 6.5 magnitude however, that doesn’t account for the latest series of tremors breaking out near Oklahoma City. Austin Holland, with the Oklahoma Geological Survey, told KRMG that there had been a significant increase in the number of quakes in the past year or so. Holland says the central part of Oklahoma has always been a hotbed for small-scale seismic activity. “Over the past two years it’s been especially active, but not alarmingly so. We’ve had more than ten times as many earthquakes but they’ve all been magnitude 3 or less.” One exception was the Norman quake. The U.S. Geological Survey confirms 18 quakes in the area in the past six months on their website.1  The Extinction Protocol
Leonard Geophysical Observatory Oklahoma Seismic Monitor: link
1. More Quakes in the Sooner State
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20 Responses to Seismic awakening? Earthquakes are increasing in Oklahoma and no one knows why

  1. Me says:

    i live in Oklahoma. Norman, specifically. i was here for the 4.something about a year ago. and this girl grew up in Cali. very very strange to me to feel eq’s in Oklahoma!!


  2. dannrivera says:

    It’s not so strange! Take a trip with google earth and look at where the earthquakes are happening, you’ll find FRACKING sites drilling for oil there.


    • nickk0 says:

      That is my thought as well.
      As soon as I saw this report, I thought, ‘I wonder if there is any fracking in that area??’

      – Nick


    • Elizabeth says:

      I have been wondering if fracking is going to cause some serious geological changes. I’m very concerned about what I have read it will do to the enviroment, but I always wondered even about what the effects would be geologically by taking out all of the crude oil. It seems to me that if you removed a substance that has been filling a pocket of the earth for millions of years, there will the good chance for some kind of effect, possibly seismic. The fracking seems like it would have an effect eventually too, as it is removing mass from the land underneath, making room for the ground to have to resettle.

      We, as a society, have the ability to power everything thru wind and solar, it’s stupid that we don’t do it. Of course, then the energy barons won’t get their billions of dollars a year, and the massive corporations running them won’t be as powerful. I learned recently that you can build a solar power system for your home for just a few hundred dollars (versus $20,000 to have a contractor come out and do it). There are books you can buy that show you where to buy the solar cells, and the rest of the parts you could get at the hardware store. It says you don’t even have to be a handyman to do it, it’s quite straightfoward. I’m hoping to get one built over the winter, or at least before next summer. You might still need a bit of grid energy, but you’ll save SO MUCH money, and if the grid goes down, you will still have power!


      • Sylvie says:

        Please take a look at and also listen if you can to where Mehran Keshe was interviewed a week ago. Here you will learn that a demo of a free tech device is to take place in Holland on the 26th November. This same tech is also curing many health problems and is literally going to free humanity from the evil greed of Big Oil and Big Pharma 🙂


  3. Tim says:

    Alvin, do you think quake activity has been increasing all along the North American Craton, and that’s why we’ve seen a large increase in quake activity in atypical places like Oklahoma?

    May the good Lord bless and keep you


    • Thanks Tim. I think that is very distinct possibility. As you know, North America was on the verge of splitting into two continents but the geological process never quite matured. Tremendous forces are still exterted on the central part of America as a result of this- particularly along New Madrid and because strata rock also tends to be of a different variety that what is on the West Coast of the U.S. With the processes occurring within the planet, I described in my book, brought on by an anomaly in the geothermal gradient- I theorized we should expect an increase is seismicity, tectonic plate movements, sea-floor spreading, hyper-volcanism and further degradation of the planet’s magnetic vitality. Here are two maps- both show the North American Craton but here are a few points you might find of interest as a flurry of new quakes have been reported along this region.

      North American Craton Addition– Heavy shale deposits and flurry of new earthquake activity in this region

      Addition of the North American Craton - 300 million years later

      Failed Rift of lower Craton and New Madrid: Seismic pressures exerted on the central American land mass

      Failed lower NA Craton Rift and New Madrid Fault

      God bless and thanks,


      • Tim says:

        It’s very interesting Alvin. Especially the activity around the Failed Rift, or the Keweenawan Rift. The Ojibwe / Chippewa tribes that inhabited this region of the Great Lakes have a prophecy called the “Seven fires prophecy.” To summarize, the Seven fires prophecy proclaims when man has polluted and contaminated the Earth, and its waters have turned toxic by disrespect, mankind has two choices, materialism or spirituality. If mankind chooses spirituality, they will survive, but if mankind chooses materialism, it will be the end.

        A prophecy in 2011 regarding the Failed Rift or Great Lakes was made by an African man, a former geneticist specializing in DNA sequencing, turned man of God who preaches repentance and holiness. This particular prophecy of his is specific to Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Heron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. “Where the waters spread over the land.” His prophecies and your book are uncannily close and paralleled in many ways.

        There’s been numerous reports all around the lakes about strange sounds, hums, fish kills, the earth splitting, sinkholes, earthquakes, etc.. The most recent report about the thousands of birds washing ashore at Georgian Bay. Reports from residents concerning the lakes water levels going down to levels never seen before and the lakes increased surface temperatures – similar to the lakes of the Great Rift Valley in Africa. Not forgetting the 40 aged nuclear plants around the Great Lakes. Add to this equation the New Madrid fault which runs towards the Failed Rift and the Madrid fault zone’s 15 aging nuclear plants.

        If we look at the factual and circumstantial evidence, your theory of seismicity, tectonic plate movement, sea-floor spreading, hyper-volcanism and the planet’s magnetic vitality is being proven on a daily basis. And then there’s Faith, “the evidence of things not seen.”

        God’s Grace be with you


      • “If we look at the factual and circumstantial evidence, your theory of seismicity, tectonic plate movement, sea-floor spreading, hyper-volcanism and the planet’s magnetic vitality is being proven on a daily basis.” -Tim

        Thanks Tim…, that’s interesting indeed abou the Failed Rift. Also see the post on scientists latest findings. Thanks for the support and may God’s grace be with you as well.



  4. RECONTANKER says:

    It appears the fracking has allot to do with it, but there has to be a another explanation, becuase it’s happening every were.


  5. Dennis E. says:

    Several years ago (2005-06), there were reports of unexplained natural gas leaks in Kingfisher County,Okahoma. Reports said that magma is building under this entire region and may be the cause of the natural gas explosions. One Fissure was est to be 12-13 miles long and was was occurring were small geysers,bubbling and spitting mud and gas from several inches to two feet into the air and was moving towards Kingfisher City. Reports said that it looked like yellowstone.

    Hmmm…..Oh boy, in regard to the previous posting on the increase in natural disasters, this would be one that could destroy the USA as we know it………


    • There was a natural gas geyser which erupted there in 2005 which I talked about in my book…pp. 196-197.

      We live in interesting times…


      • Dennis E. says:

        Alvin, Dennis E. here: Yes we do live in interesting times. I got that info from That article posted in 2005, which I read at that time, also referenced the reports of the smell of natural gas leaks throughout the world. Other than this site, the cuttingedge is the other site that has 100 per cent creditability with me. May The Lord bless you as you continue to be a watchman on the wall, warning us of what is to come……………….which is almost upon us


      • Thanks to all who here who do. Thanks for your support, prayers and thoughts. We are very fortunate to have you among our ranks.

        Grace in Christ,


  6. Me says:

    yes, dannrivera ~ i agree. it’s still very strange to me.


  7. Eve says:

    I agree dannrivera, who knows maybe they are drilling there on purpose. What gets to me is that the media doesn’t mention any of these facts to the public it’s like they want us to believe it’s mother nature doing this when in reality we are causing this.


  8. Thank you for posting this Alvin. And thank you fellow bloggers for your informative comments.



  9. JoeMozden says:

    Alvin- I see the failed rift is straight through my state of Michigan. Until now I’ve felt fairly safe from earth changes. Should I be concerned about a zipper effect if the new Madrid goes big time?


    • If New Madrid is awakened dramatically with major earthquakes in 7 to 8 magnitude range, it will likely have severe consequences for the entire nation. Quakes could ripple towards both coasts as an after-effect. It’s not a zipper effect that concerns me as much as the resulting seismic instability emerging from an event that makes everything that much more unpredicatable and dangerous.There are a lot of nuclear plants in that corridor of the country. When it’s gets that bad in one place, life will probably change for all Americans somewhere else. Until that happens; I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.


  10. Ann Dabbas says:

    All I can say iis just clear your conscience and trust in God. Miracles really do happen.


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