Series of earthquakes reported across the globe

October 21, 2011SAN FRANCISCO, CAA pair of earthquakes shook homes and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday. The first quake, with a magnitude of 4.0 according to the U.S. Geological Survey, struck at 2:41 p.m. local time about 2 miles southeast of Berkeley. A 3.8 magnitude aftershock centered a mile east of Berkeley followed more than 5 hours later at 8:16 p.m. USGS officials estimate that more than 4 million residents of the Bay Area felt the quakes, with the worst shaking impacting the East Bay region. Berkeley and Oakland police both reported no damage, though many in the area took to social media indicating their dishes were rattled. Bay Area Rapid Transit trains were delayed about 15 minutes after each quake while workers examined the integrity of the system. No damage was found. The quakes occurred along the Hayward Fault, situated along the western base of the hills on the east side of San Francisco Bay. Since the tremors were centered along an active fault line, USGS officials warn that there could be additional aftershocks in the days and months to come. The earthquakes come almost 22 years to the day after the Loma Prieta quake jolted the Bay Area on Oct. 17, 1989. –Accuweather
IndiaAn earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale with an in Junagadh district jolted Gujarat on Thursday night, with tremors being felt across the state and in parts of Mumbai as well. People ran out of their homes in Saurashtra and from some apartments in Ahmedabad. Over 10 people were reported injured in Junagadh district.The quake was felt around 10.48 pm and was centred 20 km south-east of Sasan Gir near Vanthali town in Junagadh district. It lasted about 25 seconds. The US Geological Survey recorded the quake at a magnitude of 5 and said it was 15.5 km deep, located at 21.181°N and 70.540°E. Injuries were reported from villages around Gir. A spokesperson of GVK EMRI’s 108 ambulance service confirmed seven injuries by wall collapses. There were no deaths, and all the injured have been shifted to hospital. Three people were injured in Talala town when they jumped off the first floor of a building in a hurry to get out of their homes. A woman working as a laborer at farm house of Vaju Ganda in Khamba village of Talala taluka was severely injured when she jumped off from the first floor. House of one Uma Kanna in Maliya Hatina also was reportedly collapsed. All five family members ran out safely. Almost all residents of Vanthali town were out in the open. With memories of destructive 2001 earthquake intact, people were too scared to go back inside.Express India
Japan: A deep 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Hokkaido region of Japan today at a depth of about 185 km (115 miles). The epicenter of the earthquake was 17 km (10 miles) NE of Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan and 941 km (584 miles) NNE of TOKYO, Japan. There were no reports of damage.
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23 Responses to Series of earthquakes reported across the globe

  1. Yamkin says:

    Magnitude 6.2 – HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
    USGS & EMSC were conflicting each other. I decided to go to the horses mouth in Japan and get their true recording which is above!
    Depth:191 km
    Region Name:Kamikawa-chiho Chubu


  2. Anthony says:

    Interestingly I was hanging out in San Bruno on the other side of the SF Bay Area during the second quake. My friend’s brother felt it upstairs on the second story in his room pretty well, but none of use could really feel it at ground level. So being at a higher elevation definitely is not good if you get motion sickness.


  3. c/o Marshall rn

    There have been a few earthquakes in San Francisco bay area. Started with a 4.0, .08, 1.1, 2.2, then a few hours later a 3.8. All roughly same location in Oakland/Berkeley California:


  4. Cozmicfool says:

    All these earthquakes and volcanos seem to be leading up to an event but who knows when? At the moment it’s like a terrible car crash in slow motion, what are your thoughts of activity before the end of the month alvin?


    • It’s been like a slow boiling pot or car crash as you mentioned but the changes are uniform across the globe just as I predicted they would become- as magma is being exciting everywhere under the planet’s crust. Each month has seen a ratcheting up of the intensity of events. September saw a record number of earthquakes, and this month we’re seeing a lot of seismicity brought on by magma movements across the globe and at the planet’s hotspots. We just don’t know what the theorethical trigger is that is going to cause all this to blow up, tilt the Earth towards catastrophe, or how very close we must be to such a catalyst. One large event could set it all in motion like a series of dominoes or it could be brought on by a thermal anomaly within the planet’s interior. We stare into the future with a peculiar sense of foreboding because likely that’s where the trigger is sitting.

      Take care,


  5. Tomwe says:

    Nothing on the New Madrid front . . .yet.


  6. I’m not very tech savy to figure out how to follow this —
    Sakurajima Volcano on Alert Level 3


  7. I noticed yesterday the comment from spaceweather SOLAR FLARE: This morning at 0325 UT, Earth-orbiting satellites detected an M1.6-class solar flare, the first significant eruption in days. Because the blast site was located on the sun’s northwestern limb, the flare was not Earth-directed.

    I wonder if this volcano and earthquake activity qualify as a connection to solar flares if they are not earth directed?

    there was a little talk going around about the earthquake in Japan this past March being triggered by solar activity

    I’m confused


  8. nancy says:

    Add a M4.2 offshore Baja California – Sur Mexico today along with the other recent seismic action. For sure this world is a shakier place!


  9. luisport says:

    Magnitude Mw 7.5
    Date time 2011-10-21 17:57:17.0 UTC
    Location 29.15 S ; 176.07 W
    Depth 40 km
    Distances 1193 km NE Tauranga (pop 110,338 ; local time 06:57:17.5 2011-10-22)
    895 km S Nuku’alofa (pop 23,611 ; local time 06:57:17.5 2011-10-22)
    876 km S Ohonua (pop 1,241 ; local time 06:57:17.5 2011-10-22)


  10. luisport says:

    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Update: New Zealand ministry cancels potential tsunami warning advisory – @NZStuff
    há 2 minutos


  11. Magnitude 7.4 – KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION

    2011 October 21 17:57:16 UTC
    166 km (103 miles) E (81°) from Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands
    878 km (546 miles) S (186°) from NUKU’ALOFA, Tonga
    2993 km (1860 miles) WSW (240°) from PAPEETE, Tahiti, French Polynesia





  12. Bob Miethe says:

    I dont know when the earth will go thru its change .But it surely giving us a warning .You can run and hide or you can ready yourself knowing that its not the end but the beginning .For if we are spiritual beings then it is warning us to ready our souls ,if you do that all fear is gone ,and you say to yourself bring it on i am ready !


  13. For 5 or more years the entire globe has been experiancing neutron showers. It takes a lot of matter to slow neutrons down to a capture speed less if in water. When atoms absorb neutrons and split, they produce secondary radiations, more lighter elements and heat. I call this the popcorn effect when heavy elements decay into lighter, les dense, take up more space. When trapped deep within the earth the core grows and pushes out a the mantle and crust. This extra heat and extra volumn would trigger more earthquakes, ground cracking and volcanic activity. Origion of the neutrons seems to be from the center of the Milky way…Neutrons cannot be directly measured, only by proportional counters once Boron 10/11 or He3 atoms decay after absorbsion producing secondary radiations whose particles have electrical charge which can be measured
    Frank John Holmquist former federal nuclear safety inspector


  14. Patty Pace says:

    They say USGS and RSOE changed their grading last year. They downgraded everything by a point. So, a 5.1 is, in actuality, a 6.1, et cetera. Do you know if this is true?


  15. gadgetrush says:

    Oh boy, have to check our local news and see if there are any reported earthquakes.. thanks for the info.


  16. I live in Rome, Italy and all of Italy has been having earthquake swarms these last few days. Two days ago there were 10 earthquakes in central Italy in the region of Umbria, now yesterday there were the same amount in northern Italy. I heard that Assisi would be hit again and that Vesuvio would blow and that would start everything……


  17. Has there been any increase in the area of the canary Islands? They said a couple of vents had opened under water, the other day off the coast
    , but are they still showing inflation?


    • Yes, and inflation is not just occurring on the land of the isle of El Hierro but it is also reported on some of the other islands. There is concern the magma may be an ignition switch to other volcanoes. It’s too early to assess where this will end but it’s doing anything but sitting still.


  18. Rick says:

    And all of creation is groaning in the anticipation of the revelation of the sons of God.


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