The Extinction Protocol


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5 Responses to The Extinction Protocol

  1. Jmc says:

    Is this the cover of your book Alvin? I will be purchasing it very soon…:)


  2. Jmc says:

    God guide us and keep us strong through these difficult times ahead.


  3. Brandon says:

    I’m starting to believe time isn’t running out. Quakes, eruptions, etc have happened all the time. However, that’s just my opinion.


  4. radiogirl says:

    Brandon, the data shows a definite increase in seismic activity. The climate has changed and our magnetic field is now unstable. Add to our precarious position economic crisis globally and wars with theocratic leadership whose leaders are insane with hatred at best. Throw in weapons of destruction on a massive scale in the hands of these countries on top of a coming food crisis in our country …..and who knows the clock does not appear to be ticking towards harmonic conclusions….but I applaud your optimism. And yes the world has seen these forces at work before. Take care, Radiogirl


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