Storm of the Century: Powerful October Nor’easter destined to rewrite history books?

October 28, 2011 –  BOSTON, MA.A major nor’easter is about to pound southern New England with heavy rain, snow and wind. In more than 100 years of record keeping in Boston the most snow the city has ever seen in the month of October is 1.1 inches, six years ago on October 29, 2005. This storm is almost certain to be one for the record books in all of southern New England. The precipitation will begin Saturday afternoon between 3 and 5 p.m., as mainly rain for all of eastern Massachusetts, a mix in higher elevations to the west. The intensity of the precipitation will increase rapidly over the next several hours and the rain-snow line will collapse to the south and east as colder air is drawn into the deepening storm on shifting winds to the north. By midnight, it will be snowing just about everywhere with the exception of southeastern Mass. where it will continue to rain very heavily. The rain-snow line will collapse further southeast to around the Cape Cod Canal in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday morning before the storm system pulls away and the precipitation shuts off just after dawn. This storm will be so intense it should be able to overcome these typical October atmospheric issues and draw down very cold air from aloft. The highest snow totals will be in the higher elevated areas including Worcester County, southwestern New Hampshire, the Berkshires and many of the mountains of central and northern New England. These areas, above 1,000 feet in elevation could easily see 6-to-10 inches of snowfall from this event. Areas closer to Interstate 495 would likely fall in the 3-to-6 inch range and closer to the coast including the city of Boston 1-to-3 inches. These totals could shift based upon the timing of the rain-snow change, if it occurs faster in eastern Massachusetts the totals could go higher. –CBS
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12 Responses to Storm of the Century: Powerful October Nor’easter destined to rewrite history books?

  1. luisport says:

    The extreme snowstorm that will hit Saturday will cause massive power outages and tree damage.


  2. HW says:

    Eeek! Looks like we are getting over 6 inches. The leaves haven’t even fallen off the trees yet! I predict many power outages from collapsed trees and branches.


  3. Well, this year saw a repeat of the 1974 tornado Super Outbreak, so maybe now we’ll see a repeat of the 1993 Perfect Storm. I pray they are ready for it.



  4. Ed says:

    Is this similar to the scenario in The Day After Tomorrow where a storm pulls near absolute temperatures down from the troposphere, only on a lesser scale? I don’t think I have heard of a storm pulling “cold air down from aloft” before.


  5. Luca says:

    If this is what Fall looks like what will Winter look like? Just remembering all the heavy snow that happened earlier this year gives me chills! Saw some article say 60 millions could be affected and deal with major power outrages.


  6. Darlene Roy says:

    Lucky me……….right in the thick of it~6 to 10 since I’m in a higher elevation!


  7. Darlene Roy says:

    I think the birds knew something about the new england weather for a while now. We’ve fed birds for 20 years, and usually to the tune of 50#s of seed per week. This fall, all of our birds are gone, save a couple woodpeckers and chickadees. It’s been 6 weeks since our feeders have had any activity. Not a good sign.


    • HW says:

      You’re right Darlene – I’ve noticed that too. There are very few birds staying for the winter. However, on Saturday morning, thousands of birds were flying south fleeing the impending storm. I have never seen anything like it in my life! The sky was thick with birds and it looked like something out of the Alfred Hitchcock movie. We expected the 6 inches, but we got a total of 22 inches. Some surrounding towns got 30 inches. Fortunately, we didn’t lose our electricity, but many of our friends and neighbors did and won’t be getting it back on any time soon. Hope everything went well with you!


  8. Please, if you have the ability to spread around your funds or take on a renter, now would be the time. This winter will be very bad and some people will not be financially prepared for the cost and lost labor from business closures, etc. Lots of readjustments to be made in the US and Europe.


  9. robinb333 says:

    On October 14th I posted a dream I had about snow. I knew it was coming and it’s gonna be a long winter…..


  10. It’s becoming more and more apparent that people are experiencing
    signs of ‘awakening’…all of these events are happening in front of our eyes and there must be a
    reason…to warn us?


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