12 Responses to World population set to reach 7 billion mark this month

  1. Dennis E. says:

    7 Billion people on this earth is a lot to feed, clothe, employ, provide shelter and health care.
    Perhaps those who read this post will ponder how we are going to feed this mass with all of the crop failures, crop diseases and weather issues that the world is experiencing.

    I know and you might know that there are people who believe that humans is the cause of climate change and decline of the earth’s natural resource’s and look at it as a live, breathing and our presence should be minimized to effect healing.

    I am concerned about disease outbreaks, hunger, trade wars and war itself.
    It would be nice to say, alright, we have the means to relocate a portion of our planets population to another habitable planet to expand humanity towards the stars, no so. We must deal the cards we have deal ourselves and face this problem.

    Just a thought……………………..


    • RainMan says:

      Hi Dennis E.
      Are these figures based on past calculations and just averaged out as if nothing disasterous will happen in the future? I dont think they have taken into account the catastrophies about to take place, which to be fair, is uncalcuable.
      “Our presence should be minimized to effect healing,” has, I think, already begun, and will continue unabated.
      We cherish every moment we have and even drink water from champagne glasses, little strange maybey, but it puts things in perspective.
      God Bless


      • Dennis E. says:

        Thanks Rainman, I know, I agree. The posting I guess is from UN estimates. So when the 7 billion people mark is reached this month allegedly, it will still have to be dealt with
        and I will cherish each moment and am having my first cup of coffee with EP.
        EP for me in the morning!!!!!!


  2. Paula says:

    Here is something to ponder regarding life and all that we face ahead of us. The changes on this planet are from many causes- cyclical, historical, astronomical, cultural and spiritual. The number of people alone is not the cause for climate change. Life is sacred, regardless of whether that life is suffering or seemingly in comfort. Whom is living in us anyway? Like God said to Job in the Bible, “Where was thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare if thou hast understanding…” My point is that many self proclaimed elitists agree and proclaim that there are too many of us and may be doing something to bring death about. They want less people to have to control. Let’s not make their goal easy.
    Meanwhile, let us be up and doing, and teach, reach out, help, and protect life where ever we find it- including taking better care of this earth while we yet can. Hmm, thanks for listening.
    Ye are truly sons and daughters of the Most High, and so is everyone else. Thanks Alvin and Luisport for all the El Hierro updates.


  3. Mary says:

    Remember when that black senator from Georgia kept on and on about Guam (I believe it was)He was concerned about it tipping over with an added US airbase and people moving there as as result? How stupid is he? And to think he was elected to represent GA. I have a take – 7 Billion people-trippled since I was born- Time for a cleansing folks – too many people, too much stuff. Just how much more can be put on Earth? It’s gonna fall off its axix for sure and we’ll go to the abyss. No kidding folks – its gonna get worse. For us of faith- bring it on- Jesus is coming soon. remember. I said Jesus.


  4. Nathan says:

    Oh don’t worry guys, the Elite have a plan of action of depopulation for the world.


  5. We have an Almighty Father who already knows how this will work out according to His plan.



    • bellchambers says:

      How do you know that? Did somebody prove that to you,or did you just dream it up? Whatever notions you have about an “almighty father” will make no difference whatsoever to the millions of people that are going to die from hunger,disease,and natural disaster. Wishful thinking is not a solution. The only plans available are human ones.


    • Lin Horne says:

      And His plan, according to his son Jesus, is for us to take personal responsibility for what happens in His vineyard (which we call planet earth). Go to the gospels and read the parable of the talents, and take note of what happened to the lazy servant who did nothing – nothing to help break the over-population/poverty cycle trapping the millions of poor women living throughout ethiopia and sub-saharan africa – nothing to provide education and freedom of choice and family planning/contraception to millions of desperate women burdened with unwanted pregnancies and babies born to starve. Your Almighty Father does have a plan, and it involves you and me campaigning to have all food aid supported with family planning aid – and a UN Convention On World Population Management.! Abundant life for all is the plan, not just for our rich nations..

      Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus, and stir us both into action with your Holy Spirit.. Save us from being unworthy servants, who sit back and do nothing help You – when You are female and trapped in poverty in a male chauvinist society with too many children to feed..


  6. Ginny says:

    What kind of overpopulation nonsense has been foisted on us over the last many years? Do you realize that the whole 7 billion (each of whom, by the way, have been made in the image and likeness of God, Genesis 1:27) can fit into the state of Texas, each having at least 1000 square feet of space? Do the math my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord’s vineyard!!! Our awesome God did not make this world too small. We have vast resources…our cup runneth over. We need to be good stewards of God’s creation and live by His commandments.


    • Pagan says:

      Ginny – 7 Billion people in Texas? With a drought causing environmental havoc? Where would you put everybody? Could you imagine being forced to co-exist in such a hell? Brings to mind the Horn of Africa to be honest. Seriously. What happens when Nature’s vast resources run out as they have started do do because of over consumption & negligence? When earth changes & a fluctuating climate spinning out of control make it impossible to grow, tend, harvest precious food crops? What do you think will actually happen when the cup stops running over? Viable & sustainable habitable earth space is now at a premium as is clean drinking water. Nature’s bounty is NOT infinite.



  7. Charlotte says:

    Ginny’s use of the state of Texas holding 7 billion people was an imaginary and graphic example to illustrate the vastness of the Earth. She did not intend a literal meaning for her example.

    Nature’s bounty was designed by God and every human born is God’s gift. God provides for His people. If resources are depleted, it is through misuse of His gifts, whether it is human engineering ( biological) or environmental engineering.

    The mention of clean drinking water is a real concern. It is important to realize that “political and social engineering” especially in places like Africa, is one main cause of drought, famine, and disease, as corrupt/wicked “leaders/dictators” use this as a means of ethnic and religious cleansing and control of populations.

    Our enemy is not numbers of people; nor is our ultimate enemy wicked Godless dictators and misguided, ignorant, desperate people who are duped by false religion; our real enemy ultimately is The Evil One who wants souls in Hell. Yes, Hell exists.


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