Mild tremor rattles United Arab Emirates

September 8, 2011UAE – A tremor measuring 2.2 Richter scale jolted Fujairah and Masafi area on Monday afternoon. The earthquake, which was felt by some inhabitants in Massafi district, did not cause any losses. Engineer Mohammad Mashroum, Director of the Survey Department in Dubai Municipality, said that earthquake took place in a well known seismic active area, which caused small earthquakes in November 2002, March and September 2007, and February 2008. The area is located in the mountainous area in extension to the mountains’ range of North Oman. Such tremors were attributed to the tectonic activities and stresses that accumulate from quarry blasts near this region. –Emirates 24
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7 Responses to Mild tremor rattles United Arab Emirates

  1. Kelly says:

    Interesting… Not familiar with this area.

    Oh Alvin I just read an article about millions of fish dying in a Chinese river. I think it said the die off started late August. But just found article. Fujian province Minjiang river I believe that is where it happened.

    God Bless


  2. Sarah Athy says:

    I’m sure their man-made sand islands do not like earthquakes.


  3. Gen says:

    It seems as though a lot of the quakes happening are where there is blasting, mining, drilling, etc. going on. Whether they are the cause or a contributing factor, just shows what a fragile state our earth really is in.

    Some say that it is birth pangs, others that she is nearing the end of her probation just like mankind. If she is going to undergo a glorious renewal, the use by date of her current lifespan is no doubt just about expired.


  4. Yasmine says:

    For about three days now, the quakes tremors have decreased in magnitude and are a few world wide. I am thinking this odd as they have been for weeks high in magnitude and a bit more the a few? Is this the quite before the big one?


  5. Gen says:

    Yasmine, I have noticed that nearly every time there is a long gap happening between quakes, 3 or more hours, or the big ones die down, another volcano comes to life.

    There is certainly a lot going on beneath us.


  6. Gem, I have also noticed that. And for about a day, it’s been too quiet. I’m thinking something is brewing somewhere.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


  7. Rohan says:

    Just so everyone here is aware, Fujairah is a mountainous region unlike Dubai which is sandy and flat. Wherever mountains are, you can be sure there were earthquakes in the past which caused them to form.


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