La Niña to drop harsh winter weather over parts of Canada

October 12, 2011CANADA – Predicting the weather remains one of the most difficult challenges, despite the technological advances in recent years, but one U.S.-based group has boldly called for a colder-than-usual winter for the West Coast of southern B.C. Weather forecaster AccuWeather says the more frigid temperatures and an increase of snow are on their way. The American forecaster made the chilly prediction on Monday, saying another La Niña is behind it all. Cold winters with significant snowfall has become the usual in the Nanaimo region in the past decade. Looking back, the trends demonstrate that massive snow dumps and cold-weather snaps can come at any time. Weather predictions get less accurate the further away people place their estimates, but understanding the La Nina and El Niño weather systems help understand overall trends. The La Niña weather-system phenomenon brings in cooler temperatures from the central and eastern Pacific Ocean. In the winter of 2010-11, such a system produced a terrific amount of snow in the coastal mountains. AccuWeather guesses the 20011-12 West Coast winter will be one of the coldest three winters in the past 20 years around Vancouver and Victoria. Given historical patterns, Nanaimo will also be hit hard should such conditions strike the region. Environment Canada experts would not predict a La Niña year as of Monday, but a weather map issued Oct. 1 forecasting temperatures for October to December also predicts it will be colder than normal for Western Canada. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, has also said La Niña is coming. –Canada
Sierras see shortest summer in 40 years: For months now, I had reserved the second weekend in October for my annual grand finale “summertime” backpacking trip. Culminating an unusually short warm season, this was to be the ceremonial final alpine lake swim, the last mosquito bloodletting until well after next year’s thaw. Which is why, as my partner and I proceeded to pitch our tent in about 10 inches of snow last Friday evening, I couldn’t help but feel I’d been had. Last week’s storm, which swept across the northern half of California early Wednesday, dumped up to a foot of snow in the Sierra’s high peaks, with accumulation as low as 5,000 feet. According to the Central Sierra Snow Lab, this is the first snowstorm in 96 days – since July 1 – marking the shortest duration between storms in the Sierra since 1969. –Climate Watch – photo Matthew Green
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10 Responses to La Niña to drop harsh winter weather over parts of Canada

  1. SheilaS says:

    I know the jet stream may keep the cold weather in Canada, but they’ve called for normal temps here in the Pac NW of the US, and a lot of rain. If they turn out to be right about British Columbia – it’ll be interesting to see if the cold stays north of the border or if it creeps this way. That’s when we get really big snow events in WA and OR.


  2. Brad says:

    The last two winters in Calgary have been trying. No Chinook warm weather patterns (or very few) to help warm us during the winter. Seems to be much more snowfall on the ground throughout winter than I can remember from any other years. Local weatherman’s statistical averages don’t seem to tell the tale of how the comfort level of the past couple winters have actually been.


  3. Paul Kunkel says:



  4. K.J. says:

    Colder than normal in western Canada. You’d never know it as the weather has been unseasonably warm for weeks and is only now starting to show signs of getting down to ‘normal’ temperatures. We had several days this past week that were close to 80 F. I got bit a couple of times by mosquitoes yesterday………. can’t remember the last time that happened this late in the fall.

    Oh well, better get in some extra firewood…………………. just in case. 🙂


  5. sierraflyguide says:

    Ya, I m right in the heart of the Sierra (Mammoth), and it seems that winter will be here any moment, forsaking Fall completely. We had a record low the other day of 23*… Hope this all goes to the Canadians…


  6. My apologies to all my Canadian friends. However, I’m sure the lower Great Lakes will soon feel the brunt of winter also. Stay warm and safe.



  7. John Smith says:

    I bet it will be colder and snowier that usual for everyone. Including the south you will lose all your crops this winter. When volcanoes blow everywhere it cools the earth by blocking the sun. It does not matter how warm we make this planet it has a self cooling system. You see heat causes pressure and what is it pressure does? That is right eventually it blows at the weakest spot. Just look at what happened the winter after mt st Helens blew. Every state east of it has a very cold and snowy winter and they said it was because of the volcanoes blocking the sun. They know but don’t want to tell you. Notice how they play like they are just discovering shit for the first time. The simple truth is they are warning everyone to get ready for economic collapse because the truth is most can’t handle the truth. They are getting everyone ready in stages. If we all did it at once the shelves would empty in days and it would be thought to get them restocked. I suggest you all listen to the economic collapse shit because indeed it will happen in the next 2 to 6 months. It was staged to do so. And Just like Bush Sr. said after what happens the New World Order will come and nothing anyone can do to stop it. Everyone will realize that there is no use fighting each other anymore; they will all try to join forces to try to stop it next time it happens, another 3600 years. You do not have to know the stars to know what is coming. Just go to a library and look up books about the little dipper, big dipper, North Star, and you will see the stars have changed. But then again the Inuit Indians have already told everyone this. I know, what would they know about the stars and sun other than the fact that they have based their lives on them. It’s how they hunt, and live by using the stars, sun and wind.


  8. Tina Marie says:

    Alvin, I thought the EL Nino and LA Nina more or less took turns and it was like a 7 year cycle. It seems as if they have been blaming our crazy weather or one or the other for the last decade though. Could you please briefly educate me on how these patterns work?


  9. CPT Wayne says:

    Well, Cleveland Ohio area, I might add, has now become the wettest part of the lower 48 states.
    It has or will very soon break the 149 year rain gage record. Something to muse over. Not good for fall harvesting. Today, the weather man was 10 degrees too high on the cold forecast. I checked the jet stream. With La Nina strengthening, is has pivoted south. Does this imply, if it persists, a harsh winter approaching. I told this to a friend, he said I was crazy, so I talked to the squirrel in the back yard. He said I was not crazy, he knows a nut when he sees one. Ha!


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