Powerful 7.4 earthquake strikes near Kermadec Islands region

October 21, 2011KERMADECA powerful 7.4 (downgraded from 7.6) magnitude earthquake jolted New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands region early Saturday morning at a depth of 39.8 km (24.7 miles), the US Geological Survey said. The epicenter of the earthquake struck the ocean floor and was 180 km (112 miles) E (79°) from Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands and 870 km (541 miles) from NUKU’ALOFA, Tonga. A tsunami alert was issued and then canceled.The Extinction Protocol
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22 Responses to Powerful 7.4 earthquake strikes near Kermadec Islands region

  1. sophia carlson says:

    There was a tsunami alert issued for NZ b ut it was cancelled


  2. Mary says:

    Signs of the times –research Bible Prophecy. It is a wonderful time for believers to be alive and witness the signs come to be.


  3. Evo says:

    The Pacific plate must be under a lot of stress, or getting very buoyant! Almost all earthquakes today were either on, or very near its boundaries. Not sure about the Japan quake but it is still very near the Pacific plate.


  4. luisport says:

    Current volcanic Canary Islands (AVCAN)
    Teleseísmo captured by almost all the stations Canary, interestingly, the station of El Hierro, seems almost immune to the teleseísmos. There are only a reflection of him in the very low frequencies. CHIE in El Hierro, is a “short period” as the NACC in las Cañadas del Teide, that records only “high frequency” signals…. why not so register as soon as it CHIE and does NACC? The powerful tremor Hierro hides almost all of the signal? (JR) http://www.IGN.es/IGN/layoutInvolcaSenalesAyerHoy.do#


  5. saxxonblack says:

    Rugby world cup final might get a bit wet and salty…. also a chance of a tsunami. 🙂


  6. luisport says:

    Carl le Strange says:
    October 21, 2011 at 20:56
    Look at this, interesting proportionality between the P & S – waves. That slip fault plane was something else in size. If it hadn’t been a slo-mo quake it would have been a competitor to the Japanese quake for this years biggest counted in energy.


  7. Thomas says:

    It seems,like these Quakes,are moving around the Pacific Plate,counter clockwise! I Hope! I’m wrong,but in the next couple days,their should be a major Earthquake,somewhare on the eastern side of the Pasific Plate?? Maybe west coast of Mexico,or Calif.,I’m no expert,by far,so I HOPE,I’m WRONG!!!!!


  8. james says:

    This is just the start of it now..be expecting some bigger quakes over the next 4-7 days


  9. james says:

    According to this there was 3 powerful quakes within 3 hours



  10. Gen says:

    Another quake near Australian hotspot.

    3.1 21 October 2011 @ 22:53:03 UTC -38.295 145.884 12 km depth
    AUST Near Korumburra, VIC. Not significant.


  11. nicolasguywilliams says:

    the Tsunami might not happen but there will be an earthquake wave flowing up and down that fault hitting weak spots which may in the following months cause new earthquakes and the possibility of real tsunami conditions – that hotspsot has been heating up quite a lot recently :/


  12. Evo says:

    It’s difficult to predict what happens next. Only as on onlooker over events during the last year, all activity in magma, and earthquakes, and very oddly the Sun, are all locked into CYCLE. It’s like a brief period of crazy activity, then, a lull.
    Then, Whoof, another period of unexpected activity.
    But the periods between quite, and active, are getting shorter.
    I wish there were more scientists like João Magueijo about. Outside of Alvins work, he gets my attention every time. He questions everything.!!
    A bit like everyone who blogs here.!!


  13. juliette says:

    just visited the liss sight and it seems to have some major activity happening


  14. Ynot says:

    did not feel a thing this morning in northland nz – strange quakes, strange times.


  15. Brandon says:

    JustMeinTMusings, The Bible foretold all that’s taking place. Jesus warned these things would take place preceding His return. The Bible also warns of scoffers in the Last Days. We are leaving here soon praise God!


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