Swarm of tremors reported on north side of El Hierro

October 23, 2011CANARY ISLANDS – A large swarm of more than 41 tremors have been reported taking place today in the ocean on the north side of El Hierro. The tremors are happening off the coast of NW Frontera and are an indication that magmatic pressures have moved across the island. –The Extinction Protocol
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20 Responses to Swarm of tremors reported on north side of El Hierro

  1. Brandon says:

    Alvin, we know that soon the earth will be tilted towards catastrophe and extinction. What do you see as being the thing that finally pushes us over the edge of the cliff? And do you really think it could be within 3 years?


    • It can happen weeks from now, a few months or maybe a year- we don’t know…About all we know is that we’re past the point of no return and it only increases in speed and ferocity from this point onward.
      One of the triggers can be where a series of large magnitude back-to-back earthquakes destabilizes a belt, a super-volcano, or a large fault network and the process starts cascading from there- rolling forward gathering intensity. The Earth as you know it is composed of jigsaw like puzzles pieces known as tectonic plates and when a seismic stress eruption occurrs on one, it can through transference agitate another. By the time this crisis reaches critical mass, earthquakes will be happening incessantly and the ground will always be shaking across the globe. Sad to say, we haven’t seen anything yet….


  2. frank says:

    Maybe EL hierro is about to experience a cracking up tro it’s middle with a laki like fissure ? just an speculation

    Note to alvin ignore the first post, made a huge typo 😛


  3. Chris Taylor says:

    I watch with great concern at the increase in rising magma and also the earth tremors reported
    not only on El Hierro but worldwide. In general, What is the geologists and scientists consensus to the changing patterns accross the globe at the present time ?.


  4. Wow. Thanks for the video luisport. The visual really helps to understand what is going on. I must say, this doesn’t look good.



  5. Evo says:

    It looks like all these seismograms have picked up the Turkey earthquake. Is this possible, they are from all around the globe? It may have also influenced El Hierro.

    Thanks in advance for any replies. Note; they may have updated by the time you view.



  6. Abi says:

    Looks like the pressure is moving towards Cumbre Vieja. How curious…


  7. oonacoo says:

    The Island is pronounced El He-air-oh

    And it’s not Meters deep but “Kilometers Deep”

    Quite a difference

    Thanks for your effort


  8. luisport says:

    DIARIOELHIERRO.ES, writing (24/10/201)
    Scientists currently monitor the seismic activity in the volcanic island of El Hierro are very aware of the rise of earthquakes in the border area, although at the moment, the largest quake was of 3.1 magnitude on the Richter scale and at a depth of 20 to 25 kilometers. Until yesterday, Sunday, volcano monitoring network monitoring 24 hours of National Geographic Institute (GN), recorded and located 78 seismic events, one of them slightly felt in the epicentral area. The maximum magnitude recorded in this period is 3.1. Most events are located in the area of the Gulf at depths of about 20-25 km. Almost all are located in the sea and are aligned NNW-SSE. The rash of RESTINGA,””END IN PERIOD Meanwhile, the president of the Cabildo de El Hierro, Alpidio Armas, told the Cadena Ser said that according to scientific analysis of the volcanic eruption in the Sea of Calm at La Restinga, “is in period of completion”, and it looks like there is “no possibility of reactivating” the undersea volcano . Right now “we have a new front” in Frontera, where they are concentrating all the earthquakes that are occurring, and for now, its progression is unknown, said


  9. Still…the mass media coverage of El Hierro seems ltd – given the importance, hope for the best, but know that things are not heading towards normal


  10. oonacoo says:


    You can update this page all day. If you would like to plot the events in google earth just drag and copy both Latitude and Longitude to fly to, place a marker. EMSC (Euro version of USGS) also is very selective in it’s suppresion of Data at this location. IGN suppresses data which migrates to
    La Palma. In addition, The Canaries a Spanish Island group whose seismic stations are run by the “Instituto Geográfico Nacional ” refuse to show any Data from the Island of La Palma.
    I personaly call the lack of coverage of the Canaries and many other locations and other events we should know about as “Knowlege Censorship” it’s Wrong and Unacceptable!

    Stay Awake and Persist



  11. Tcrale says:

    You know it’s very interesting given that the people at el hierro are still on red alert but they were told that everything is normal. The politicians/scientists are keeping everythign more secret. I don’t know why but I got a bad feeling about this one. Maybe it’s really nothing….guess we’ll all have to just wait and see and hope for the best. Here’s the info of the site that talks a little about the secrecy, etc. and updates on the volcano every 3 days or so. http://earthquake-report.com/2011/09/25/el-hierro-canary-islands-spain-volcanic-risk-alert-increased-to-yellow/


  12. Lull says:

    This eruption has drawn me in like no other. My senses are working overtime. I can’t wait to see what has evolved overnight. An event like this is unprecedented to us living today. Simply put the magnitude is soo great our minds can’t comprehend. I have one question, the submarine erution off El Hierro coast could this trigger an enormous undersea landslide? If so maybe we are looking at the wrong culprit. Either way there seems to me 3 possible or together a monstrosity in the making. As magma moves and quakes are more shallow one things for sure an eruption is soon to follow. Time is one thing even scientists can’t depend on + or – is. I do however think that our news media and governments need to get their act together cause if it happens and soon they will have the furry of citizens looking for people’s heads to roll!
    My personal belief unfortunately is not positive. How many millions will suffer because of fears of panic etc. The boy who cried wolf got it right eventually so having exit strategies should be a high priority. Being safe not sorry we had no idea this could happen won’t cut it. Edgar Casey warned of just such an apocalypse he stated it will be soon. I’ll have to lean toward caution and my nervousness that a calamity is underway.
    If I lived on the east coast I would not trust those in government and find my exit strategy today waiting just might cost my life and loved ones. By the time a warning of impending doom Tsunami is headed for say Miami or New York it will be too late. Tsunamis are multiple waves and take up entire oceans a tidle wave is just one and usually recedes back after impact. The arrival of a Mega-Tsunami will hit then hit then hit again and possibly for hours. Just as a Mega-quake rumbles for minutes only a much larger area we humans can’t comphrend. Lituya bay in Alaska 1958 look it up if you don’t believe me! These occurrences are rare yet I see it happening before our very eyes. If my senses are wrong fantastic. But what have you lost people on the east coast some time figuring out an exit strategy? Warning is just that take my thoughts and do with them as you wish. My wish is that you heed the warning and do something about it. A get together with family and preparedness can be a fun way to chat and know just in case you will all be safer for it!


  13. Really Worried says:

    33 year state of volcanism. 3 threats for a mega tsunami. Canary islands, Hawaii big island, and Cascadia. Katla Iceland’s largest volcano now active. All over the world there is an increase in magma movement and eruptions either happening now or in the works. Help me to believe nothing major is in the fire? Major faults overdue in US. Where is our beloved bias media that is supposed to look after our interest and inform? Not good!


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