Earthquake death-toll jumps dramatically in Turkey as rescuers sift through debris- 534 dead

October 25, 2011TURKEYIn a dramatic rescue that gave hope to those praying for the survival of their loved ones, rescuers in eastern Turkey pulled a baby, her mother and her grandmother alive from the rubble Tuesday, two days after a devastating earthquake. Dramatic video showed tiny Azra Karaduman being carried by rescuers to a vehicle that would take her to the hospital. They were holding a mask over her mouth to help give her oxygen. Later, rescuers pulled the girl’s mother and paternal grandmother alive from the rubble as well. Officials said the 2-week-old girl’s father remained trapped somewhere under the debris of the multiple-story building. Over several hours, four corpses were pulled from the rubble of the same building, officials said. At least one of them was male. Officials did not say immediately whether one of the bodies was the baby’s father. The official death toll jumped to 459 Tuesday, with another 1,352 people injured, the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Relief Agency said. Teams of rescuers throughout the poor region struck by Sunday’s 7.2 -magnitude quake are searching for survivors around the clock. Reaching Azra — who, according to her maternal grandmother, was born three weeks prematurely — was particularly difficult, rescuers told CNN. The baby’s mother managed to make contact with rescuers and get the baby to them through a narrow passage, a rescuer said. Officials had to find a rescuer thin enough to fit into the crevice to get Azra. The rescuer told CNN it was the first time he had ever pulled someone alive from earthquake rubble in 12 years of doing such work. –CNN
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6 Responses to Earthquake death-toll jumps dramatically in Turkey as rescuers sift through debris- 534 dead

  1. Dee Ann says:

    The death toll my not have been so high if the president would have accepted the help from Israel that was offered right after it happened. Such a pity! Happy for the baby and her family that found alive.


  2. St Johnian says:

    A brief 3.6-magnitude earthquake struck the Prescott area in northern Arizona Tuesday.

    The earthquake struck about 11:20 a.m., according to the U.S. Geological Survey spokesperson Leslie Gordon. The quake’s epicenter, with an estimated depth of about 3 miles, was about 18 miles northwest of Prescott and 6 miles northwest of Chino Valley.


  3. lgross says:

    Alvin, I just wanted to thank you for all you are doing here. I share it with many. Peace, love, and blessings.


  4. Such sadness and devastation. But it it so wonderful every time I hear of another person being rescued. I will continue to pray for these people.



  5. Earthquakes happening in so many places…. even some I have not heard of before.

    4.9 Owen Fracture Zone Region at 20:31:45

    4.7 Owen Fracture Zone Region at 19:54:08

    4.4 Owen Fracture Zone Region at 19:38:17

    The Owen Fracture Zone is a transform fault which runs along the eastern boundary of the Arabian Plate, separating it from the Indo-Australian Plate for most of its length, and from the African Plate for a much shorter distance. It extends from the Carlsberg Ridge in the south, meets the Sheba Rift segment of the Aden Ridge, and then continues northeastward across the northwest Indian Ocean until it meets the convergence zone in the Iran-Pakistan border region where the continental crust of the Arabian Plate is colliding with the continental crust of the Eurasian Plate.

    From Global Disaster watch


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