11 Responses to Insurance market Lloyd’s dives into red on ‘unprecedented number of catastrophes’

  1. There it is. I wrote earlier this year that the next step down in the Global Currency Collapse would begin with a cascade failure in the insurance industry. I never believed that Lloyds would survive those gold ingots adulterated with tungsten. Of course, we’ll see stories that Lloyds financial trouble does not involve that issue.


  2. Wiseguy says:

    Told my friends about insurance companies that couldn’t handle all those natural catastrophies worldwide very long… They laugh at me, saying these companies have billions… Not anymore, I think their actuaries never predicted the exponential increase in natural catastrophies and costs. Insurance companies are partners in banks, mutual funds, markets. It’s the whole economic system that will collapse and I think this is what we’re witnessing right now. But they still want to hide it from us and lower the impact of what’s really happening.


  3. RainMan says:

    The whole monetary/natural crisis is just balloning out of control, the pressure has to vent.
    The media only now is starting to roll with this in a big way, yet the comercial news over the last month/years has been trivial and sometimes laughable. Is there any benefit to keep us in the dark buy kicking the proverbial “can down the road.” I can understand the panic scenario, which it seems, will happen anyway, and already is.
    Maybe the Truth, however painfull, would have more people prepared….many years ago.


  4. nickk0 says:

    Could this be the Beginning of the End, of the Insurance industry, let alone the whole concept of ‘insurance’ ??

    Kind of like trying to buy an Insurance Policy, against the world ending, or against the Apocalypse….. It kinda won’t matter, and wouldn’t work anyway, should one ever need to cash it in.

    – Nick


  5. It looks like we’re going to run out of money soon, too … or just print more!


  6. luisport says:

    zerohedge zerohedge
    há 8 minutos »
    zerohedge zerohedge
    há 10 minutos » zerohedge zerohedge
    The US Government Is About To Shut Down Following Continuing Resolution Fiasco http://tinyurl.com/3n2kbze
    há 16 minutos


  7. “World destroyed in cataclysmic fireball ….. filmed report at 11 ” ….. yes, it is madness. I said, months ago, that the next step down in the currency collapse would begin with a cascade failure in the insurance industry. People who insure against disaster are least able to stop it, or change it. They can’t change anything.


  8. luisport says:

    SHUTDOWN SHOWDOWN: Senate Rejects GOP Funding Measure, Republicans Accuse Reid Of Playing Politics With Disaster Aid http://t.co/iwUquQfD
    clusterstock 1 hour ago



  9. luisport says:

    ‘There’s no secret plan’: France bank chief denies £1.7trillion backroom deal to save the eurozone
    Christian Noyer insists there are no plans to recapitalise French banks

    George Osbourne denies reports that G20 will allow Greece to default on £340 billion debt
    Rumours of ‘firebreak’ plan to stop crisis spreading to Italy and Spain

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2041522/Bank-France-chief-denies-1-7trillion-backroom-deal-save-eurozone.html#ixzz1YyJAYduY


  10. luisport says:

    EfiEfthimiou Efthimia Efthimiou
    por zerohedge
    #Greek students interrupt state TV news program, demanding to speak on air about education’s and country’s status
    há 11 minutos


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