Scientists watching new lava flow headed toward Royal Gardens

September 22, 2011HAWAII A new lava flow is advancing down the east slope of Puu Oo crater and may pose a threat to the Royal Gardens subdivision if it continues, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said. Lava began overflowing the west rim of Puu Oo crater early Tuesday feeding a new lava flow moving down slope on the crater’s west side. Two lava lakes are active in Puu Oo, one on the west and the other on the east side of the crater. Activity on Tuesday was on the west side of the crater from about 2 a.m. Tuesday until 2:25 a.m. today when lava broke through the east rim. The new fissure fed a lava flow that advanced rapidly down slope to the east. If the flow continues to advance, it will likely head southeast toward Royal Gardens and could reach what’s left of the subdivision in the next few days, scientists said. Royal Gardens has been overrun by lava several times and has no paved road access. A handful of people still live there, although much of the area is abandoned. Lava flowed over the crater rim last week, but the flows stopped over the weekend. –Star Advertiser
Big Island News                  contribution by  Luisport
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5 Responses to Scientists watching new lava flow headed toward Royal Gardens

  1. I saw this area years ago. The loss of Hawaii to volcanoes is sad. Some of my best memories are from there. I learned to speak pidgin there in order to get my car serviced right.

    Maui Girl


  2. Gen says:

    Alvin, that 5.4 Erzincan, Turkey.

    This is a previous one:

    “On Dec. 26, 1939 the earth shook again with great intensity – 7.9 on Richter Scale – in Erzincan, Turkey taking 30,000 lives.”


  3. I remember a previous flow that destroyed a subdivision, however I have forgotten what year that was. Although I have never had the chance to visit the islands, they are beautiful from what I’ve seen and been told. However, we do need to remember that these islands were formed by volcanoes and some parts of the island is still growing. If you build a subdivision in the path of a possible lava flow, that is the risk you run, like building in tornado alley or along a fault line. My prayers is that, if these people are told to evacuate, they will be ready to do so and not wait until the last minute.



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