Severe flooding reported in Santa Catarina, Brazil

September 9, 2011RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Ten towns in the state of Santa Catarina in the South of Brazil are in an official state of emergency and a further 25 are on high alert, following several days of heavy rain and flooding. The situation looks likely to get worse, with more rain forecast for the coming days. The city of Blumenau, in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil, has also been sacked by flooding. According to CIRAM (the Information Centre for Environmental Resources and Hydrometeorology in Santa Catarina), an average of more than 100mm of rain has fallen across the region in the last three days, causing rivers to rise dangerously and provoking landslides in several locations. At the time of writing, civil defense forces in Santa Catarina had declared that 489,703 people had been affected by the crisis, at least 1,314 had been left without a roof over their heads, and three people had been injured. The state government has made R$3 million available to attend to situation as it unfolds over the coming days. This comes just nine months after intense tropical rainstorms swept across southeastern Brazil, devastating Região Serrana, the scenic, mountainous region of the Rio state that includes the major cities of Petrópolis, Teresópolis and Nova Friburgo.  –Rio Times Online
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6 Responses to Severe flooding reported in Santa Catarina, Brazil

  1. luisport says:

    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Mexico issues a hurricane watch from Tampico to Veracruz as TS Nate meanders in the Bay of Campeche – NOAA
    há 3 minutos


  2. luisport says:

    JustinNOAA Justin Kenney
    por BreakingNews
    #NOAA estimates that #Lee dropped 45 trillion gallons of rain on US
    há 1 hora


  3. radiogirl says:

    No relief for Texas as far as drought conditions,but so grateful for the beautiful weather now.Thank You All and God Bless


  4. John Deigh says:

    Low-lying areas in and around Blumenau were hit very badly on Thursday and overnight, but fortunately the situation stabilized on Friday morning and the forecast for the next few days is good with very little rain expected.


  5. Thank you for reporting this, Alvin. I didn’t realize that there were floods in Brazil also. So sad. And here Texas and the surrounding areas need water so badly.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


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