On the brink: Tremors increase at Anak Krakatau to 5,000 a day

October 22, 2011SUMATRA, IndonesiaSeveral earthquakes have struck near south Sumatra of the 5.0 and 5.1 magnitude range today- making a tense situation on the volcanically-dotted archipelago potentially even more volatile. The Anak Krakatau volcano is showing signs of increased seismic activity. Authorities fear the volcano is building towards an eruption that could dwarf the one which occurred in 2007. Indonesia’s Volcanology and Geological Disasters Mitigation Center reported the numbers of seismic tremors now registering from the volcano have exceeded 5,000 a day. There are also reports of a gaseous mist which has seeped from the volcano and have enshrouded it in a yellowish haze- something that has never been observed at the volcano before. Anak Krakatau was placed on orange (level 3) status alert on September 30, 2011.The Extinction Protocol
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15 Responses to On the brink: Tremors increase at Anak Krakatau to 5,000 a day

  1. nickk0 says:

    This doesn’t look good at all, does it ??

    It seems that we are heading towards a major volcanic event. It is just a matter of time.
    Days, weeks, or maybe a couple of months.

    So much for ‘global warming’ over the next few years….. If Katla and volcanoes such as this one “go off”, we can expect temperatures to DROP. ( along with crop yields, etc.)

    – Nick


  2. I was wondering what Anak Krakatau was doing recently. What signs will the scientists look for to raise the status alert? That gaseous mist can’t be healthy if it reaches the population.



  3. Evo says:

    Looking back on the posts over the last week, Anak Krakatau is just “another one” that we are now aware of. Magma seems to be pushing into long empty chambers worldwide.
    Yellowstone has not raised it’s head yet. The only difference I can see is that its not on the edge of a techtonic plate.
    Is all that we are now seeing related in some weird way to techtonics? It’s like pressing the Earth between its north and south poles and watching to see what will happen.


  4. carolyn says:

    Hi Alvin- I bought your book and read all of the earth changes sections, very good information.

    You have list of volcanos erupting from 1990 on, showing gradual increases every year. Just curious, what are we up to so far in 2011? Thanks.


  5. sophia carlson says:

    We appear to be entering a period of hyper vulcanism, I’m more concerned about the newfound super volcano in Bolivia. What is interesting to note is the number of areas scientists thought were inactive or ‘dead’ that suddenly appear to be ‘alive’/active. God Bless and keep you safe
    In love and light


  6. S A I L O R says:

    “I’m loving it. Realizing the Earth is a vibrant, ever evolving entity (life force – after all, what is life?), and that we have progressed to the point of being able to create fantastic technologies, enabling us to view evolution in real-time (relatively speaking of course).”


  7. Tina Marie says:

    They had a 7.3 in Turkey sometime in the last few hours too. This is all escalating at a crazy rate. I agree with the first post, global warming isn’t going to be an issue if these Earthquakes and eruptions start on a global scale.


  8. desilk says:

    Massive earthquake in East Turkey – 7.3 magnitude at only 10km depth…not good!


  9. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Earthquake hits eastern Turkey


  10. Sjarief says:

    I live in the capital city of Jakarta which is about 180 kilometers away from mt Anak Krakatau. Current situation arounf the volcano still as usual with no further warnings. The no go zone still applied 2 kilometers from the volcano


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