Swiss Alps hit with record September snowfall totals

September 20, 2011GENEVASnow fell in the Swiss Alps overnight Sunday to levels unseen for the month of September, Swiss weather agency Meteosuisse reported on Monday. In the ski resort of St Moritz, in the southeast canton of Grison, a total of 45 centimetres (nearly 18 inches) of snow was recorded on Monday morning, it said. The weather agency said the high levels of precipitation were due to a cold front which lowered the snow line to 800 metres (2,600 feet). Rainfall was also higher than usual, with around 100 liters per square meter measured in the town of Santa Maria, also in Grison, the highest level since records began in 1901, Meteosuisse said. The snowfall also provoked traffic disturbances in the mountains, with the St Bernard, Flueela and Nufenen passes closed, according to ViaSuisse, which reports on the condition of Swiss roads. The Gothard, Lukmanier and Oberalp passes are also covered in snow, it added. –Terra Daily
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4 Responses to Swiss Alps hit with record September snowfall totals

  1. LA says:

    and so it starts another snow season — in northern europe — next the US… it is destined to be a very wet one, i think.


  2. Garth Whelan says:

    Why didn’t the report just say 10cm of rain instead of 100 liters per square meter?

    The Jet stream has moved much further north than it was before, so expect these extreme cold winters to continue…


  3. A Cold – very cold winter is predicted for parts of the UK, Ireland and Scotland – see
    I recently blogged about this — “The most important factor within our weather forecasting calculations is solar activity and other major natural factors that it influences. Radiant energy from the sun is the primary influence on both the earth’s ocean and atmosphere.”

    I get sick and tired of some ‘out there’ who blame any and all strange weather patterns on human kind and carbon etc…… Now this is being blamed on global warming! arghhhhh


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