Storm system break-out over the world’s oceans

September 25, 2011MIAMIThere was a storm system breakout over the world’s oceans in the last 24 hours. Not all of these systems will become full-fledged cyclonic storms but it does show just how quickly things on planet Earth can change and how the pace of this change appears to be accelerating. –The Extinction Protocol
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22 Responses to Storm system break-out over the world’s oceans

  1. JerseyCynic says:

    creepy — I just finished watching the film “Maximum Velocity”

    “…..After a comet passes the Earth it causes a cataclysmic storm. Only a disbanded government unit with a secret weather-manipulating weapon can try to stop it….”


  2. myname says:

    Well it is storm season….


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Yes, the oceans are roaring, the climate is faltering and in turmoil. Look at September?
    What could October bring(other than the celebration of my birth month) ?
    Not only is the climate in turmoil
    economies are in turmoil
    peoples lives are in turmoil,includes physical/spiritual well being.
    there is little/no peace, violence everywhere.
    And I am not blowing smoke, it all seems to be unraveling before our eyes.


    • I’m glad someone finally gets it. It’s the speed of how change is happening in concert with everything else.


      • luisport says:

        Yes, i agree 100% with you! The speed of changes is incredible!


      • Craig S says:

        I don’t think the changes are unprecedented. However mankind has had it easy in terms of the earth being so settled for centuries and we have grown arrogant in that time and so, so fragile. It feels like Mother Earth, guided by the unseen hand is going to show us who is boss again as in the days of the great flood. Humanity never learns.


      • J Guffey says:

        Just want you to know, thanks to Lord leading me to this site, I have been aware for quite some time Alvin. You have opened the eyes of many and made us more of us aware than you probably realize.

        Everything does appear to be falling into place, as prophesied in the Bible. If not for your obedience to the Lord to inform us, I don’t think I (and countless others) would have been able to see this so plainly. Thanks for your tireless efforts and your obedience to your calling. I know it must be exhausting at times. May the Lord bless you immensely.

        Your sister in Christ.


      • May God be praised. That’s wonderful to hear J Guffey. Your presence is both seen and felt and I know I and many others have been enriched by what you have shared.

        Your brother in Christ,


      • Larry DeMers says:

        Art Bell used to have a term for this “Speeding Up” of world events…”The Quickening”. I thinl it fits perfectly.
        My suspicions are telling me that the world events now happening are meant to confuse and defeat the people of earth mentally, and morally, creating an opening for someone with a “One World, One Government” desire to propose a solution that would take the world into that direction.
        The NWO uses this technique relentlessly; Create a desperate world situation, then provide a solution that takes the country in that direction while solving the immediate problem that made the world desperate. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 fall into this domain.
        What puzzles me is; why the speedup for the NWO takeover of the US? 2012? But if the speedup was due to that, then these guys must believe that ‘he who dies wit the most, keeps it’.


  4. cammac says:

    “It isn’t the burdens of today that drive men mad. Rather, it is regret over yesterday or fear of tomorrow. Regret and fear are twin thieves who would rob us of today. So stop pacing the aisles and counting the miles……RELISH THE MOMENT”


    • Bryan Esse says:

      The sun has been extremely active during the formation of these storms. I believe that the activity of these ocean systems is effected strongly by sunspots / cme’s. From my limited and amateur observations, it appears that if the Sun continues to launch multiple cme’s over the next few days (likely, according to that some of these storms will rapidly increase in size and strength.

      The Lord directs all and knows all. It is definitely time to focus on Jesus and overcome the distractions and perversions of this World.

      God bless!


    • Stan says:

      Oh, so true… should something happen like this – how many know how to survive? Can, store meats, hunt, find water… assuming survival is an option…


  5. marie says:

    It is human nature to want to be in charge of our life, both now and the future. But in the face of all the grim uncertainties we are now experiencing on different levels, may he admit how helpless we are and have enough humility to turn to God Almighty for His wisdom , guidance, and protection.


  6. luisport says:

    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Typhoon Nesat gathering strength as it heads for Philippines; 100,000 people evacuated – @rfi_english
    há 21 minutos


  7. tinman says:

    the winds of change are upon us.Do you best to awake and prepare to fight the evil.we will endure in one form or another.God speed to all


  8. thumbs64 says:

    English Base 6 Gematria Ciphers:
    Kyoto Protocol=1200
    A Extinction Event=1200
    Georgia Guide Stones=1200
    As Elites Hate Humans=1200
    No One To Help You=1200
    A Message From God=888

    A=6 B=12 C=18 etc….


  9. Space Traveller says:

    storms happen around the world daily and have been doing so for…well…forever. It’s just that the media for some reason likes to report and over dramatize their existence these days. WOW… great news stories. …but, If we are creating our own demise, too bad. Humans don’t deserve to live on this beautiful planet Earth. We have absolute NO respect for what she gives us, or the other animals that are trying to live here as well. PATHETIC


  10. dogismyth says:

    time is condensing. I see it everyday in everything I do. I cannot explain it fully. But I look at patterns in market indices over the past 10-20 years….and I see compression. I see how people have adapted to extremely busy lifestyles and information overloads. Ownership of a simple cell phone requires knowledge of contracting, accounting, false advertising, flagrant overcharges and more. Capitalism is the beast that will continue to madden the world as more and more profits are sought for such simple niceties.

    Surviving in society is leading to madness unless you can refrain from participating in the system to some extent. The system is complex and convoluted, full of atrocities and fraud. It is a system that is doomed to failure. We must rise above the expectations of the system, and live for ourselves and others. Its back to basics and common sense. Forget/ignore the system. let it feed on itself and on those who perpetuate it.


  11. R.Y says:

    How does one make one safe from a natural cycle? The sun is the driving force however the mechanism to which we will meet our demise is the planet itself, its internal. Its how mountains are created, how water was formed, how matter is created within the plasma core of the planet. No iron core…no floating plates….I will say that the science that you have been taught has been a misrepresentation of how the universe works…… I care not to argue……we will see or not see how solid the foundations of the so called scientific truths are…..godspeed.


  12. Jason_Wise says:

    Give Al Gore(ManBearPig) money and he will make it all go away. The priest of Climatology will save us all. He will pray to Gaia for us and save the world. Just ask him and he will tell you so.
    (Sarcasm intended)


  13. andrew says:

    Recent massive coronal mass ejections (solar flare) have flooded earth with vast amounts of energy as indicated by this week’s brilliant auroral displays. That energy is now stepping down through the planetary systems with the atmosphere being to next to be stirred up by the sudden influx. It’s also happening during the change of seasons when storms have historically tended to be more violent, so that tendency will receive a bit of a boost..


  14. RomosRibs says:

    Ophelia nd Philippe copuld be East Coast of America’s(highest population) biggest threats.


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