Mexico City continues to sink into the earth

September 25, 2011MEXICO CITYWalk into any of hundreds of homes or buildings in the huge capital, Mexico City, and you feel immediately that something is amiss. The buildings tilt. “If you put a ball on the floor here,” Thierry Olivier said, sitting on the ground floor of his three-story building, “it will roll over there.” By Olivier’s calculation, one corner of his 105-year-old building is 11 inches lower than the other. It lists like a tipsy cantina patron. It’s a common phenomenon here, where many buildings are sinking, as each year Mexico City’s 21 million thirsty residents suck up water from the aquifer beneath one of the world’s largest metropolises. As the water level in the aquifer drops, the ground above it sinks- but not evenly. Layers of soft clay beneath the city vary in thickness and the ground sinks faster where clay dries out, grows brittle and collapses. That means that in some parts of the city, sidewalks buckle, window frames lean, subway lines need expensive repairs and drainage canals no longer flow downhill. Engineers say, however, that inhabitants face not only structural risks but potential health problems as houses and apartment blocks incline. “When a building tilts more than 1 degree, then I think it begins to become very uncomfortable,” said Enrique Santoyo Villa, an engineer who is experienced at propping up and bolstering churches, monuments and other tilting structures. By Santoyo’s standards, when a 100-foot-high building is 1 foot off its vertical axis, it becomes hard to live in. One notices it while lying in bed, he said, or perhaps washing the dishes and seeing tap water flow oddly. “Tables aren’t stable. Liquids don’t look right when they are in big containers. … Window panes can break. Doors don’t close right,” Santoyo said. Ancient Aztecs built the city of Tenochtitlan on an island in the middle of a large lake, making it the capital of their powerful empire. When Hernan Cortés and fellow conquistadors arrived in 1519 and conquered the Aztecs, the Spaniards built Mexico City atop the Aztec ruins and then drained much of the lake to control flooding. Scores of colonial churches and other stone buildings in central Mexico City have survived frequent natural disasters but succumb to the soft clay underfoot, leaning or sinking into the ground. Experts say parts of the metropolitan area have sunk by as much as 27 feet since the late 19th century, an average of 2.5 inches or so a year. Some of the heaviest stone buildings, such as the opulent Palace of Fine Arts, have sunk 13 feet in a century. Its original ground floor is now a basement. –Seattle Times
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11 Responses to Mexico City continues to sink into the earth

  1. Dennis E. says:

    It would be a terrible event for an earthquake to strike. The city, would probably have to be abandoned. As it continues to sink, it may have to still be abandoned.
    A most terrible thought I had; that no huge sink holes will suddenly appear.
    and so it goes……………………..


  2. RainMan says:

    It’s amazing that building is still open to the public, or is it? Looks like it is with the people walking around, 10+ to the 105 year old builders.


  3. whatchagonnado says:

    Thank you for all your research, I am awed by your book. You say soon, soon as in 10yrs, 20, 50 or anytime now? God Bless


    • Whatchagonnado, I’m delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the book and I hope you will spread the message. I give glory to God for the monumental amount of insight the book sheds light on regarding what’s unfolding. I don’t like setting times but I think where we are from: stage to full-blown crisis could unfold is as little as a year or two. If events are manifesting themselves now, you’re past the Rubicon and if you’re past the Rubicon; everything starts collapsing exponentially because you have multiple inter-connected systems degrading in the process. What that means is with every major event that happens in the world; you probably have about 50% less time left than you had before. One example is strong earthquakes. Look at how the time-span between the large earthquakes keeps decreasing (like labor contractions).

      1985: Mexico City 8.8 earthquake to ——————— 2003: Hokkaido, Japan 8.0 earthquake, 18 years
      2003: Hokkaido, Japan 8.0 earthquake to ————- 2004: Indian Ocean 9.0 earthquake, 15 months
      2004: Indian Ocean 9.0 earthquake to —————— 2008: Sichuan, China 8.0 earthquake, 4 years
      2008: Sichuan, China 8.0 earthquake to ————— 2010: Haiti 7.0 earthquake, 2 years
      2010: Haiti 7.1 earthquake to —————————— 2010: Chile 8.8 earthquake, 1 month
      2010: Chile 8.8 earthquake to —————————– 2010: Canterbury, NZ 7.1 earthquake, 7 months
      2010: Canterbury, NZ 7.1 earthquake to —————– 2011: Japan 9.0 earthquake, 6 months
      2011: Japan 9.0 earthquake to ————————– 2011: Kermadec 7.6 earthquake, 4 months

      This is why I say this crisis is almost at a full-blown stage and why I say it will shortly catch most of the world by complete surprise. Now, you can see why I post so many warnings about the urgency of earthquake data and these earthchanges- and that’s just one data set. When these events start cascading; planet Earth will descend into the realms of a nightmare.

      Grace in Christ,


      • Wow, that time span is amazing. Except for those of us who are watching, most people have no idea what is about to happen and will be caught totally unaware and unprepared. I also try to post these warnings, although I find that many either laugh and call me paranoid or totally ignore me.

        Thank you for this information, Alvin.



      • Glad you are doing it. The emotional relief you’ll feel when things go haywire, knowing you did your part, will bring a peace to your mind that will be more valuable than gold. That’s one less anxiety you’ll be wrestling with in the grand scheme of survival. Keep doing what’s you’re doing and I thank God for you.

        Grace in Christ,


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