Shallow 4.7 magnitude earthquake rattles NE California

October 27, 2011CALIFORNIA – A shallow 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck the northeastern region of California near the Nevada border. The depth of the earthquake was 13.7 km (8.5 miles). The epicenter of the earthquake was 15 km (9 miles) SSE from Whitehawk, CA, 56 km (35 miles) from Reno and 145 km (90 miles) from Sacramento, Ca. The earthquake struck at 11:37 p.m. Pacific time (0637 GMT) and there have been no reports of damage. –The Extinction Protocol
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13 Responses to Shallow 4.7 magnitude earthquake rattles NE California

  1. Gary says:

    Citrus Heights 11:37pm- I was lying in bed reading when my flat panel TV moved back and forth and I could hear the house creek! I knew right away it was an earth quake and started looking online for proof. This is the first earth quake I have felt in Citrus Heights in the 40 years I have lived here -Gary


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Just had a major EQ drill in that area also(Northern California). Last Thursday there were two EQ’s on the Haywood fault near Berkley.
    You know, in the US, when we normally think about the big one, it always has been about California.
    My, has times changed………………


    • Marshallrn says:

      There was another in Berkeley no less than five hours after this one. Actually if you look at a map from yesterday, the small quakes rattled up the San Andreas almost perfectly. Then jumped to the Nevada boarder and then back to finish with a 3.4 in Berkeley! Interesting.


  3. Sierra Girl says:

    I live 10 miles from the epicenter, near Whitehawk, and I was scared by the shaking and rumbling. No damage at my home. Just noticed for the past week in our small town, I have seen USGS trucks staying at our local motel.


  4. Wmkbaker1 says:

    Check out the 3.4 earthquake in PauldenAZ. We never have earthquakes here.


  5. Matt says:

    I am in Nevada City and it woke all of us up. Been quite a while since I have felt a earthquake up here. Given that the planet is really shifting now, it does not surprise me. I hope the next one is during the day!


  6. Chris says:

    I live in Nevada City, woke us up the house was shaking and creaking, I am interested to know why USGS has been in the area and then this (weird) do they know something that they are not telling us?


  7. soothsayer says:

    This event is insignificant in comparison to what’s to come I suggest that all of you prepare.

    1 Shelter (tents, bivy, subzero sleeping bag, sleeping pad, warm baselayers and waterproof clothing extra socks and boots)

    2 Water (water filter and portable multifuel
    campstove and small pot set for melting snow)

    3 Freeze dried food for cooking in said campstove vitamin supplements, energy bars.

    4 A quality waterproof backpack to fit all of the above, treking poles and snow shoes ( environment dependent)

    These items are available now, very soon they will not be so easily found nor reasonably priced

    Place this packed backpack near your bed or in your vehicle and take it with you anywhere you travel and each of your family should have their own pack, there is no place on this planet that will be exempt from what is to come so do not be dissuaded by anyone who tells you otherwise.

    Take the time to do these things now, your life will soon depend on it.

    If there are any questions please ask me I will be more than happy to help answer to the best of my knowledge.


  8. Tim says:

    I live in San Francisco and around 5:40 AM this morning (10/27/11) the whole apartment building shook as what felt like a huge shock-wave moved through. I am guessing it was from the same Berkeley location the two earthquakes originated a few days ago, probably an aftershock. But it was very strong, very quick and felt similar to a quick shockwave I felt several hours before the Loma Prieta quake struck back in the late 1980’s.


  9. Terry says:

    IMHO It’s time to think about earthquake insurance. Who knows if something big couldn’t follow in the coming years. Make sure you have all your important papers in a folder that you would need to access in any emergency. Life insurance health house car birth certs et all. A disaster could. create a real mess and most people have papers here there and everywhere or combined with many other papers. Also enough canned food bixed food and water to last your family at least a month or more preferably as well as a tent or tarp and rope for cover and plenty of water where no such thing as too much. You might guess I’ve been in a bad one before. Bandages also come in handy and TP and cooking gear. Water will most likely be contaminated and need to be boiled. Know how to turn off the gas lines and keep the wrench to do so next to it chained or hidden. Food and water will probably not get to you right away if bad stores will be closed or emptied fast as well as gas stations so never let your car stay on empty. Have cash on hand as electronic cards will not work. At least keep all that change you collect.

    Best place to be safe IMHO if stuck in a house is next to ur bed on the floor or something very strong to break the fall of the roof but not under the bed you’ll be crushed. Never have anything hanging over your head of a bed or couch like a heavy mantle. In a bad one things will fly across the room. Never put your child’s bed next to a window. In a two story they could fly out the window with the force of the quake or be cut by the glass. Discuss with your kids how to take cover in a earthquake. You will not likely get to them in time as the jolt can lift up the house so bad your wall is now where the ceiling was things will break and fly around immediately and you could be severely injured trying to reach them. They should know how to take cover as soon as they feel it.


  10. novusanima says:

    I knew there was an increase in quakes, but wow, very suspicious too about USGS staying like they’re ‘waiting’ for some eq to hit……eq tesla machine anyone?!


  11. novusanima says:

    Wow though also reminding me of a pretty frightening eq dream I had just a few nights ago……. Thanks for sharing all this, Ex Protocal, and of course, the comments help too 🙂
    Blessings, guys


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