Pakistan flooding disaster reaches epic proportions- 2 million homeless

September 9, 2011 SINDH, PAKISTAN – Arguably the biggest global story that is getting the least attention here in the west are the monsoon induced floods in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Pakistan is by far the hardest hit. Some 435 people have been killed and five million people affected by the seemingly endless rains. Though not as bad as last year’s epic flooding; the humanitarian situation in flood affected areas of Pakistan is acute. It is so bad, in fact, that President Zidari called Ban Ki Moon yesterday to ask the UN to issue an emergency humanitarian appeal for the flood affected regions. –Undispatch
(c) 2011 Al Jazeera
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11 Responses to Pakistan flooding disaster reaches epic proportions- 2 million homeless

  1. Kelly says:

    Wow didn’t even know about this. horrible to see so many suffering.

    My prayers are with them.


  2. goodbyemilkyway says:

    I am overcome.. much, too much…Bless and Keep them

    may the clouds break and the sunshine..


  3. Dan says:

    They need our HUMANITARIAN help, and i’m still in favor of providing it, regardless of what they think of us. We are supposed to be the “bigger man,” so lets act like.


  4. Dave says:

    prayers? really? hasn’t your god done enough? lets get some relief efforts over there instead of just sitting and wishing about it and pretending you’re doing something.


    • goodbyemilkyway says:

      Next week…while you are over there helping Dave..your family may have drowned in the same situation..

      what is going to happen..when there is no help anymore…..because all are fighting to live..??.just around the corner Dave…do you Fully Understand…..Fully??..I hope you do.

      Bless and keep your family safe.

      I am a very Empathetic person. this post may not sound like it..time is short people, be ready…help those around you..inform them..chances are if they watch TV at alllllllllll, they are totally unaware of anything outside the ‘idiot box’. Dave did you know about 5% of the info on Alvin’s blog is NOT in mainstream news??..Amazing isn’t it…

      Spirituality is very important Kelly..Be Well..and keep praying, pray for Dave..It is not is God..for some, for others it may be Shiva, Buddha, Goddess..etc…it is Deity, Divinity..the universal singularity, the cosmic flow of Energy..

      Maybe not even ‘God’…just be prepared..



  5. gerryrosser says:

    Being the “bigger man” worldwide for decades has paupered us, at least from the standpoint of our government’s finances. If I knew someone I could directly help out of my own pocket, I would. I am so cynical (and I think rightly so) of aid organizations, I won’t give any of them a nickel.


  6. RobG says:

    This happens a lot, maybe not live in a spot where the monsoon will hit? This would be like people in Mississippi or Flordia demanding flood/hurricane relief constantly, except that these people don’t pay into the general tax pool. Fix your own problems in your own country.


  7. Freeza's log says:

    Nappa, how many villages have been wipeout on the scouter????

    “IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!”


  8. Ahmad says:

    As a Pakistani, I would like to thank everyone for their help and support in the aftermath of last year’s devastating floods and the damage caused this year by torrential rains in Southern provinces of Pakistan.

    @Dan: I can assure you that the common Pakistani citizen, the everyday Joe, doesn’t hate you or think about harming you or the West in general. It’s the US foreign policy in the region that is viewed with deep suspicion and mistrust. These people are no different than the working class people of the US who work day in and day out to feed and clothe their family and provide them with shelter.

    @gerryrosser: I completely agree with you, good sir. I, myself, am wary of most aid organizations but there are still some that I trust. But the ultimate decision is yours.

    Best wishes.


  9. Xaidi says:

    Well said Ahmed.
    Thank you everyone.


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