5.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Northwestern territories of Canada

September 26, 2011CANADAA very shallow 2.9 km, 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck the Northwest Territories of Canada. The epicenter of the earthquake was 137 km (85 miles) W of Wrigley, Northwest Territories, Canada and 617 km (383 miles) WNW of Yellowknife, NW Territories, Canada. The region, the earthquake struck, was remote and there have been no confirmed reports of damage. The USGS historical seismicity map for the region can be seen above. The last large earthquake to strike in the Northwest of Canada was a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that struck along the Nahanni region in 1985.  –The Extinction Protocol
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4 Responses to 5.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Northwestern territories of Canada

  1. Wiseguy says:

    Coincidence or not, this earthquake is at the upper west border of the North American Craton (Laurentia). We had some (Ontario/Quebec border) along the east border of the Craton. Dutchsinse, a guy on Youtube, discover a few weeks ago that those unusual quakes in US were all along the Craton, something is up!!!


  2. Peter says:


    Dear Alvin, when you have a moment do you think you could comment on this link which suggests that the Washington earthquake was not a natural tremor.
    I would be grateful for anything you might be able to add.

    Sincere Regards


  3. Peter says:

    Dear Alvin,thanks for your immediate response and so kind of you to offer comment.
    Many thanks.I expect to question more in the coming weeks.There seems to be so much going on in the world now simultaneously.I do not scare easy but I am begining to and I guess I am not the only one.


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