Eruption of Mt. Etna closes airport in Catania

October 23, 2011Catania, ITALYA spectacular eruption is going on the Mount Etna volcano. It is the seventeenth time this year since the new south-eastern crater started being active. At 8,30 p.m. local time lava flows as high as hundreds of meters could be seen from the Ionic coast. According to the Italian national institute of geophysics and volcanology, the crater’s activity started forty minutes earlier, when the ash cloud was carried by a moderate wind. The ash cloud caused the airport in Catania to
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14 Responses to Eruption of Mt. Etna closes airport in Catania

  1. radiogirl says:

    Isn’t mount Etna supposed to signal the beginning of these dramatic earth changes when it erupts according to Edgar Cayce?


  2. hi radiogirl — he might be off on dates, but I think he’s pretty spot on with many of these earth change prophecies


  3. SC says:

    Hi Radiogirl, that is an interesting thought. I was there in 2004, several months after a major eruption. The locals told me not to worry if she erupted, because her magma moves slow and people could easily outrun it. Their impression of Etna was that she erupts regularly and she’s not to be concerned with. It is interesting to know that Edgar Cayce thinks she is the signal for dramatic earth changes – very good information to know. Good thoughts to you!


  4. Tina Marie says:

    I have read many prophecies, including Edgar Cayce’ and Mt. Etna erupting is a sgn of the end being near. It seems rather obvious, to me anyway that we are living in the end times or at least in a period of great upheaval on our planet


  5. Char says:

    This is the seventeenth time etna has erupted this yr .. Right ? Am I reading this right ?


  6. What devastation won`t that cause, when Mount Etna Blows?


  7. Sue says:

    Alvin-Please shed some insight on this:
    Why would the eruption of Mt Etna knock clocks 15 minutes fast? What is this phenomenon? Could it mess with other electronics in small increments that could go unnoticed until its too late?
    Scary example of how our lives are driven by a techno world…so many people showing up for work 15 minutes early..they did not even know until they got to work. Could a natural disaster change computer information that could reek havoc on daily life?


    • I’m familar with the incident but I have no explanation for this. There is no scientific rationale regarding an eruption that would validate this incident. Everyone would have to be on the exact digital system- and that’s not the case here. Southern Italy has been plagued by paranormal incidents in recent years including an unexplained series of mysterious fires in Messina which ignite themselves- this may be more of the same.



    • D Palio says:

      I live in a small town on mt. Etna, so I can witness with my eyes what is going on here.. I can say that most of the population does not even notice the eruptions going on from time to time, since Mt.Etna is quite vast territory and we are pretty used to volcanic activity. It is worth of mention instead the almost simultaneous earthquake in Turkey occurred on 23th Oct, I personall believe such event are somehow interrelated to that sudden eruption, although geologists deny correlation.
      Regarding the clocks timeshift that occurred on last July, there is a simple explanation behind that.We live on a island (Sicily), whose electric power network is interconnected to the rest of the italian power grid via a submarine transit link. In July that link was under maintenance and the sicilian power grid was isolated from the continental grid for days: that caused frequency shifts that cumulated over time and impacted various brands of digital clock, including one of my alarm clocks plugged to the power grid, whose reference frequency is derived from the power grid frequency. Other clocks (battery-powered) were not affected at all.


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