Geomagnetic storm warning issued for September 26th

September 26, 2011GEOMAGNETIC STORM WARNING: A pair of closely-spaced CMEs propelled by explosions of sunspot AR1302 on Sept. 24th are heading not-quite directly toward Earth. A significant glancing blow to our planet’s magnetic field is possible on Sept. 26th around 14:00 UT (+/- 7 hours). NOAA forecasters estimate a 30% chance of strong geomagnetic storms when the clouds arrive. – Space Weather
Sunspot 1302 is a very large and potentially threatening region of instability on the solar surface. Space Weather said: “Sunspot 1302 poses a continued threat for X-class solar flares.” We’re also seeing some coronal hole perforation of the Sun, so ionized particles will now also  have a more efficient medium of propagation should a large solar flare erupt from the sunspot. The next few days could get interesting. According to NOAA, the chances of another X-Class flare erupting over the next 48 hours are 40%. –The Extinction Protocol
A solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole could reach Earth on Sept. 30th or Oct. 1st.
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26 Responses to Geomagnetic storm warning issued for September 26th

  1. Dan says:

    1301 & 1302 are behaving like “Phillipe” and “Ophelia”, waxing and waning…. Absolutely fascinating….


  2. Dan says:

    Sunspots are SO magnetic and powerful, that they circulate the inner magma of the earth… due to extreme magnetism these maasive beasts draw near the surface, transporingt heat, creating anomalies that manifest theseselves in the form of hurricanes (given seasonally acceptable “overall conditions”, of course”…..


  3. Suzanne says:

    So does this mean that there is a 40% chance that we will have a solar flare and a 30% chance of it hitting the earth, or is it a 40% chance that is will hit the earth? There are definately signs in the sun, moon and stars, that is undeniable.


    • As it stands; there is a 40% of seeing a X-Class flare event happening and a 80% chance of an M-Class flare (the second strongest) happening in the next 24 to 48 hours. Whether it will hit the Earth or not is not determined until after the event, Suzanne. However, you are right- there are definitely sights and signs unfolding in the heavens and there is distress among nations with the sea and waves roaring just as the prophecy predicted. Luke 21:25

      peace and blessings,


  4. V. says:

    I don’t get it. I hear all these predictions about solar flares hitting the earth, that just take for granted the knowledge of the reader of what such astronomical events entail. What’s going to appreciably happen in the skies if the solar flare hits? Why is this so interesting?


    • We don’t know how bad they’ll be in some cases until they hit- if they hit. This one looks like a passing glance to Earth however, a powerful enough solar flare and resulting CME (coronal mass ejection) like the Carrington Event which struck the planet in 1859 could disrupt satellite and cellphone communications, shutdown power grids, water treatment facilities, ATMs, television broadcasts, and fry electrical appliances on Earth in an electromagnetic pulse.


    • Michele B says:

      V. — Chapter 6 of Alvin’s book explains all of this in great detail, and very understandably, I might add. Like you, I used to think that solar flares were just an everyday normal occurrence that might only affect us in small, annoying ways. But they have the potential to disrupt life as we know it. The advancements of our technology make us so much more vulnerable than we were say 100 years ago, or when the Carrington event occurred that Alvin refers to. I don’t think it’s so much what we would see in the skies as it is what we would experience on the ground with the loss of all our electronics, communications, etc. It could be complete chaos.


  5. James says:

    I had a dream last night that my brother and I were walking home and watching the beautiful sunset. I told hime to look at the sun with his sun glasses and I was able to see two suns. Both had huge sunspots. One sunspot was a symbolic shape of a dragon and the others I couldn’t really make out. Very strange!


  6. From Mitch Battros:
    Serious Escalation of Solar Activity – September 25, 2011

    Now In Effect
    Solar activity remains very high. After an X-class flare peaking at 9:40 hours yesterday morning, as much as eleven (11) M-class flares were observed. The main source region was sunspot region 1302 with an M7.1 (peak time 13:17 UT yesterday), M3.1 (17:25 UT), M2.8 (18:15 UT), M3.0 (19:21 UT), M5.8 (20:36 UT), M4.4 (02:31 UT today), M7.4 (04:50 UT) and M3.1 (08:49 UT).

    The other contributing sunspot regions were 1295 with an M1.8 flare peaking at 16:59 UT yesterday and region 1303 with an M1.0 flare around midnight peak time 23:57 UT and an M1.5 flare peaking at 09:34 UT today. With the GOES X-ray flux background at high C-level, we can certainly expect more M-flares, with a reasonable possibility for another X-class event.

    Several CME’s (coronal mass ejection) were observed associated to the flares mentioned above. The M7.1 event yesterday was accompanied by a partial halo CME observed in SOHO/LASCO starting from 12:48 hours. Its speed was estimated to be around 1,050 km/s (652.43 miles/s) based on the STEREO coronograph data.

    Other CME’s observed by STEREO A and B and SOHO/LASCO can be associated with the M3.0, M5.8 and M1.0 flares yesterday as well as with the M4.4, C7.9, M7.4 and M3.1 class flares today – originating from sunspot region 1302.

    PROBA2/SWAP and SDO/AIA data show a clear EUV wave associated with the M7 flare today. As none of the source regions of these CME’s are in the center of the solar disk, we only expect possible glancing blows from these events.

    The GOES proton flux level remains elevated (>10MeV) and is further increased by the current solar activity. A shock is observed in the solar wind parameters measured by ACE around 11 UT this morning, possibly related to the CME associated with the X-class flare on September 22.

    The total magnetic field strength jumped to 10 nT, while the solar wind speed increased to 380 km/s (236 miles/s). Current geomagnetic conditions are quiet. We expect them to increase to unsettled to active starting late this evening as a result of al the CME’s in the past hours.


  7. Desilk says:

    IMPACT: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth’s magnetic field at approximately 12:15 UT on Sept. 26th. The impact caused significant ground currents in Norway. Also, the Goddard Space Weather Lab reports a “strong compression of Earth’s magnetosphere. Simulations indicate that solar wind plasma [has penetrated] close to geosynchronous orbit starting at 13:00UT.” Geosynchronous satellites could therefore be directly exposed to solar wind plasma and magnetic fields. Stay tuned for updates.


  8. Kaos says:

    It was on here but i think its been removed so another link to warning and effects of this

    Conspiracy or not on EPs removal of it, but this is off the hook people…


  9. sheilah says:

    My daughter lives in Honolulu and it is extremely hot there today. They also had an interurption in there computer system.


  10. Alvin have I missed a comment regarding how cosmic/solar radiation can effect the human body?
    I blogged on this recently and I have heard quite a few people say they are sensitive to EMF etc.


  11. I do not have expertise in this kind of science but you can see behavior in people changing as there is this feeling of acceleration happening. We can’t get too worried about it but also we cannot expect everything that we consider indispensable (e.g. wireless internet, neverending energy that buys whatever we want) an absolute given. Do not dread hardships but be mentally prepared to form alliances and lift each other out of hardship.


  12. LISA says:

    Radio host Delilah posted on FB that 10 mill in Chile are w/out power now. parts of canada, texas & venzuela too. true?


  13. Jasmine says:

    the part of texas i am in is lucky…phones kept going out but no power outages. and nothing reported on the news either O.O


  14. robert says:

    Today, I saw for the first in my life, the deaths of squirrels all over the road in Wellesley Massachusetts. They weren’t just one squirrel here. There were in multiples of two, threes to fives. I didn’t have a camera to recorded it, but everywhere, I drove from Burlington to Waltham, and Wellesley, there were squirrels dead on the road. I felt like I was in a Stephen King novel.
    Usually you see one here or there, but never together, and in multiples of 2 to 5. Which begs the question, what drove these creatures to road to be killed. Was it the CMEs, and multiples M Class Solar Flares that wreck havoc with their magnetic brains? Or was this localized in one area, and is it possible the Geomagnetic storms can have a localized affect in small geographic areas?


  15. JessicaAlman says:

    ok, today is Sept. 30th 2011. Big Rapids Mi., around 9:30 a.m., we had a weird electrical anomaly. I was in the shower, and we lost partial power. So strange, that only some of the bulbs in my light were on, and they were dim. My alarm clock, turned off then on, then the numbers only flashed parts of the numbers, the radio turned on, and the lamp next to it, plugged into the same outlet would not turn on. I went to work, and we had some lights in some hallways. I stepped outside, and my ears began to ring, I felt a strange pressure in my head, and then almost fainted. Been out of sorts all day.


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