Christchurch, NZ rattled by more tremors

October 8, 2011CHRISTCHURCH, NZThe first, a magnitude 4.8, struck at 4.1 7pm followed 10 minutes later by one measuring 3.6. At 4.32pm a magnitude 3 quake struck 10km east of Lyttleton and a magnitude 4.1 hit at 4.48pm. Geonet reports all four quakes were centred within 10km of Diamond Harbour, and were between 5 and 8km deep. Two more tremors were recorded on Saturday evening in the same area, a magnitude 3.5 at 8.30pm and a 3.9 magnitude shake at 9.04pm.Radio NZ
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4 Responses to Christchurch, NZ rattled by more tremors

  1. RainMan says:

    5.9 quake rattles capital Tonga in the Sth Pacific


  2. Victa says:

    As we say down under, Kia Kaha…stay strong…the north island is recording tremors also, our planet is indeed very active.


  3. Mary says:

    more birth pains for Christ’s Church…….hint hint, Jesus is coming soon!


  4. Victa says:

    5.5 rattles Christchurch region this evening 8.34pm….Kia Kaha …


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