Solar activity reignites as sunspots grow on solar surface

September 13, 2011ACTIVE SUNSPOT: New sunspot AR1295 is emerging over the Sun’s northeastern limb and crackling with solar flares. The strongest so far, a C9.9-category blast, did something remarkable. The ejecta crashes into a loop of magnetism above the sunspot, stretching the loop until the material broke free. Coronagraph images from the STEREO-A spacecraft confirm that a cloud of plasma (a CME) left the scene. This sunspot will not turn toward Earth for several days. Until then, CMEs leaving AR1295 should continue to miss our planet. –Space Weather
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4 Responses to Solar activity reignites as sunspots grow on solar surface

  1. gadgetrush says:

    Is that really a hole? need to look closer…


  2. A_lad says:

    The Acceleration of these events is amazing. And to think that they are only going to get worse. Has anyone else felt dizzy lately?


  3. anyone have physical worsening of illness/symptoms during one of the big flares?


  4. Rozee says:

    Hi Alvin and everyone. There was a recall of Nucleus C1500 series cochlear implant. The failures occurred in the internal implant which converts digitally-coded sound to electric impulses & sends to electrode array in cochlea. Yikes. One of my husband’s spinal screws unscrewed a half thread in the last month. Don’know if recent solar activity had effect on spine screws but believe it fritzed cochlear implants. Namaste.


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