West Virginia resort sees earliest snow in 6 seasons

October 4, 2011WEST VRGINA – Mother Nature just didn’t want to quit this weekend, as a late surge in an early season snow storm dropped an additional 4 inches of snow on Snowshoe Mountain Resort on Sunday evening. Snow began late Friday evening, marking Sept. 30 as the official first day of snow, the earliest snowfall in six seasons at the Pocahontas County resort. Saturday’s accumulation topped 4 inches and Sunday saw on and off snow, leaving another inch on the ground before heavy snow began falling around 8 p.m., bringing the weekend total to 9 inches of natural snow. The last time Snowshoe saw snow in September was 2006. Snowshoe averages 180 inches of snowfall annually, but as recently as the 2009-2010 season saw more than 230 inches of natural snow. –Charleston Daily Mail
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5 Responses to West Virginia resort sees earliest snow in 6 seasons

  1. Grace says:

    Mother nature seem to have really gotten old. This is just an example of irregular things happening all over the world.


  2. Porter says:

    And in the Midwest we are experiencing record highs, after a very late start to summer.


  3. Well, I’m sure the skiers were getting excited.



  4. wisefool says:

    Not a big deal if the last time it happened was 5 years ago.


  5. I live 45 mins from Snowshoe we took the kids to play in it. The temp was 28 degree’s and super windy, we only lasted 10 mins outside. Snow this time of year isn’t that rare it just doesn’t get media attention. As a child growing up I camped in the area a lot and we would wake up to frozen drinking water in June. This area is the most beautiful place on the east coast. When the temp in the city is 90 degree’s it’s in the 70’s on the Mtn and jacket weather at night.This past 4th of july we went to Snowshoe for the fireworks we had to wear our winter coats and take blankets it got so cold. I wouldn’t trade this place for the world they couldn’t drag me back to the city.

    Thanks for posting Alvin West Virginia doesn’t get a lot of positive attention. WV is a very beautiful state not all of it is Mtr and mining.


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