Comet Elenin cloud corpse spotted in space

October 24, 2011“Doomsday Comet” Elenin was briefly famous for inaccurate predictions that it might hit Earth. Instead it disintegrated as it approached the sun last month. (Doomsday canceled) Over the weekend, Italian astronomer Rolando Ligustri spotted the comet’s remains. It’s the elongated cloud in this Oct. 22nd photo of the star field where Elenin would have appeared if it were still intact. Another team of astronomers–Ernesto Guido, Giovanni Sostero and Nick Howes–spotted the cloud on the same night. At first they were skeptical. “The cloud was extremely faint and diffused,” says Guido. “We wondered if it might be scattered moonlight or some other transient artifact.” But when the team looked again on Oct. 23, the cloud was still there. A two-night blink animation shows that the cloud is moving just as the original comet would have. Note: Some readers have noticed a fast-moving streak to the lower right of the debris cloud. That is an unrelated asteroid, 2000 OJ8 (magnitude 14), which happened to be in the field of view at the same time as the cloud of Elenin.Space Weather
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27 Responses to Comet Elenin cloud corpse spotted in space

  1. YiShai HaNotzri says:

    Many of those videos warned of possible trouble end oct or beginning nov as we passed thru debris tail, is this still a possibility?



  2. luisport says:

    Winds of 150km destroys roof and control tower of Faro (Algarve) Airport!!! Five injured people. Airport closed by one day… This never happen here in Portugal!


  3. Yamkin says:

    There were many like me who knew Elenin was not Doomsday. Let’s see what unfolds when the remains of Elenin comes very close to Earth around the 9th November 2011.


    • Sue says:

      Correct me if I am wrong-But a very close and big asteroid is projected to make its way close to earth right around that date too. If the sun’s flares start acting up prior to this and a solar storm is in the forcast around this date it could disrupt the path of both away or towards earth more or eachother for that matter. (perhaps it could spead up or slow down the path of both-the just like its been doing to the satellites that have been plunging to earth.)
      click and scroll to the bottom


      • Sara says:

        I could be wrong but I don’t think a CME from the sun has ever been able to effect the path of an asteroid. It’s just another space doom theory.


      • Dennis E. says:

        Nov 9-10 is suppose to be a large scale test of the emergency broadcast system including radio/tv. it is to simulate a major tsunami in the pacific ocean on the day that asteroid 2005-yu passes by the earth closer than the moon.(can we take pictures)
        I obtained this info from
        Suppose to happen at 2:00pm EST or 1400 hours……..Radio/tv and maybe internet shut down


  4. stephen says:

    Richard Hoagland has a lot to answer for.


  5. kingkevin says:

    Maybe its a doom cloud lol


  6. kingkevin says:

    Not implying anything because the possibilty of something hitting earth could happen any day any time but that’s also the day asteroid .yu55 is closest approach. Could b coincidence that is my guess anyhow


  7. Kaos says:

    I thought the new Emergency Broadcast System was to be tested October 28??



  8. luisport says:

    Live: Weather and travel updates
    Updated: 21:26, Monday, 24 October 2011

    Dublin City Council has declared a major emergency as many parts of the city are struggling with flooding after torrential rain hit the east and north of the country.


  9. watching from NZ says:

    slightly disturbing that all communications will be out during the day not tested at 4am. another fact is that they have not announced how long it will last…. the term ‘cut off’ rather than interrupted leads one to believe it may be a while.

    thankfully this won’t affect me too much being on the other side of the world but i am curios to see how this turns out!

    Alvin, love this site and regularly check in, how many people are there who do likewise and stay quite do you know?


    • Quite a large number. We only regularly hear from a handful that visit the site regularly but it’s read the world over. We haven’t published a story yet where someone in the world hasn’t written in and said, hey… I live near there.


  10. SlaveNoMore says:

    To say that “Doomsday” is cancelled, or more specifically, to imply that “nothing of merit” is about to occur, seems a bit impractical. The media certainly perpetrated a smear campaign designed to manipulate the “logical and reasonable” people into believing that us “nut jobs” who understand what is unfolding around us at this very moment were of the opinion that the Earth faced danger from being hit by a comet. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, we have understood that the timing of “whatever” it was or is that the governments of the world have been tracking as it approached our general location was directly correlated to the severe “Earth changes” that have been and continue to occur.

    The fact that the “dust field” comprised of the “remnants” of the “comet” is reported to be still moving towards the Earth on the same course tells me that “whatever” was coming is still, for all intensive purposes, coming. What exactly that means, I cannot tell you, and anyone who believes that they know exactly what is going to happen when is an idiot. The various prophecies have always existed to teach us to pay attention when we “see” the “signs”, not to put on blinders to everything save our own uninformed interpretations.


  11. Eddie Torres says:

    Richard Hoagland never said it was a doomsday comet. He said that it would alter consciousness which it did. Do your homework.


    • Phil Ashio says:

      Correct. Hoagland has maintained that it was NOT a comet at all, and went on at great length explaining why. There being no visible remains, save for an alleged “dust cloud”, actually makes his bizarre theory slightly more believable.


    • Terryah says:

      Oh please. Hoagland said LOTS more and was completely wrong. He tends to be at extremes.


  12. Bird says:

    does anyone know if the odd pink red halo in the sky just above the belt or Orion tonight around 8:30pm central standard time ( I’m about 20 miles south of Omaha NE & about 10 miIes east of the Missouri river… ??? it was a little wierd.


    • Debra says:

      For what it is worth I also heard northern lights could b seen even in north Georgia last night…


    • Dee Ann says:

      Spaceweather said that we were hit with a solar flare and that it caused the magnetosohere to push closer to the earth and that last night people in northern US might would see northern lights.


  13. MB_Theory says:

    I had seen it, aswell. Though very faintly. I live in southcentral, MO. Northern lights is what I was told, but this south is abit of a rarity, isn’t it? I thought I remember seeing it once as a small boy. Though it was way more spectacular from what I remember.


  14. Dennis E. says:

    Well, why don’t somebody bury this thing and be rid of it.


  15. Bird and MB – I saw the same here on the east coast — a faint orangey, pinkish, red color was spread all over the sky. I was so sleepy coming home — briefly glanced up and thought oh what a beautiful sunset this is going to be. It was weird though, because it was all over and not just in the west set and east reflection. I wish I had checked in with spaceweather before I passed out — I’m pretty sure I would have seen something if I drove to my spot. Oh Well — I hear there’s a lot more coming!


  16. timbo says:

    there is still chance then that we may pass thru the ‘cloud’ left by elenin, hmmm?


    • See why NASA says Elenin is gone and should be forgotten:

      1938 War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast

      One day, we’ll look back on this and realize the Comet Elenin psychop was the internet and modern world’s propaganda test equivalent of the October 1938 broadcast of the War of the Worlds… the fact that so many people were caught up into this Elenin non-sense was quite frankly, troubling. The way people were also pushing the postings by spamming my site with Elenin doom warnings and their anger at me for not airing their theories was the clearest indication that this was an orchestrated agenda.


  17. Note. On JPL data the main cloud will have gone ahead of the Earth Orbit however the track would appear to be 8 LD (Lunar distances) above the path of the Earth. However when one considers the break up was 114,000,000 miles back in the track of Elenin AND the above orbit distance to main cloud is only 2 Million miles, it does not take much of a minor deflection to bring material down into the Earth Track as the disintegration must have caused some lateral forces at the time.

    Further YU55 is passing behind us by 200,000 miles (approx) and that is only 8 hours or 3% from near impact. Not saying it will, I am looking forward to Christmas too…. However all these datums are affected by Earth Moon Gravity which has been working on the material for the last seven weeks, so old JPL data may not be totally accurate now. At the very least we are likely to see a storm of micro meteorites and that could affect satellite solar panel operation.

    Why are the FEMA exercises on the 9th Nov 2011 and EXERCISE PACIFIC WAVE 11
    A Pacific-wide Tsunami Warning
    and Communication Exercise
    9–10 November 2011

    also this is a pretty strange set of “coincidences” if there is no risk at all ??????? Peter.


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