4 Responses to Thailand flooding closes 900 factories- 270 dead, 8 million affected

  1. Charlotte says:

    I appreciate so much your reportage to us of what is happening all over the world, but some days I just don’t know how much more bad news a person can take…. even though the news is usually not “personal,” we are all God’s children, and we all suffer with the same feelings. The other post about children dying in India by the thousands is so disturbing. One world government and failed socialism is not the answer. We can, we must, turn to God, worship and serve Him by following His Commandments, changing our [personal] mortal and venial sinful behavior, forgiving and asking forgiveness, helping those less fortunate, and begging for His Divine Mercy, otherwise, as it is unfolding, we are in for dire consequences.


    • Unfortunately, after years of relatively calm…we’re facing some of the geological change that has marred as much as 75% of the planet’s history. It has to come, sooner or later. Given the alternative of a world with an out of control population, an insatiable appetite to maim the planet to feed itself, its unnerving predilection for self-destruction and psychotic passion for collecting weapons and armaments of mass destruction like they were baseball cards, I’d rather face this. – Turning to God and letting go of the railing of the Titanic and slipping off into the lifeboats is the panacea- let’s hope and pray many find this hope and light.

      Grace in Christ,


  2. Luca says:

    A third of Thailand’s provinces are in the disaster zones.


  3. Jarod says:

    Of course the manufacturers are only worried about getting their plants up and running again. Meanwhile people are dying and much greater concerns should be addressed.


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