After a lull in activity, seismic tremors are increasing around El Hierro again

October 22, 2011El HierroThe National Geographic Institute had a spike of tremors on Friday- a total of thirteen earthquakes in the Canary Islands, twelve of them on the island of El Hierro and one in Atlantic waters. The most notable occurred in the municipality of Frontera Hierro, reaching a magnitude of 2.6. This earthquake occurred at 10.36 pm and was felt by the population. The last earthquake happened on the island took place at 17.38 am in the same municipality, with a magnitude of 2.0 on the Richter scale.  The volcanic tremor has seen a slight increase over previous days, marking a peak at around 10.36 hours on Friday. Although the remission of volcanic phenomena, scientists do not rule out an increase in seismic activity. –La Provincia  translated
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3 Responses to After a lull in activity, seismic tremors are increasing around El Hierro again

  1. I have been following this increased activity, but what does this actually mean for the island of El Hierro?



  2. Evo says:

    At the moment nobody seems to know what will eventually happen there. Maybe a new island, or an eruption, or possibly both. How long this will continue, and what will happen? Who knows.
    La Palma was a big concern long before any of this began, and getting bombarded with shock waves everyday from El Hirro, is not helping its stability.
    Is this number one, in a new chain of hotspot activity worldwide?


  3. Fillade says:

    Looks that it’s beginning activity again, 5 deeper quakes 2,5-3.2, today, not good.



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