Astrophysics and extinctions: News about planet-threatening events

October 8, 2011Space is a violent place. If a star explodes or black holes collide anywhere in our part of the Milky Way, they’d give off colossal blasts of lethal gamma-rays, X-rays and cosmic rays and it’s perfectly reasonable to expect Earth to be bathed in them. Several studies in the past have demonstrated how longer high-energy radiation bursts, such as those caused by supernovae, and extreme solar flares can deplete stratospheric ozone, allowing the most powerful and damaging forms of ultraviolet radiation to penetrate to Earth’s surface. The probability of an event intense enough to disrupt life on the land or in the oceans becomes large, if considered on geological timescales. So getting a handle on the rates and intensities of such events is important for efforts to connect them to extinctions in the fossil record. “We find that a kind of gamma ray burst — a short gamma ray burst — is probably more significant than a longer gamma ray burst,” said astrophysicist Brian Thomas of Washburn University. Improved and accumulated data collected by the SWIFT satellite, which catches gamma ray bursts in action in other galaxies, is providing a better case for the power and threat of the short bursts to life on Earth. The shorter bursts are really short: less than one second long. They are thought to be caused by the collision of two neutron stars or maybe even colliding black holes. No one is certain which. What is clear is that they are incredibly powerful events. “The duration is not as important as the amount of radiation,” said Thomas. If such a burst were to happen inside the Milky Way, it its effects would be much longer lasting to Earth’s surface and oceans. “What I focused on was the longer term effects,” said Thomas. The first effect is to deplete the ozone layer by knocking free oxygen and nitrogen atoms so they can recombine into ozone-destroying nitrous oxides. These long-lived molecules keep destroying ozone until they rain out. “So we see a big impact on the ozone layer.” Those effects are likely to have been devastating for many forms of life on the surface — including terrestrial and marine plants which are the foundation of the food web.Science Daily
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11 Responses to Astrophysics and extinctions: News about planet-threatening events

  1. Evo says:

    If these bursts can strip the atmosphere of a planet, and If they can also interact with magma, the impact might also be very dramatic. Maybe a bit like Mars looks today, something must have caused that massive rift across the planet.


  2. Sim says:

    Very curious ~ Quote: Broader interest in 2012 caught on beginning in 1987. In The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, José Argüelles (an “artist, poet, and visionary historian” according to the dust jacket) linked the 13-baktun period with an impalpable “beam” from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. According to Argüelles, the Maya knew when we entered this beam and when we would leave it, and set their 13-baktun cycle to mark our passage through it accordingly. The beam, he asserted, operates as “invisible galactic life threads” that link people, the planet, the Sun, and the center of the Galaxy. Neither Maya tradition nor modern astronomy supports a belief in any such beam. It stemmed instead from Argüelles’s personal philosophy, which emphasizes “the principle of harmonic resonance.” Argüelles also concluded that the planets are “orbiting harmonic gyroscopes” that “play a role in the coordination of the beam,” which advances the development of anything with DNA. The year 2012, therefore, will bring a rosy version of the apocalypse.


  3. Babylonfallen says:

    It is all good news. The world dies and Satan falls, that is the best outcome for all. We look forward to the end, thank you.


    • Mr. Johnny Shakes says:

      Thank you Babylonfallen. For the Son of the “Third” name has arrived and is among us. As far as earth becoming like Mars: Mars died due to is small metallic core. When the core cooled, it lost its magnetic field. Eath is much larger than Mars, so at this time, the chances of earth cooling are low. But the gamma rays will certainly wipe out many species including us. It truly is the survival of fittest and what can adapt quickly.


  4. Frenchy says:

    I would the people to reconsider the way you see “space” and the like. It’s THE CREATION and in this sense it isn’t violent, this makes no sense. What makes sense, is the Creation is subjected to the UNIVERSAL LAWS, which are of GOD and we never ever can judge what is going on out there from our very little and limitated point of view.
    The way they say things is a 3-dimensional one, because LIFE is much more than what we experience here on Earth, it’s only the beginning of the path to eternity. So what is considered to be “violent”, or “lethal” are only manifestations of progress in the divine plan going on. The “ozone layer” can thus be seen as something holding us back from seeing our real environment (place) in space and a way to disconnect us from the rest of CREATION.


  5. Pastorkenny171 says:

    Hey Alvin, check out Cygnus X-3 on wikipedia. There is also a website that is dedicated to the affects of this pulsar. In the article it talks about it sending cosmic rays that could be detected by miners in Minnesota. Nasa even put measuring devices in the abandon mine shafts and still picked up large amounts. It has been obscured by the galactic plane but as you know we are entering this dark rift so the cosmic rays will only be increasing. I wonder how long until full exposure?


  6. Dan says:


    Sir!!! Very fascinating article…

    Question: If intergalactic radiation has the ability to penetrate the earth’s magnetic field and cause the ozone to react, would it be reasonable to theorize that the radiation emitted from the Fukushima disaster could, quite possibly have a similar effect? We know that O3 is very unstable and readily reacts to radiation… Now, some may argue that there is an enormous difference between the amount of radiation emitted from Fukushima and a Supernova… To which i say, indeed!!! However, I might also suggest that there is an enormous difference when something is emitted “inside” the earth’s magnetic field, as opposed to when something is emitted from outside the magnetic field….

    That being said sir, it is awfully coincidental that the huge hole in the northern hemisphere’s ozone happend at the same time as the Fukushima incident….

    Could Fukushima be the catalyst of this anomaly? Was ozone mapping available at the time of Chernobyl?


  7. Raven says:

    ” Space Weather generates geomagnetic storms and as electromagnetic beings, humans are affected, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Hence, some of the ramifications for a technologically dependent Earth being increasingly bombarded by electrically charged particles are outlined in her book….The announcement of a weakening solar wind is of major importance. The solar wind is a blast of plasma blowing off the Sun at a million degrees Celsius at a million and up to two million miles an hour. The solar wind inflates the protective bubble called the heliosphere around our solar system that keeps us safe from galactic/intergalactic cosmic rays. NASA announcements state we are experiencing the effects of a long term trend, a steady decrease in pressure that began sometime in the mid-1990s. Yet, scientists have only been monitoring solar wind since the early years of the Space Age from the early 60s to the present, so over that period of time, it is considered unique. Over longer time periods, there are others methods to monitor cosmic ray flux such as using paleoclimatic data to reveal previous episodes of evolutionary change. For example, Greenland ice core data clearly shows there was a significant surge in cosmic radiation 40,000 years ago that lasted for about 3,000 years. During that period, the Earth’s magnetic field dropped in strength to about 10% of today’s value, and so without the normal protective shield, cosmic radiation penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere with ease. The facts reveal that the climate changed and there was a host of evolutionary changes, where numerous species in the Northern Hemisphere either underwent significant change or disappeared altogether.

    This exact scenario is happening again. Space Weather researchers have now identified a connection with Earth’s climate which would be in agreement with the opinion of thousands of scientists that believe solar and cosmic factors are the main determinant for climate change on Earth.13 What’s more, the science of Epigenetics can be cited to explain how evolutionary changes to all life on Earth will be determined by the environment. Hundreds of scientific studies over the last fifty years have consistently revealed that electromagnetic signals determine every facet of biological regulation.

    Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation including microwaves, radio frequencies, the visible light spectrum, extremely low frequencies, acoustic frequencies, and even scalar fields regulate DNA, RNA and protein syntheses. These alter protein shape and function and control gene regulation, cell division, cell differentiation, morphogenesis, (the process by which cells assemble into organs and tissues), hormone secretion, and nerve growth and function. Each one of these cellular activities is a fundamental biological program that contributes to the unfolding of life. Therefore, if the heliosphere continues to weaken, scientists fear that the amount of cosmic radiation reaching the inner parts of our solar system, including Earth, will increase and evolutionary change will be the obvious result.”



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