Powerful 6.0 magnitude aftershock rattles eastern Turkey

October 23, 2011TURKEY – As if things were bad enough for Turkey, the country was hit by a powerful 6.0 magnitude aftershock that was twice as shallow as the original 7.2 magnitude earthquake at 20 km. The news comes as emergency officials struggle to rescue hundreds believed to be trapped under collapsed buildings and mountains of debris. The epicenter of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake was 20 km (12 miles) WNW of Van, Turkey and 904 km (561 miles) E of ANKARA, Turkey. The death-toll from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake continues to rise as rescuers find more people trapped in the debris and as nightfall descends across the broken Turkish landscape. –The Extinction Protocol
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14 Responses to Powerful 6.0 magnitude aftershock rattles eastern Turkey

  1. james says:

    I have to say this is surreal being honest…i reckon there will be something huge in the next few days,


  2. james says:

    Check out this and look at the amount of quakes for turkey that is unbelieveable



  3. Dennis E. says:

    Off subject posting: But EQ concerns over minor shaking this past Thursday in the San Francisco Bay area; two EQ’s, one a 4.0 and 3.8 near The UC Berkeley Campus on the Haywood Fault and it happened after a large state and Federal EQ preparedness drill according to reports.
    Sometimes, I wonder what they really know.

    I stand amazed………………..

    EQ in Turkey, much damage, wonder how long that will temporarily defer the Turks attention from issues in Syria, Cyprus and Iraq, if any.


  4. Kathy says:

    The poor Turkish people. It’s like they’re on a roller coaster ride, out of control. My prayers are with them.


  5. Duncan Ragsdale says:

    A friend working for a banker family in Istanbul reported the banker flying the family to London the day before earthquakes in Turkey on a number of occasions. They either knew of natural quakes or knew of HAARP induced quakes ahead of time.


    • I saw the same tension on Turkey and I’m not in Gakona Alaska operating a radar station… If earthquakes didn’t release the stresses, the planet would be ripped to pieces. Unfortunate as they are, they will happen and will increase. We build where we shouldn’t and ignore risks and these are the tragic consequences once more of a planet who has lost its spiritual umbilicus. Half a billion people live in high sesimic risks areas and 70% of the planet’s population lives on coastlines…Often the best view of the sunset is in harm’s way.


  6. SheilaS says:

    You’ve probably covered this already but I’m curious – I’ve been in several EQ’s over 7.0 but I don’t remember having nearly the volume and magnitude of aftershocks. They seemed to quiet down fairly quickly – enough to not stress people out too much. Are all of these aftershocks in Turkey, Japan, NZ, etc a new thing indicating the worsening of the problem or just caused by the type of geography in those areas? It seems like there are so many areas of the world with continuous EQ’s and aftershocks now.


  7. Gen says:


    Geoscience Australia are very slow showing some quakes but once again a weekend one.

    3.1 22 October 2011 @ 17:18:31 UTC -32.025 139.564 10 kms depth AUST N of Yunta, SA. Not significant.

    This is the third quake in the 3.0’s in 4 days. 2 in SA and 1 in Vic. Most quakes in these areas are usually 1.0’s or 2.0’s.

    Not too far away from the Australia hotspot. We will have to wait and see what comes next.


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