The mysterious earthquake swarm near Parma, Italy- 45 tremors over 48 hours

September 10, 2011ITALYParma, Italy has been rattled by 45 tremors over the last 48 hours and the tremors are incessant. The region is not typically known for high seismic activity. Northern Italy was shaken by a magnitude 5.2 earthquake in December of 2008. The earthquake occurred at a depth of around 28km. The earthquake was followed by a second tremor of similar magnitude. The quake struck near the city of Parma, north of Bologna, but was felt in cities from Milan to Florence. The Star said: “Train services were briefly interrupted on some lines and there was minor damage to some buildings, including two churches. Startled Italians jammed telephone lines after the initial quake at 4.25 p.m. (1525 GMT) that was unusually strong for northern Italy and was felt from the financial capital Milan to Florence to Trieste. “There is some anguish, a lot of fear … In the town hall itself, there was a lot of panic,” said Alberto Pazzoni, mayor of Traversetolo, a town just outside Parma and near the quake’s epicenter.”    + Lista Terremoti
Parma lies in the Po Valley compression zone. Geological change is stirring across this region of northern Italy. The Po Valley is often regarded as a syncline, or dip in the crust due to compression at the edges. Regardless of whether this concept accurately describes its geology, the valley is manifestly a sediment-filled trough, or virtual syncline, continuous with the deeps of the Adriatic Sea. The gradual subsidence of the Po Valley (including that of Venice) and the folding of the mountains of eastern Italy have been explained by discovery through seismic wave analysis of the “Apennine Subduction System.” Along the Adriatic side of Italy the floor of the Adriatic Sea—now the “Adriatic lithosphere” or the “Adriatic plate,” a term (or terms) whose precise meaning is the subject of ongoing research—is dipping under the slab on which the Apennines have been folded by compressional forces. Subduction is a process that occurs in the Earth’s mantle, separated from the Earth’s crust by the Mohorovičić discontinuity, or Moho, a roughly spherical natural boundary 5–10 km deep. –Wikipedia
Earthquake Swarms: Seismic swarms are now breaking out across the planet. Canary Islands, El Hierro (4,200 + quakes), along the Czech-German border (10,000 + quakes) and now northern Italy. In addition, as we noted in an earlier post, more activity is also occurring at the planet’s magma plumes.The Extinction Protocol
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31 Responses to The mysterious earthquake swarm near Parma, Italy- 45 tremors over 48 hours

  1. honkytonk says:

    Hi Alvin, I just encountered this EARTHQUAKE LINK and it is supposed to be a live feed to EARTHQUAKES happening at the moment.I was wondering if you are familiar with it and how you credit it.



  2. George says:

    Also …………..
    ‘An unusually strong earthquake rocked western Germany on Thursday evening, causing alarm but no damages. The quake was especially noticeable around the epicentre near the Lower Rhine region but was also felt through the Ruhr Valley. Rated 4.4 on the Richter Scale, the earthquake upset many people, causing hundreds of simultaneously placed emergency calls to police in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia. Though strong for a region unused to quakes, the minor tremor caused no injuries or property damage.’
    I see as the crow flies that the Chaine des Puys, France is only 3-400 miles from Parma. ‘There are 90 volcanoes in the Chaine des Puys which extend over 46 km. The most recent eruptions occurred (approx. 4000 B.C.) near Besse-en-Chandesse, producing explosions which formed Lac Pavin maar.’ As you stated the magma plumes are becoming restless, any connection?


    • I’m looking at the geology of the region a little deeper and exploring the history including period orogeny. The Alpide Belt basically runs from Madrid to Indonesia and there have been a strong series of disturbances along this region relatively recently, including earthquakes in Sumatra, Northern India and Kyrgyzstan- so there might be something deeper at work here including some magma movements, isostatic adjustments and tectonic adjustments. Needlessly to say, the geology of France and Germany will be also on the list.

      thanks for writing in…


      • George says:

        Alvin, Thanks for the pointer to the Alpide Belt, I had not realized that its the second most seismically active region after the Ring of Fire.
        I’m half way through your book which I am digesting carefully; huge piece of research (in one volume) for which I grateful.


      • It’s going to be a major source of tension as these changes intensity in earnest. Keep an eye on it. The book is massive volume of information to digest. Take your time with it and it’ll be a primer for some of the upcoming events and changes. Thanks for the support as always-



    • BZ says:

      It is this very same quake:

      I don’t believe it has any connection with plumes. There are some small faults here and a graben (the roerdalslenk). Minor tremours are expected but infrequent and if it stays at the current frequency we do not have to worry about it too much. However the epicentre was not near the current known faults so this might be at a previously unknown or inactive fault.

      Also some belgian and german scientists think this area is capable of generating a 7.0 magnitude quake. (Dutch)


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Let us hope that these tremors cease without a major EQ somewhere.
    I know many of you as well as I come to this site and read these postings, comment and know that dramatic earth changes are occurring all around us. I think it is important to remember that lives are at stake here, not just deformation of land mass.And when those things happen, who will help them? The world world seems to be on the brink of bankruptcy and who will send/provide aid?

    Just a thought


    • Pagan says:

      Soon no-one will send aid or help Dennis. In a nutshell – we won’t be physically able to. As these changes progress & escalate & intrude into & upon our own lives & communities, many if not most, communications & infrastructures will break down – we won’t know of things happening to anybody anywhere else. Any information we receive will be spasmodic, garbled & probably 5th hand. When the power goes down & the lights go out & the TV, net, radio & banking systems don’t work anymore Mankind will be thrown back into the Dark Ages. There will be no help apart from what we can do for ourselves.

      As heartbreaking as it is to watch/ read/ listen to the affects of Earth Changes upon others, we have to prepare ourselves & our loved ones for the inevitable eventuality of them happening to us.



      • Dennis E. says:

        Pagan: Dennis E. here. Always good to here from you. Yes, I agree FULLY. Nothing like the present to prepare.


      • I have to agree with this statement to a great extent. There are seasons on Earth and right now we are entering a seismically active stage – partially it is organic and natural, and on the other hand it is exacerbated by resource extraction and scientific manipulation for political gain. If you wish to travel and see the world, it is good to do it now, because it is going to get much more expensive and complex to see other parts of the world as the distress puts a higher premium on commodities.


  4. I sometimes wonder how long it will take for the mainstream media to talk about this, or will they keep it buried under the nonsense news. Whatever sells and keeps the people happy I suppose.

    Thank you Alvin for keeping us informed.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


    • Kelly says:

      I agree. I hardly watch the news anymore because I never am informed of much expect mainly the political arguments back and forth between democrats republicans, bad economy, some stories about crime, and than celebrity junk. Overall not much. I find most of my news either on international websites or this one. Thank God for Alvin!


    • They know about it and they just want to keep people in the system until the last possible moment so that they have another edge.


  5. Fede says:

    Hello Alvin,

    since I live quite close to Parma, do you think that there’s something big going on around here?



  6. Brandon says:

    Alvin, okay some of these quakes are hitting places that don’t normally see them. Last year and this year have been incredible. What do you foresee for next year? I’m not sure about the Mayan calendar hype but could that be the end or could the end be a few years after? After seeing everything that’s transpired/transpiring what is your guess?



  7. Joy says:

    Is there a reason you said that Italy was receiving a swarm of quakes over the last 48 hours on a Sept 2011 dated article but then cite a 2008 article? Looking at the USGS Quake map and the one referenced above, I don’t see any swarm of quakes in Italy in the last week. This degrades your credibility. Why would you post something so misleading? Why not say “in 2008” ?


    • The only misleading thing about the article is that you failed to fully read it. The 2008 reference was the background information on earthquake history for the region of Parma setting up the piece. The USGS doesn’t list any earthquakes outside the U.S. or its protectorates under a 3.0 which includes the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and U.S. Somoa….the link, however, to the quakes was listed after the article- which is lista terremolti which is Italian for “earthquake list.” On the link, you will find the list of earthquakes for the city of Parmense which is Italian for Parma.

      The way of the world is to judge people before they have all the facts at hand… strive to be different


  8. SC says:

    Every morning I wake and say “thank you” for being able wake up in a bed in a secure home with no immediate threats upon me. I know this won’t last, and I want to be sure to say that I am grateful for my blessings while they are here.


    • Susan D. says:

      Yes! Finally someone else has voiced what I feel every night when I lay down to sleep, which is, “Thank you Lord for one more nomal day.” I know there may not be too many left so I am grateful for each and every one. So thankful for whatever freedom and security we still have here in the U.S. Makes me want to focus on the things that are eternal, not temporal. Anyone else?


      • Amen. We are just passing through this world. I may not have much in the world, the way the world sees me, but I have my blessings from an Almighty Father. And one day we will step into that eternal home.



  9. nibikwe says:

    Alvin, have you seen the amazing equidistant EQ grid pattern that was formed over a weeks time beginning August 23rd in the Czech Republic near the german border? There were 10,000 or so earthquakes recorded. Someone posted a video of this incredible pattern after comparing the European seismic records with Google maps. What’s your take on this? I’m guessing some kind of underground testing.


  10. Barba Kutzner says:

    I have been monitoring global events such as earthquakes and fires, etc., on this USGS page:

    It also is attached to a database of everything from mass deaths of animals to epidemics to nuclear “accidents”. I like if for the immediacy of the data via graphics. It shows earthquakes that are taking place at present back 24 hours, but the database contains a dated record.

    I am also looking for anything along those lines regarding the strange, loud noises occurring globally, so if anyone knows of such a database or map, I would appreciate knowing about it. I know there are several sortable sets of sound types, such as loud mechanical VS loud moaning/stress noises. I think now would be an excellent time to create a database of such phenomena as I believe it is indicative of future seismic instability.


  11. Balaram says:

    Alvin which are the best links to latest quakes world wide cos USGS doesn’t cover them all. Is there one or do i need to look at a few to get glogal rumblings?


    • You can find them for individual countries as each country is responsible for their own. You can also use the European system as one alternative and click on the quake and go into the individual countries’ geological site on the link at the bottom of the page. Magnitude systems vary by country so be aware of differences that might crop up. If you’re a tech person that wants the activity on the go: two great apps are Quakefeed and one of my favorites, iearthquakes– the latter of which you set by magnitude to send you instant alerts whenever an earthquake happens. Both also tell you how far the earthquake is from you based on your GPS location.


  12. Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe that this website needs a great deal more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the info!


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