17 Responses to Strong solar flare could unleash nuclear holocaust across the planet

  1. Wow. With all the reading I have done on CMEs and what would happen to the power grid, the thought of what would happen to the nuclear power plants never crossed my mind. Unless their emergency backup power is protected, this would be a worse effect than just going back to the days of no electricity. I know many preppers who are preparing for a worse case scenario, but I don’t believe anyone can be prepared for this.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


    • J Guffey says:

      The scripture below could be referring to a nuclear event of some type.

      (Zec 14:12 KJV) And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.


  2. Michele B says:

    This is seriously scary news! Why do we always tend to think a particular thing could never happen… Until it does? Just a hypothetical question. I never thought what happened at Fukushima could happen. I used to be all for nuclear power. But recent events have totally changed my mind!


  3. Noah says:

    Amazing post my friend. Have been reading your website for a while now, lots of interesting stuff happening around us huh.. im only 20 years old artist from the states living in austria (that event in france had us watching) but the thought of all the crap that has been going on in the world makes me sick. Keep on with the truth and peace my friend!


  4. Yasmine says:

    Oh my god, you have got to be kidding me, what more? Is there no end to all these disasters?

    I pray everyday for world peace, I will now include no more disasters.
    May god help us.


  5. MB_Theory says:

    The should start setting them up to run the back up systems of the plants generated power. In fact they should have done that in the first place, honestly.
    Another problem is the facilities where they store the spent fuel rods (The U.S. has about 70 of these facilities, itself). The spent rods take years to cools off, in tanks with circulated refridgerated water. When the lights go out, they switch to back up diesel powered generators. If the grid goes down and stays down, it will only be a matter of time before civilization starts to breakdown, and eventually the trucks will stop. And then no more fuel. The water will boil off and then the rods will reach critical mass, then….pop goes the weasel.


  6. pilot error says:

    Nuclear power plants are one hell of a way to boil water, to be precise 1 Million liters an hour for each reactor and the same for the spent fuel pools, now you think there are enough back up’s for the whole world? enough water? the sad truth is no… we really really don’t have much time left on the planet.. but that’s ok because i’m really really starting to believe in GOD 🙂


  7. A similar article was published here months ago..

    Why didn’t nobody pick it up then?



  8. Tina Marie says:

    Oh my gosh Alvin, I have to say like a couple of the other posts I never considered this scenerio. I also know many nuclear plants are built on fault lines like the one in Fukishima was. With the increase of both Earthquakes and the solar activity, one or the other (if not both) could cause unbelievable and irreversable damage. The scripture you qouted was very scary and does sound very much like what would happen if we faced that kind of radiation exposure. As always thanks so much not only for the posts but for the scripture reference that really puts it in perspective. God Bless you and your family Alvin. My prayers daily go out to my family, friends and all of mankind.


  9. Frenchy says:

    It could yes, but it WON’T. That is not allowed in the Divine Plan.
    Thrust in GOD, I mean the really god, nothing to do with the various religions, claiming all they detain the only thruth, the real GOD is INSIDE YOU.
    Scare and fright ain’t good for you, so turn your focus inside.


  10. Cozmicfool says:

    Nuclear power is the worst idea in the history of worse ideas, we produce electricity harnessing the energy of what god intended only for the stars with very little knowledge of it. Sure it may be co2 friendly but truly ask the people of japan and Chernobyl if there biggest concern is their carbon footprint, unfortunately mans biggest failing is arrogance and ignorance, they never learnt from Chernobyl and so generations to come will be paying for this.


    • Conrad says:

      We have learnt a lot since chernobyl and three mile island if we hadn’t then after that tsunami neither the fukishima reactor nor japan would be as is intact as it is. Also we know as much about nuclear power in its current form as we ever will, it’s really not a complex concept at all, it’s a basic principle taught in high school physics. Also if it was only intended by god for the stars why did he bury everything we need to achieve this power within the Earths crust?


  11. Andrea Fradl says:

    My first dream I was 18 1983…I heard a deep voice say “999 the end” then I woke up. Well recently actually april4 2016 another dream where I am driving on a highway south all of a sudden traffic stops, earth trembles and everything is sucked up by blackness coming from all sides until I am sucked up. I can see one light in the darkness, it is the face of Jesus. I beg him to hold me and not let me go. I hear my boyfriend who was with me in the car saying the same thing. Then I wake up. It gave a new meaning to Jesus is the light.


  12. Nuke Engineer says:

    This is actually an optimistic view point. ANY event that causes reactors to be unmanned would be an extinction level event. EMP, war, virus, economic collapse etc. There is no fail safe backup plan for an unmanned reactor. Even if by some miracle they were manned where is the diesel coming from to run the ECCS for 3 years. This doesn’t even have to be global. If some catastrophic event occurred in just say France or the US. Game over.


  13. Deangelo says:

    Just had a dream last night after watch youtube videos on tripod aliens. I remember throwing up last night from drinking and not eating. After that i just jumped up and started cleaning the living room in the kitchen. I had my 7 year old daughter and my 2 year old son they both were up as well, so i put them to sleep and cleaned up. Next i made myself a pizza and 1 pancake sausage. Then i laid on the couch started watching tripod youtube videos which i fell asleep watching. Woke up in a dream by a dock standing up like i wad dinning by myself in Sydney some where. I remember looking at the water when it happen i seen what appeared to be fire balls running thru the water, but it also so looked like a demon traveling thru the water. I watched it seen it rolling under the ground like once it hit land it would go under the grass, dirt, and concert once i seen that i looked every where else and startef to see more then one of tge fire rolling balls thats when i woke up this morning what felt like a 10 min dream had me sleep till the morning around 10:35am i dont know what to think about my dream but i would like to hear feed back like have anyone else had this dream. Are what can travel fast like a train thru water that looks like it on fire. Just had this dream this moring around 2 or 3 am and woke up around 10 something am so yea it felt real. And i was also watching tripod videos on YouTube


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