Winter 2011-2012 forecast for UK by IWO

October 17, 2011DUBLINThe winter season appears likely to be cold again, at least on balance, but unlike last year, January may be the most wintry month of the three. The very basic overview is for a rather cold November, a variable December near average overall, a cold and potentially snowy January, and a mild February, followed by a “backward” March that has a return to rather wintry weather later in the month. For reference, CET monthly temperatures are predicted at 5.8 for November, 4.5 for December, 1.5 for January, 6.2 for February, and 6.5 for March. Precipitation is expected to be generally 25-50 per cent above normal except for pockets near normal in the south and east. Snowfall is expected to be above normal almost everywhere with several wintry periods expected. See the full forecast here Irish Weather On-line
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6 Responses to Winter 2011-2012 forecast for UK by IWO

  1. mike says:

    somtimes i think they can not predict weather for 2 days ahead


    • Yamkin says:

      Very good point. Also, with the Volcanic activity getting more active around the world plus a strong possibility of Katla erupting, the temperature will plummet very sharply due to the ash clouds where the winter would most probably turn out to be a lot worse.


      • mike says:

        great comment …i been thinking about that subject with katla


      • Many areas in the U.S. have a forecast for a cold winter also, especially in the snow belt region, which is where I live. However, I really don’t see anything unusual about it since I have seen many frigid and snowy winters here throughout my lifetime.

        One always hears a lot about man-made global warming, or should I say climate change, but I really don’t hear as much about the effects of all of this volcanic ash on our climate. Makes me wonder if the information is being suppressed for monetary gain. Just my opinion.



  2. Gen says:

    Hi Alvin, Geoscience Australia does not seem to show all quakes straight away. Especially on weekends.

    4.3 15 October 2011 UTC 10:38:13 -32.409 138.800 Depth 0 km AUST Near Orroroo, SA. Significant

    2.1 13 October 2011 UTC 11:15:18 -38.386 145.901 Depth 1 km AUST Near Korumburra, Vic.

    2.4 13 October 2011 UTC 09:58:43 -38.378 145.848 Depth 5 km AUST Near Korumburra, VIC. Significant


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