Parts of Japan now rendered ‘uninhabitable zones’ due to Fukushima

October 19, 2011TOKYOThousands of Japanese forced to evacuate their homes by the Fukushima nuclear disaster are facing the prospect of never being able to return. –
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12 Responses to Parts of Japan now rendered ‘uninhabitable zones’ due to Fukushima

  1. Tomwe says:

    This is so tragic and something to remember the next time we are told that nuclear power is “too cheap to meter.”


  2. NickK0 says:

    This is beyond tragic, and beyond sad. 😦 It goes FAR BEYOND just dealing with radiation and ‘cleanup’.
    The Japanese don’t have any ‘space’ to relocate their people to, anyway….. NOT TO MENTION, the radioactive pollution of the Northern Hemisphere.

    I wonder when the Japanese Government is going to finally ‘break down’ and realize, that this massive problem, is BEYOND their own control, and appeal to the International community, to aid them, in any way possible.
    This is NOT just a Japanese problem.
    It’s an INTERNATIONAL one.

    – Nick


    • shawn says:

      The Japanese have lost a country,as you said there is not enough space to abandon and still have have a viable country/economy. Those who do not leave voluntarily will be dead in 10 years or less of a horrible cancer death.


  3. Marshallrn says:

    So sad yet if you only imagine if the winds were to blow westward this would easily take the cake for the worst nuclear disaster thousands times great than Uraiken. Japan would have seen loss of life on a great scale, If not be wiped out all together. That is why when my father told me years ago how he protested a Nuclear Power plant on the coast of Northern California, I realize how lucky we are here for the fight that he and the others put up for us and future generation so many years ago. The plant would have sat right on top of the San Andres fault the wind would have a direct shot right at where I live only miles away. A earthquake is bad but if anything close to Japans reactors were to have happened here, pure devastation. Thanks god for that plant getting scraped. And thank you to all that help make that happen, from my generation and all of our yet to be born children.


  4. Rick3 says:

    Frightening and unbelievably sad. Nuclear power should be relegated to the past.


  5. Tom E. says:

    I agree, it is extremely sad. For many, many reasons.

    One of which is the lessons from Chernobyl and 3 Mile Island where not heeded. The location of the backup generators, I am sure was cosmetic, or such, but it was errant. The outcome could have been radically different if the generators and plants where on higher ground or better protected from the waves.

    So, yes, the Fukushima, and plants of its ilk, are old, and should be shuttered, but not for coal, not for solar, not for wind, for newer nuclear power plants. A liquid sodium, or fourth generation nuclear power plant where nuclear reactions would have ceased at the loss of power.

    The no-nuke chorus is old. Just as flying was once a very dangerous diversion, it is now one of the safest forms or transportation.

    So yes, first and second, and maybe early 3rd generation nuclear plants should be shuttered over the next few years. But only after advanced 3th generation and fourth generation plants to replace the generation have been built.In the mean time, yes, plants should be examined, we need to learn the lessons from Fukushima, and maybe push our academics to think of other scenarios, and shore up the plants we have right now.

    I would encourage y’all to do some research. BTW Wikipedia is wrong, China just started their first 4th generation plant. ( It is amazing that China is now one of the world leaders in nuclear technology.


  6. I agree, although I don’t understand nuclear power well. They say it can be made safe; if so,
    why hasn’t this been done? The usual greed of the developers and regulators, I presume.
    I live in the town where the atomic bomb was dreamed into reality. I am sad that that happened, that I and my family somehow came here, but I am aware of the good will and capability of most who work here. It is not they who are the primary greed-agents.
    My worry now is CERN. It’s worse than the atomic bomb and the scientists think it’s worth the risk. then why do they have a statue of Shiva at the entrance of CERN?


  7. jdc-witherton says:

    How incredibly horrible! We all love the benefits we receive from nuclear energy but try to put the catastrophic possibilities out of our minds. Japan’s crisis is the worlds crisis. If it can happen there it can happen anywhere. So many people, generations really, -will have to contend with the after affects the radiation will plague not only their land but their people too. Thanks for posting the piece.


  8. Will Smith says:

    It wouldn’t have mattered if the diesels had been on high ground. That is a fallacy the IAEA and the NRC would like to promote as an “easy” fix for plants that experience future tsunami events.

    The truth is the intricate miles of cooling pipes were ruined by the earthquake and critical electronics destroyed as well with no quick replacements. That’s why they are still in such a crisis with their never ending cycle of feed and bleed watering in the cracked buildings. The heat exchangers have helped some at 4 especially, but it may be partially because a huge percentage of the Unit 4 SFP has already burned into the air…fueling the massive isotopes now situated in the landscape all across Honshu and far beyond.

    Look at the latest values of contaminated water in storage at the plant and it is a huge increase since June. 175,000 tons of toxic water and more being produced every day. This nightmare is far from being controlled. The coriums in the ground are going super critical on a two to five day basis and that fission action will continue for 250,000 years emitting radioactive vapors. Just the accumulative effects alone will be the death of Japan over time. If a China Syndrome type major explosion occurs it will hasten the destruction.


  9. luisport says:

    Darwin Australia Hit with Fukushima Radiation
    “…trace amounts of Xenon-133 – an isotope of the element Xenon, which is created during nuclear fission – were detected at the Darwin Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty radionuclide monitoring station… .”


  10. RainMan says:

    Just read an unconfirmed article regarding millions of tons (5 to 20) of debris from the Japanese tsunami heading for Hawaii. A new report coming from a Russian ship has UH? researchers changing their predictions the debris will arrive sooner than expected. The big worry is the debris will be radio active, not so much the water.
    Can’t find any links at the moment.


  11. RainMan says:

    KITV4 news Hawaii,


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