4.0 magnitude earthquake strikes 10 km from dormant Costa Rican volcano

October 25, 2011COSTA RICAAn earthquake registering 4.0 on the Richter scale shook the area of Sarapiqui, Vara Blanca and Venecia on Sunday. The Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica (OVSICORI) – national volcano and seismology observatory – reported the epicentre 10 kilometers north of the Barva volcano, with a depth of 7.5 kilometers, caused by a local fault. In January 2009, a 6.2 earthquake in Vara Blanca, in between the Barva and Poás volcanoes claimed the lives of 13 people. –Inside Costa Rica
Barva Volcano, sometimes called “Las Tres Marias “is an andesitic shield complex in central Costa Rica 22 km north of San José, in the province of Heredia. It sits on the small agricultural community of Sacramento. Barva has a dozen different eruptive spots in the summit and some parasitic cones in the flanks of the mountain. Its three principal summits visible from the Central Valley give it the common local name of Las Tres Marías (The Three Marys). Four pyroclastic cones are constructed within the 2 x 3 km caldera at the central and NW part of the summit. The SW peak contains four cones, one of which has a crater lake. The volcano has not presented any eruptive activity since colonial times. Eruptions were reported around 1760 but later visits to the summit did not provide evidence of eruptions during historical time. –Wikipedia
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6 Responses to 4.0 magnitude earthquake strikes 10 km from dormant Costa Rican volcano

  1. Herudagod says:

    Northern lights and Red Sky seen in many states across the country


  2. Wiseguy says:

    Most of the quakes lately are very very shallow, mostly less than 10km deep worldwide, could it be magma movement instead of plates movement. I know there’s different signals on seismometer for magma or real quake, but everything is changing so fast. Maybe it’s time to look differently about plates and magma movement. And of course, I don’t rely on ”experts” they just realized lately the correlation between earthquakes and volcanic activities…


  3. luisport says:

    Current volcanic Canary Islands (AVCAN)
    The signal of the tremor in the last hours tends to intensify and inestabilizarse with explosions that do not correspond to earthquakes, which indicaria that in the area of emission should be more active, but it is that you can see that the seismicity also is intensifying in the path of magma from the Gulf area by NNW-SSE alignment both in frequency and magnitude, and even seems to be some LP, as of the 21: 37, indicating profound movements of magma, which indicates that it is moving the system at all levels, to see how it ends, if with a change in the trend of the system or another stage.. We will see (Enrique).



  4. Mike says:

    We’re only 4 miles from there and never felt a tremor


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