21 Responses to Cashless society preview? Louisiana outlaws second-hand transactions in cash

  1. Curtis Folts says:

    When cash is outlawed, only outlaws will use cash? I wish this were one of the more poorly thought out pieces of legislation on recent books, unfortunately legislatures seem to be getting more myopic by the year.


    • JoshuaNB says:

      For sure Curtis, ‘they have a definite problem with making up new and ridiculous ‘laws’ for us ‘po ignorant folk to toe the line’. It passed insanity awhile back… I am fortunate enough to be able to stay in the safety of my home, bothering no one, and hoping no one bothers me. There will come a time, in the not too distant future when Almighty God, looking down on us as specks on an insignificant planet, and take us back to Him where we belong…..leaving the raving lunatics to fight it out amongst themselves. Can’t wait for that day. Until then, we must endure, and keep sane.


  2. Now a cashless transaction then will come a paperless transaction (no checks). Then for “convenience”, stop carrying plastic and just have your information implanted on your forehead or right hand. It’s not as far away as people think it is.



  3. Rick says:

    This is a real travesty. The percentage of cash transactions by criminals cannot be near what legitimate everyday 2nd-hand cash purchases are. This punishes the many because of the few “bad apples”. Louisiana’s economy will suffer, as will the people and organizations such as Goodwill.


  4. Tom E. says:

    Is this even constitutional?

    The unintended consequences of this law may blow away almost anything else a government has ever done. I have to assume it will increase poverty, increase check and credit card fraud, put people out of business, and most of all make law breakers out of the bulk of the population.


  5. Whatzaname says:

    At least the banksters will be able to make lots of money off transaction fees. We KNOW who writes state and national laws: ALEC & friends.


  6. Zach says:

    Not only does this cause an inconvenience for customers, it also prevents those small business owners from skimming a little off the top, which they fully deserve at this point in time. The class warfare needs to end.


  7. LA says:

    Since when do we make laws simply to make it easier for law enforcement to do their jobs??? Laws are supposed to protect our freedom, not to ease the chasing of criminals. So weird. I swear this world is becoming more of a police state every day. Nothing against police officers, but seriously… even police officers might want to use cash at a garage sale, or at an auction or at a vintage clothing store??? Seriously… do states really have the right to place regulations on how US citizens can use US legal tender???


    • nickk0 says:

      GREAT point, LA.
      What will this do to Garage Sales, in LA. ??

      Legislation like this could make garage sales ‘de facto’ illegal, unless the seller was able or willing to accept checks, money orders, or maybe even credit cards ( yeah right.)

      – Nick


  8. jdc-witherton says:

    It just go’s to show that if the people don’t keep an eye on the monster then the monster may change the rules of how to play the game, -always to it’s favor. Good Article, makes me glad I live primarily in the UK


  9. Nolan says:

    I don’t believe for a second that it is for a paper trail. Regardless if I’m buying or selling from your Pawn shop, to have a paper trail all you would need to do is write a bill of sale or sales ticket with proper I D. I can’t believe that Gov. Jindal would allow this to fly. This is so End Times. I went to a Louisiana bank to deposit money. At the bottom of the deposit ticket where the boxes are for the amount, I wrote a $ to the left of the boxes. The Teller made me sign another ticket that she wrote and told me I can’t put the $ on the ticket. This is preparation for a One World Currency. That’s all.


  10. william says:

    The Revolution has begun . The only peaceful resolution , I see is through the election of Ron Paul.
    The only other option will not be discussed in this Forum .


  11. jp mills says:

    So let me get this straight… If I decide to go out and buy stolen goods, I need to pay them in a way that it can be traced. I sure wouldn’t want to break the law and hand them cash. Gee. Would a law abiding citizen be buying stolen goods in the first place? I don’t think a thief would mind breaking that law either.


  12. RainMan says:

    You have continuously worked hard to inform and enlighten without malice Mr Conway, which is respected and appreciated.


  13. Kwazai says:

    recently took some junk hvac parts to the scrapyard. I had had them for years. they had wanted me to have a license so they could authenticate origin of the parts. Evidently a lot of theft is going to the scrapyard. Here I have been thinking cash was the way to go- to avoid crooked banks.


  14. Granny Bear says:

    IRS can more easily calculate the federal cut, too. I knew someone, once, in another life, whose wages were garnished for not collecting, documenting, itemizing, and paying enough sales, and other (income) taxes on pow-wow items sold at pow wows. This is on the order of flea market type of sales organization and style.

    Personally, I don’t own any credit cards (I learned my lessons the hard way), and except for PayPal I always use cash. I shop the Salvation Army, and other second hand stores, almost exclusively. Guess I’m in trouble if other states decide to follow suit.

    Ya’ll are right, it is the paper trail. The invasion of privacy. The monitoring of who is reading what. Who is making what. Who has the materials to do what. Not only can any market studies that anyone wants to do (from what size shoes, to what color underwear or which old books we own) be done, with or without permission, but all subversive (or otherwise) literature can be kept track of. All alternative and DIY projects can be assessed for capital gains and whatever “they” can think up.

    DOES THE LOUISIANA LAW ALSO PROHIBIT BARTER? As there is no gold, or other, standard, cash trading is barter. Personally, I don’t think such a “test” law is, in any way, an accident.

    Ach!! Nobody wants to do so much bookkeeping and accounting to keep track of TRIVIA. We turnips are being squeezed! Hey Robin Hood, where are you?


  15. StoneMaven says:

    Is it even legal for folks to turn down US legal tender for transactions?? I think this might wind up in Federal court.


  16. Something came to mind here. I understand that this might be used for a paper trail or for tax collection purposes. But, how would this affect the disposable/refillable credit cards? I’m not really sure how they would work in this kind of situation, but it would seem that as soon as a trail was started, the card could be discarded and a new one purchased. Any thoughts on this?



  17. Clint333 says:

    Cashless society turns all power over to the banks. All transactions can be tracked. They can simply turn you off if you are an “enemy of the state”


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