6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Vancouver Island

September 9, 2011CANADA – A 6.7, later downgraded to a 6.4 by the USGS,  magnitude earthquake has struck off the west coast of Vancouver Island, with tremours felt as far away as Metro Vancouver. But there is no tsunami warning advisory or warning for the U.S. or Canadian coasts, and local police say there are no reports of injuries or damage. However, there could be aftershocks up to magnitude of 5, seismologists warn.   At 12:42 pm PT, an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.7 occurred under the Pacific Ocean about 90 kilometres south of Port Alice, on Vancouver Island. “Based on the earthquake magnitude, location and historic tsunami records, a damaging tsunami is not expected,” the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center says. However, the centre advised that underwater landslides may cause “local tsunamis” at some coastal locations that experienced strong ground shaking. In the small coastal community of Zeballos, the quake prompted some residents to “throw their cats and dogs into the car and prepared to head out of town,” said Carolyne Withrow, who runs the local fuel dock. “It shook for about 40 seconds, then there was silence, then it went again, a little harder.” Students were evacuated from the village’s elementary school, and many of the 500 residents quickly gathered at the designated emergency meeting grounds, a large, flat field towards the outskirts, where mayor Ted Lewis and the fire chief assessed whether any further action was required. “They are now going door to door to make sure that everyone is okay,” said Ms. Withrow. So far, there are no reports of injuries or property damage, she said. The 6.7-earthquake is a fairly large seismic event – slightly less than the recent 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. But the impact of the B.C. quake was muted because the event occurred 26 kilometres below the surface, said geologist Brent Ward of Simon Fraser University. However, the rumbling could be enough to crack brick walls and plaster in nearby Gold River and Zeballos, he said . The Friday quake should be a “a good wake-up call” for British Columbians, Mr. Ward said. “It should remind people to get their earthquake kits together and have a plan in place,” he said. The earthquake was probably not a precursor of “the Big One”, he said. “In many cases, these are just a one-off. There could be minor after-shocks of magnitude 4 or 5,” Mr. Ward said. –Globe and Mail
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16 Responses to 6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Vancouver Island

  1. t says:

    i am south on the island, didnt feel a thing. but i think we have had 3-4 mag quakes a couple hundred kms off the coast around the central to north island almost every other day, glad it wasnt such a shallow quake and in a pretty remote area!


  2. david says:

    It looks like there was more than one, http://quakes.globalincidentmap.com/


  3. Yasmine says:

    It is shown as 6.8 in Canada.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Alvin, this is not the one you are looking for is it? I mean the area.


    • No, I wasn’t specifying an area- though it most likely will be tectonic but is this quake enough to allievate the bottled-up stress that’s been building across the planet? No. LISS is showing high bands across the US and a dense band of stress also in the Caribbean.


  5. Gen says:

    In that earthquake prediction link I posted the other day, he predicted a quake up to 6.1 for Vancouver Island area plus or minus 3 days from 15 September.

    Did you get it Alvin.


  6. david says:

    With this large of a quake, we should expect a whole lot of aftershocks. The longer we go without any, the greater the chance that something bigger this way comes. This could have been a foreshock,for something much larger very soon,I hope I`m wrong. There should have been some aftershocks by now.


  7. Warren says:

    Earthquakes over time in Puget Sound and Washington
    Friday’s 6.4 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia was the strongest quake yet in 2011 for the region. Explore earthquakes since 1996 in the interactive below



  8. Ummmmmmm… tick tock … tick tock… tick tock. No aftershocks and more than 4 hours since it struck. Yeah, I’m thinking this is a definite foreshock!!!!!


  9. Gen says:

    Alvin you have been run off your feet and it might have got lost. I used to look at this link all the time a few months ago. The quakes have been coming so fast I guess I completely forgot about it.

    It is interesting and scary to look at Reginald’s forecast for 12 to 26 September. He is pretty much on the money with his predictions.



  10. JerseyCynic says:

    Wow indeed. He has done a nice job presenting this info. Wonder why no one is concerned about yellowstone. This is too close for comfort here.

    Does Anyone know if they are really censoring info about this area?



  11. Jenny says:

    I live on the east coast of Vancouver Island and felt that quake, at least mildly.

    I was sitting on the floor inside with my back leaning against a wall and it felt like an ocean wave moved under me through the floor. I thought at first I was feeling vertigo or something. Then the roll came again and the wall behing me seemed to sway.

    Haven’t felt a quake since I was a kid!


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