Lava build-up in Alaska volcano may portend a powerful explosive eruption

October 8, 2011 ALASKALava has reached the edge of a crater in a volcano in Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands, indicating the mountain could explode and send up an ash cloud that could threaten aircraft. The Alaska Volcano Observatory says satellite images show lava at the edge of the crater rim of 5,675-foot Cleveland Mountain on uninhabited on Chuginadak Island, about 940 miles southwest of Anchorage. Volcano monitors say if the dome continues to grow, it could overflow the rim and increase the possibility of an explosion. The observatory says an eruption could send up an ash cloud 20,000 feet or more. The nearest village, Nikolski, is on another island about 50 miles east and has 18 permanent residents. The village was not considered in harm’s way in previous eruptions of the volcano. –ABC News
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10 Responses to Lava build-up in Alaska volcano may portend a powerful explosive eruption

  1. Brandon says:

    Alvin, someone said that there is a worldwide magma meltdown taking place and that magma is on the move everywhere. They said the result could be like the movie 2012 with fissure eruptions, massive earthquakes, or a crustal displacement, or all of the above. Could that happen? What do you see as being the worst case scenario and what could take place next?


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Well, this area really has been active for the past month. Each day I go to the USGS site and
    it is constantly shaking,up and dwon the chain of Islands. I ponder why the Ice Road Truckers never comment on theses tremors?

    Since we are focused in this general area. It might be a good idea for you to visit the USGS site and look at North West Washington. That looks interesting!


  3. Crystal says:

    We dont feel them here in Alaska they have been normal for years like that now if we get one that is over 5 we might depending on the depth of it


  4. Not only am I be concerned about an explosive eruption, I am also concerned about the potential tsunami is will cause. In you opinion Alvin, how massive do you think this tsunami could be, worst case scenario that is.



    • I don’t think we’re at that point in the crisis yet where it’s a concern at present. If the eruption turns into a major geological event where El Hierro island began disintegrating; that would be another matter entirely. The scenario involving a La Palma type landslip, which El Hierro is not being an escarpment, could send waves 50 to 200 feet careening across the Atlantic and the only interruption in force of impact and wave height would be distance. Under such a scenario- U.S. residents would have about 7 hours to evacuate the Northeastern coastline.


      • Wow, 7 hours is not a lot of time for the East Coast. The infrastructure would be totally destroyed. And imagine all the people who won’t listen. That could be an amazing tsunami. And I wonder how the skyscrapers in New York would hold up. Reminds me of the tsunami depicted in the movie Deep Impact. (Dumb movie, impressive tsunami.)

        Thank you Alvin



      • kathy lundy says:

        wait until the alignment of elenin that occurs 17/18th of this month. last time took out Japan, this time it is 21 times closer,with 400 times the gravitational pull.


      • I said Elenin would be a non isssue and it was. October 16, came and went…as well as May 21, and October 21st. We’ll probably become more indifferent when a real doomsday threat emerges.


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