Shallow earthquake jolts Adelaide in SE Australia

October 19, 2011AUSTRALIA Adelaide residents were woken by a magnitude 3.3 earthquake early today. GeoScience Australia says the epicenter was in the southern suburb of Upper Sturt about 2:20am ACDT. Seismologist David Jepsen says some people may have felt a jolt for up to five seconds. “It was a shallow earthquake and we’ve had many fault reports and an earthquake of this magnitude would be felt up to 20 kilometres away from its epicenter,” he said. “People can feel just a small little shake, other people would have felt more of a jolt, it varies depending on where they’re located.” He says earthquakes are common in South Australia. “South Australia has lots of earthquakes. Most earthquakes are in the northern part of South Australia, we get occasional ones down in this area, so it’s not uncommon to have earthquakes like this,” he said. Police say there have been no reports of any serious damage. Upper Sturt resident Nancy Broadfoot says her family was woken as the ground shook. She says her children first noticed it. “They jumped out of bed, they came into our room, we were all awake, we heard the rumble … and we were all up together to feel that,” she said. “Just a rumble, a bit of a shake I suppose and then it was gone.”ABC News
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2 Responses to Shallow earthquake jolts Adelaide in SE Australia

  1. jenjen44 says:

    yep I felt it..I truly believe God is trying to get our wake us up!!


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