Newly formed Tropical Depression 20 could pose threat to N. Philippines

September 23, 2011MANILATropical Depression 20 has formed in the Pacific and could pose a potential threat to the northern portion of the Philippines Mainland if the storm strengthens and stays on its present course. The current models show the storm system could reach cyclone status and category 2 level-intensification as early as Monday.  The Extinction Protocol
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4 Responses to Newly formed Tropical Depression 20 could pose threat to N. Philippines

  1. david says:

    Off topic,this looks like it`s getting ready to erupt,lets hope she goes back to sleep,Earthquakes in Katla volcano, strong sulphur smell in Múlakvísl river before the earthquake happened


  2. I hope this isn’t a dumb question, but, are there any volcanoes in the path of this storm and what would happen if one of these storms would hit an area with an active volcano? Sorry, but this thought came to my mind when I saw this.



  3. GeorgeF. says:

    Yes Irene, as you are surely aware Philippine archipelago sits right on the Pacific ring of fire so there is plenty of active volcanoes in the area (namely few: Pinatubo, Taal, Mayon) and in the projected path of the tropical storm Nesat (TS Pedring in the Philippines). As this happened many times before I don’t think it should have any significant influence on activitity of the volcanoes or heighten the likelihooqd of the eruption. But in case of ongoing eruption TS or typhoon can greatly intensify its effects (lahars, mudslides, landslides…) – as it happened in 1991 by the infamous eruption of Mt. Pinatubo (second largest in 20-th century) – for details see this article on Wiki:



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