Northern Italy rattled by second earthquake swarm in 2 months

October 21, 2011ITALYAt least ten earthquakes were recorded in northwestern Italy on Thursday, according to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC). The largest of the earthquakes measured 4.2 magnitude (mb) on the Richter Scale and occurred at 08:11 AM local time (00:11 AM EDT) at a shallow depth of 10 km. The epicenter was located in the Aveto Natural Regional Park, about 5 km northeast of Borzonasca (pop 2,046), 16 km northeast of Chiavari (pop 27,865), and 39 km east of Genoa (pop 601,951). It was the strongest earthquake to hit northern Italy since a 4.3 magnitude earthquake struck on 25 July last. The other nine tremors recorded on Thursday ranged between 2.2 and 3.4 magnitude. The most significant earthquake to hit the region in recent years occurred on 23 December 2008 when a 5.4 magnitude quake was recorded WNW of Genoa and SW of Parma. Previous to that a 5.4 mb earthquake struck northeast of Verona on 24 November 2004.IWO

The Alpide Belt: After the Pacific Ring of Fire, it is the second most seismically-action region in the world, with 17% of the world’s largest earthquakes occurring in or along its periphery. The recent string of earthquakes in northern Italy, Sikkim India, Western China, Iran, the Banda Sea, and near the Java magma plume tells us this section of the Earth is very stressed and is beginning to slip.The Extinction Protocol
See: September swarm Northern Italy
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11 Responses to Northern Italy rattled by second earthquake swarm in 2 months

  1. Many, many years ago (before we had home computers) I had to take a geology course in college. At the time I thought it was boring. (Could have been the instructor.) If I only knew then what I know now.



  2. chriss0420 says:

    I stumbled upon your site a few months ago and check it several times daily. I also have been reading your book. This seems to be the only place to get accurate and factual information about events that will be affecting our daily lives at an alarming rate. I live in Ohio and the Youngstown area just experienced another earthquake last night. That will now be 7 for year.

    Bless you and thank you for keeping us informed.


  3. Just wanted to know if there is any way these tremors could be related to Mt. Vesuvius?


    • I think this is rooted in something much larger and consequently much more ominous especially when we consider the massive earthquakes that have recently struck northern Sikkim India, Western China, Iran and is now causing earthquakes in the Banda Sea. It’s called the Alpide Belt- it the second most seismically-active region on Earth. It’s very densely populated. It’s stressed, and it’s slipping.


      See updated post…


      • Paula says:

        Dear Alvin,
        The combo of earthquake, magma plumes,volcanoes and social unrest are so intense and this is the only site documenting it as a whole, thank you so much. Have you ever seen the information on space weather and the anomalies currently affecting our planet that is put together by Susan Joy Rennison? She lectured at Delft University and you can view it online.
        Here is the link:
        Putting all this info together creates quite the astonishing picture.
        Also Alvin, if you ever have a moment to do so, can you let us know what led you into these studies and observations?
        Blessings, Paula


      • I’ll dive into it over the next few days but not familar with her work prior to the link you sent.

        As far as an impetus…I think this is the only reason I’m here in this time…God has led me to write the book and bring news about how end-time events would unfold and the final cycle of the planet to those who would listen. It’s a tale of peculiar dance with destiny and what I will say is that I’ve always had more than a passing interest in how the planet behaved.

        peace and blessings,


  4. nickk0 says:

    Fascinating – and compelling – information from Susan Joy Rennison.
    Thanks for that link, Paula.

    – Nick


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