Flash floods swamp Dublin and parts of Spain, leaving several dead

October 26, 2011IRELAND – Dublin’s officials began the onerous task of piecing the capital back together again on Tuesday after a torrential downpour the day before swelled the city’s main waterways, causing them to burst their banks. Water spilled over into the streets, and the flooding quickly prompted Dublin’s City Council to enact its “major emergency plan”, which saw it send out Council staff and the Dublin Fire Brigade to help assist in the disaster. According to Ireland’s national meteorological service, Met Eireann, the Dublin region saw 82.2mm of rainfall Monday, the equivalent of one month’s worth and by far the most since records first began there in 1954. As rain continues to dump down on Dublin on Tuesday, the city has begun to take stock of the damage. Thus far, the flooding has wreaked havoc on transportation to and from the capital, with significant delays on several of Dublin’s main routes and its DART commuter train service. Homes, main arteries and even one of the city’s largest commercial complexes, Dundrum shopping centre, have been inundated with water. Most tragically though, the flooding is thought to have caused the deaths of two people. A body was discovered south of Dublin in County Wicklow on Tuesday, near to where an off-duty police officer was reportedly helping to direct traffic before he went missing Monday night. Fire fighters have also found the body of a woman after pumping water out of the basement of a flooded building. Weather forecasts announce showers along the coast in Dublin Tuesday night. Occasional showers are predicted for Wednesday. –France 24
Spain: Two people were swept away in flood waters when torrential rains creates rivers near Costa Blanca. The married holidaymakers, aged 72 and 70, were seen clinging desperately to parts of a market street cafe in the quiet seaside resort of Cala Finestrat on the Costa Blanca. According to one eyewitness, a markets stall which was being washed along by the flood water, smashed into them and carried them away. It has now emerged that the town’s council was fined 83,000 Euros in July 2010 for asphalting the bed of the ravine, where the market was held, without permission. Dramatic new footage has emerged showing the ferocity of the flood water. In a four minute video the brown water carries away cars, furniture and viewers can see frantic people wading through the path of the flood trying to grab possessions.Daily News
contibution Luisport – David
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5 Responses to Flash floods swamp Dublin and parts of Spain, leaving several dead

  1. So much devastation going on in so many places. Unfortunately, there is more to come.



  2. Evo says:

    “World’s sees so much precipitation, ocean levels fall” as posted by Alvin on Oct 4th.
    The world seems to be heating above and below the oceans.
    It’s becoming like a feast or famine everywhere. Very dry for ages, and then one months rain in a day. Earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding are no longer isolated events, but now daily events.
    If evaporation continues to increase, then rising sea levels will no longer be a concern.
    Our ability to produce food will become critical, seasonal planning in agriculture, will be impossible.


  3. luisport says:

    Tonight the storm made one dead and a lot of damadge in Portugal… sad!


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