Kamchatka’s Shiveluch volcano unleashes massive ash cloud

September 13, 2011KAMCHATKA – A Russian volcano rumbled and spewed a towering ash column on Tuesday, as officials upped threat ratings to a maximum red level. A column of smoke and ash from the volcano Shiveluch in Russia’s Pacific coast Kamchatka peninsula has reached an altitude of 10.3 kilometers and rock slides were likely in progress, officials at Russia’s National Geophysical Service (RNES) told Interfax. The closest town at a distance of 45 kilometers was not in danger, Interfax reported. After a long dormancy ending in 2006, Shiveluch has become one of east Russia’s most active volcanoes. Minor discharges were a frequent occurrence until May 2009, when increasingly tall ash columns thrown up by the volcano became a regular hazard for passing aircraft. The Tuesday upgrade to a red threat level was the first time in 2011 the volcano was at its top danger rating. Shiveluch last catastrophic eruption was in 1956. Experts have differed on whether intensifying activity in recent years could foreshadow another eruption soon. –M&C
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6 Responses to Kamchatka’s Shiveluch volcano unleashes massive ash cloud

  1. Amy says:

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  2. Thankful that this is not in a populated area, but I’m wondering, with all of this ash spewing into our atmosphere, that can’t be good for the climate? In your opinion, what, if any, effect do you think it will have concerning global climate?

    Be blessed and Maranatha


    • It has a sedative cooling effect but not by much. Any particulate matter in the atmosphere refracts sunlight and ash can typically move into much higher atmospheric elevations than dust from storms can. Other than the simultaneous eruptions of Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano in Chile and Narbro in Eritrea to the south, the northern hemisphere hasn’t had an inordinate amount of ash in the atmosphere, with the exception of the Kamchatka chain of volcanoes. So, yes, a incremental degree cooler but nothing dramatic yet…

      peace and blessings,


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