Kiribati considers building floating islands to survive rising sea-levels

September 8, 2011SOUTH PACIFIC – The small Pacific island nation of Kiribati says it’s considering building what it describes as ‘floating islands’ to deal with rising sea levels. The president of Kiribati, Anote Tong, put forward the idea at the Pacific Islands Forum in New Zealand where regional leaders are meeting to discuss ways to deal with climate change. The meeting was hosted by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, who urged delegates to work together to solve the region’s common problems. Sea-level rise has been a particular concern to low-lying Kiribati, and Tong said it’s not a question of adapting to a new environment but rather a matter of survival. “We’re considering everything including floating islands, including everything, because we are running out of options,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. “The concept is that it would be something like drilling — oil drilling rigs, OK? I’ll ask you the question: If you’re faced with the option of being submerged with your family what would you do? Would you jump on the rig like that on a floating island or not? “And I think the answer is yes.” Tong said such a plan would cost about $2 billion, money that would have to come from the international community. –Terra Planet
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9 Responses to Kiribati considers building floating islands to survive rising sea-levels

  1. K.J. says:

    Good luck with that. Somehow it really does not sound like a rational approach, although I am sure it is an emotional one for those affected.

    Time to move to another country. Perhaps one of the countries in SE Asia has an uninhabited island that they would allow them to settle on.


    • RainMan says:

      The Philipines have over 7,000 (and beautiful) islands, but imagine the political,logistical and cultural hurdles, let alone the monetary cost. Think they’ll end up in Australia/New Zealand.


  2. RainMan says:

    ‘Money would have to come from the international community’…which doesn’t have any money.


    • Dakota says:


      The powers, (all nations/countries) that be have managed over the years and most especially the latter months that there is no money. There is money however, it’s being used for other purposes…..lining the pockets of certain individuals and funding wars.


  3. Being in the South Pacific, the one thing I would be concerned about, it tsunamis. I wonder if they have a contingency plan for that. Although, tsunamis are relatively unfelt in the open sea. Rogue waves would be another concern.

    Many years back, sometime after Katrina, I read an article about a floating city that could be mostly stationary but would be able to move out of the way of hurricanes. The city would have everything needed including stores, schools, and recreation. They had even figured out the energy and sanitation. I no longer have access to that article, but it would be cool if someone could find a copy.

    However, I did find another site concerning a floating city @ Fascinating idea.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


  4. they want to build a floating country with other nation’s money?

    what’s the incentive for said other nations? Especially America, who is the thrall of religion, which denies climate change


  5. Greg says:

    They would have to grow their own food. Imagine how much room that would take up. Or the expense of having to have it brought in (man depending on man). Man will always fail you. They need to turn to God as He is their only answer. There are no other answers. Period!


  6. whatchagonnado says:

    Umm sounds like waterworld!


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